GB WOC Team 2017

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The 15 athletes are listed in order of first appearance at WOC.

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Graham Gristwood by Philip Baxter

Graham Gristwood

1st WOC: 2004
Best Results: Gold Forest Relay, 4th Sprint, 11th Middle, 9th Long.
Notable: Silver World Cup Sprint 2010, Multiple JK and British Champs (all disciplines) incl 4 most recent British Long.
JWOC: 2002, 2003, 2004 – 11th in Middle.

A WOC gold medalist from the relay in 2008, “GG” has been at the top of the sport for a decade and his advice and guidance has been a  factor in the development of many of the team members. He has competed in 12 WOCs. Started out with Mole Valley O.C. and the South-East Junior Squad, he has since run in UK with Octavian Droobers and Sheffield University. Now lives in Dunblane and runs with Forth Valley.  Won Swedish Relays Champs with Södertälje-Nykvarn in 2012, and has subsequently been coach of IFK Moras OK. Now running with the elite Finnish Club Kalevan Rasti.

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Hollie Orr by Hannu Kaasalainen

Hollie Orr

1st WOC: 2010
Best Results: 14th Sprint Relay, 8th Forest Relay, 26th Sprint, 21st Middle.
Notable: 6th European Champs Long 2016. 1st – Venla 2016.
British Sprint Champion 2011.
JWOC: 2007, 2008, 2009 – 7th in Relay.

Born in Glasgow and grew up as a member of Clyde and the Scottish Junior Squad. Helped Scotland to win the Junior Home International in 2002. Went to Edinburgh University, and then began work as an engineer, moving to Ulverston, and  joining Lakeland OC. Spent time in Halden in 2011 and 2015 and continues to run with them, being in the winning Venla team in 2016.

Tessa Strain courtesy of IOF

Tessa Strain

1st WOC: 2011
Best results: 6th Sprint Relay, 6th Forest Relay, 5th Sprint, 37th Middle.
Notable: 9th European Champs Sprint 2014.
Multiple JK and British Champs wins (in all disciplines.) JK and British Long champion this year.
JWOC: 2006, 2007.

Returning to the sport this year after a long injury absence. Now running for Edinburgh University, but best known as a longtime member of Harlequins (HOC – covering Birmingham, the Black Country, Worcestershire and parts of Shropshire and Herefordshire.)

Cat Taylor by Hannu Kaasalainen

Cat Taylor

1st WOC: 2012.
Best Results: 4th Sprint Relay, 6th Forest Relay, 38th Sprint, 5th Middle, 6th Long.
Notable: 3rd European Champs Long 2014. 1st – Swedish Relay Champs with OK Linné.
JK and British wins.

Born in Yorkshire, longtime member of Cleveland OK (but now South Yorkshire.) Started orienteering off paths at age 7. Never made a JWOC. Took her University exchange in Uppsala Sweden, and moved to Sweden after University. Now in Stockholm and with OK Södertörn, and available for translation work.

Had a tremendous 2015 with 5th and 6th places in the home World Champs forest races, and then later a World Cup win.
Cat’s own blog  is recommended.

Kris Jones by Martin Ward

Kris Jones

1st WOC: 2013.
Best Results: 4th Sprint Relay, 4th Forest Relay, 4th Sprint.
Notable: 1st – World Universities Sprint Relay 2016. 6th European Champs Sprint 2014.
Twice winner JK Sprint. British Middle Champion 2016. Several good first leg runs at TioMila for Lillomarka.
JWOC: 2009, 2010 – 2nd Sprint, 8th Relay, 2011.

Grew up with Swansea Bay OC, and followed his brother into the Welsh Junior Squad “to try and outdo him”. Started Junior Home Internationals near the bottom of the results, but got better and went on tour to Lagganlia, and later that year won the JHI race.
Went to Sheffield University (where he made the map for the 2011 Harvester), and after several years moved on to Scotland where he is now a member of Forth Valley Orienteers. Planned the 2014 JK Sprint back home in Swansea on the way.  Kris is also working hard at 10000m on the track with a recent PB of 29:05.7. He has been selected to represent GB in this event at the forthcoming European Cup event in Minsk.
Kris’s own blog is recommended.

Ralph Street by Hannu Kaasalainen

Ralph Street

1st WOC: 2013.
Best Results: 4th Forest Relay (twice), 17th Sprint, 22nd Middle, 20th Long.
Notable: TioMila win 2016, 3rd Jukola 2014, both with Södertälje Nykvarn.
JWOC: 2008, 2009, 2010 – 8th Relay, 7th Middle.

Started orienteering with South London. Has run for SLOW ever since, except for three years at Sheffield University (winning JK and British Relays, and co-planning a Harvester). First orienteering race was Highland ’99 alongside the World Championships. Invited to join the South East Junior Squad at 12 and competed at first Junior Inter Regional Championships in the same year. Lagganlia and Junior Home International début in 2004. First training camp abroad in Halden, Norway in 2006. First international for Great Britain at the European Youth Championships in Hungary, 2007.

Went to Sweden after University and joined Södertälje Nykvarn (SNO). Now living in Oslo working in IT Support. Norwegian club is Nydalens.

Grandson of the late Elizabeth Brown of Southdowns,  a world champion orienteer.

Alice Leake WOC 2015

Alice Leake

1st WOC: 2015
Best Result: 22nd Sprint.
Notable: 4th World Schools at age 17. Won British Relays with Southern Navigators.

