Coaching Day Sunday 28th March

SLOW and GO are organising a coaching day on Sunday 28th March. Subject to land permission, this will be on Esher Common. We have not been able to use Esher for some time as it has been out of bounds prior to the Compass Sport cup but this has now happened. We will not necessarily be on the same bit of Esher as the short courses at the Compass Sport cup.

The coaching day is designed for a range of standards from young juniors just starting to exercises to stretch developing juniors and adult inexperienced orienteers (approximately yellow to light green standard and a bit beyond) The exercises can be tailored to match the people who want to come. You can be shadowed by more experienced orienteers or just talk to a coach after each exercise. We will finish by early afternoon with a fun relay. This is a good chance to talk to people about the areas you want to improve.

Please let me know if you would like to come by 19th March so that we have time to find experienced orienteers to help. Let us know if there are any particular skills you would like to practice.

More Experienced Orienteers

Please let me know if you would be willing to come along to help. A small group of sea scouts have expressed an interest so we might have greater numbers than usual. You need to know the basics of orienteering technique but do not need to be an orienteering star yourself. Teaching others is a good way of reminding yourself of good technique before the JK.

Success for SLOW at the Interland 2004

This is an annual orienteering competition between England, the Flanders region of Belgium and the Netherlands. This year’s competition was held on Blackheath, Guildford on 1st Feb.

Ralph Street (SLOW & England) – 1st M14

Mike Murray (SLOW & England) – 1st M60

Sarah Brown (SLOW & England) – 2nd W50

Well done to all three and the rest of the England team who had a very sucessful day.

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