Grew up in EBORienteers (York) and later the YHOA Regional Junior Squad, after coming 3rd in the British Schools aged 8. The squad won several inter-regionals. Went on tours to Lagganlia, Badaguish, Halden and Uppsala and did six Junior Home Internationals for England. Never made a JWOC as hampered by injuries in late teens.

Chris Smithard by Hannu Kaasalainen

Chris Smithard

1st WOC: 2015.
Result: 14th Sprint Relay.
Notable: 4th World Cup Sprint 2013.

Grew up and was a member of Deeside until 2016. Member of North-West Junior Squad, running Junior InterRegionals and Junior Home Internationals. Went to Sheffield University studying engineering and running for ShUOC. Whilst there organised the 2011 Harvester Trophy Relays, with an early use of GPS tracking in the UK. Now living in Stirling and runs with Forth Valley Orienteers. Overseas club is Pan Kristianstad.

Jess Tullie at European Champs 2016

Jess Tullie

1st WOC: 2015.
Best Results: 9th Forest Relay, 17th Middle, 56th Long.
Notable: British Long & Middle Champion 2015.
JWOC: 2005.

Jess grew up in Octavian Droobers (Coventry and Warwickshire) and the West Midlands Junior Squad. Competed in Junior Inter-Regionals and the JHI (for England.) Transferred to run for Scotland after living in Scotland for 5 years.

The then Jessica Halliday married James Tullie in 2011, and now lives and works in Grantown-in-Spey. Member of Badenoch and Strathspey OC, and Domnarvets (Sweden.)

Charlotte Watson by Gary Murison

Charlotte Watson

1st WOC: 2015.
Result: 29th Long.
Notable: 1st – Oceania Champs Middle 2017.
Strong results at JK and British from W18 and W20.
JWOC: 2010, 2011, 2012 – 8th Relay, 9th Middle, 2013.

Hometown is Cockermouth and grew up in West Cumberland OC. Attended University of Edinburgh 2012-2016.


Alan Cherry at WOC 2016

Alan Cherry

1st WOC: 2016.
Result: 37th Long.
Notable: 1st Norwegian Cup (Middle) Race 2017.
1st M20 British Long 2011.
JWOC: 2011.

Grew up in Ayrshire OC and the Scottish Junior Squad. Went to Oxford University, competing in World Universities in 2014. Only British man to make the middle final at last year’s European Champs. Now lives in Oslo and works as a geologist. A member of EBOR. Norwegian club was Varegg Fleridrett  (Bergen) and is now Nydalens.

Peter Hodkinson by Hannu Kaasalainen

Peter Hodkinson

1st WOC: 2016.
Best Results: 4th Sprint Relay, 22nd Sprint.
Notable: 1st – World Universities Sprint Relay 2016. 1st – JK Sprint 2014.
JWOC: 2009, 2010, 2011 – 9th Relay.

Peter grew up with and continues to represent Nottinghamshire OC although now living in Edinburgh. Did well at JK and British as a junior, from winning M10A at JK in 2000. Member of East Midlands Junior Squad. Studied at Oxford University and the University of Tulsa. 21st in the English Cross-Country Champs in 2014.

Jo Shepherd by Hannu Kaasalainen

Jo Shepherd

1st WOC: 2016.
Best Results: 12th Relay, 47th Middle, 49th Long.
Notable:  1st – JK 2016.

Jo started orienteering whilst at School, with Inverness O.C. and teh Scottish Junior Squad. She was eight times Scottish Champion as a junior, and twice won the JHI. Did not run a JWOC.  Now living in Halden.


Megan Carter-Davies by Hannu Kaasalainen

Megan Carter-Davies

1st WOC: 2017.
Notable: 1st – World Universities Sprint Relay 2016.
1st – JK Middle 2017 as a first-year senior.
JWOC: 2015, 2016 – 4th in Middle, 7th in Sprint, 5th in Relay.

Grew up near Aberystwyth and was part of Mid-Wales OC from the age of 8. Joined the Welsh Junior Squad after a couple of years, and ran first Junior InterRegionals and Junior Home Internationals aged 12. Went on first squad tour to Norway in 2009. Aged 15 was selected for European Youth Champs (EYOC) in Czech Republic and following that went to various EYOCs as well as the two JWOCs. Attending Bristol University and runs for University Club UBOC. Overseas club is Rajämaen Rykmentti.

Jonathan Crickmore by Hannu Kaasalainen

Jonathan Crickmore

1st WOC: 2017.
JWOC: 2011, 2012, 2013 – 7th in Sprint, 9th in Relay.
Notable: Winner British Universities Champs 2017.

Grew up in Sussex with Southdowns OC and the South-East Junior Squad. Did well as a junior – from M10A British Champion in 2003. Went to Sheffield University, and then on to Edinburgh, partly because of the Orienteering Centre of Excellence.

Race Schedule

There will be free live results, and not-free TV and GPS (except sprint qualifiers) on the internet in the UK.  Times here are UK times.

Internet TV is at

TV Sample. A replay of the 80 minute broadcast of the recent Sprint Relay in Turku, Finland (GB came 3rd) is here on YouTube.

  • Fri June 30th – Sprint Qualification – 11 – 1pm
  • Sat Jul 1st – Sprint Finals – 12:30 – 5pm
  • Sun Jul 2nd – Sprint Relay – 2:55pm – 4:15pm
  • Tue Jul 4th – Long Races  – 9 – 3pm
  • Thu Jul 6th – Middle Races – 10 – 3pm
  • Fri Jul 7th – Forest Relays – 10:45 – 3pm
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