Haggerston Street-O, Tuesday 12 December

The fourth race of the 2017-18 season of evening street orienteering races takes us across the other side of London to up-and-coming Haggerston! Join us for an evening of checkpoint hunting & post race chat.

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Like all our Street-Os, this a public race – all are welcome. Please RSVP to the event via Facebook to let us know you are coming – you can also see who else is coming here and post queries. If you are not on Facebook, please let the organiser below know you are coming so that the correct number of maps are printed.

This event will use electronic timing for the start and finish – please bring your SI card if you have one.

Race HQ

The race will be based at The Duke of Wellington pub right next to Haggerston overground station. (Note there are a lot of Duke of Wellingtons in London so make sure you go to the right one!)

Please do stay after the race for a drink and to compare routes with your friends

AddressThe Duke of Wellington, 260 Haggerston Rd, London E8 4HU
Latitude/longitude51.5401, -0.0745
OS grid referenceTQ336841
MapsGoogle Maps, OpenStreetMap

Unfortunately there pub does not serve food but there are many places to eat nearby.

Getting There

The Duke of Wellington is at 260 Haggerston Rd, London E8 4HU. This is a very short walk from Haggerston overground station, which has frequent trains with quick connections into Central London.

Race Details

Entry fee is £2 for SLOW and LOK members, students and juniors; £4 for others.

RegistrationBetween 1815 and 1930
Start TimesBetween 1830 and 1930

The Street-O format has clues located at various points on a map. You have 60 minutes to visit as many of these as possible, in any order, and return to the finish. This guide provides general information about street orienteering.

Don’t forget to bring a pen to write down your answers to the clues as you go around, an SI card if you have one, and a watch so that you aren’t late back! You may find a torch/head-torch and compass useful too, although many don’t take one and it should be light enough for everyone for this last event.

All competitors take part at their own risk. You MUST be over 16 to take part in this event, unless you are accompanied by a parent or guardian. This is a condition of our insurance.

Results will be available on the SLOW website shortly after the event. Check the 2017-18 series page for more information.

Organiser/Planner: Jack Poole,

“OK Nuts” Races, Richmond Park, 21st January

SLOW’s annual “OK Nuts” Trophy Races will be on January 21st in Richmond Park, London. The title comes from the name of one of the early orienteering clubs in the UK.

There will be three mass start loop races (20km, 15km, 10km) and shorter colour-coded individual start races. The mass start races are called “Blood Races” in a reference to the annual ‘Blodslitet’ races of Fredrikstad Skiklubb in Norway, which use this format. “Blood” in the name is a metaphor for the increased physical challenge, compared to a typical orienteering race.

This event is on FacebookThis event is on Facebook. Say you are coming here!
This event is on AttackpointThis event is on Attackpoint. Say you are coming here!

We welcome newcomers to forest orienteering; this event is a very good introduction to our sport. Please do look at our webpage Newcomers , and do check an orienteering map in particular to see the way woods and heathland are shown.

Richmond Park
Richmond Park is a National Nature Reserve, London’s largest Site of Special Scientific Interest and a European Special Area of Conservation. It is a Royal Park, and its 2500 acres are covered by heath, grassland and woods.

External link to recent films about the park.

Entry via SI Entries please. Closing Date January 14th.

Blood Races
   Senior – BOF £10 / non-BOF £12
   Junior – BOF £4 / non-BOF £5  (Blood races: M/W16 on Very Nearly an Armful only please. Blood race entry not available to M/W14 and below)

Colour Coded
   Senior on Green/Short Green – BOF £8 / non-BOF £10
   Senior on White/Yellow/Orange – BOF £4 / non-BOF £6
   Juniors – BOF £4 / non-BOF £5

+ £2 seniors / £1 junior for entries after closing date of January 14th (which will be limited by how many extra maps we have)

Race Centre

The race is based at the Broomfield Hill Car Park.

LocationRichmond Park
Latitude/longitude51.4316, -0.2687
OS grid referenceTQ204717
MapsGoogle Maps, OpenStreetMap

Getting there

Car parking is free. The 85 Kingston – Putney bus stops nearby (also K3, 265) – enter the park either at Ladderstile Gate or Robin Hood Gate and it is a few minutes walk. The nearest station is Norbiton, at approx 2km.

Race Details

Start Time1000

This year sees the return of the mass start ‘blood races’.

Descriptions are provisional.
‘Full blood’ – 4 loops, 20km
‘Half blood’ – 3 loops, 15km
‘Very nearly an armful’ – 2 loops, 10km

Colour coded: Green, Short Green, Orange, Yellow and White.

Start Times
Full blood – 10.10
Half blood – 10.20
Very nearly an armful – 10:30
Colour coded – 10.00-12.00

Competitors take part at their own risk.

Results will be available on the SLOW website shortly after the event.

Organiser: Steve Clelland (SLOW)
Planner: Duncan Grassie (AROS/SLOW)
Controller: Paul Todd (London OK)


SLOW Club Championships

Photo © Ajay Tegala (cc-by-sa/2.0)

All club members are welcome to the club championships on Saturday December 2nd. These are a separate part of the Southern Navigators event at Wisley that morning. We have a run, and we have a picnic, comparing our runs if we want, and we have a prizegiving.

Please see Paul Couldridge’s Facebook Event in the SLOW members group for details.

The nearest station is West Byfleet (trains from Waterloo take 30 minutes) approximately 4km from the event centre at the Royal Horticultural Society Wisley Garden. Or do use the Facebook Group to seek a lift.

Please reply by Sunday 26th November at the latest.

Wisley Common

Wisley Common is a nature reserve of lowland heath on acidic sandy soil designated SSSI and managed by the Surrey Wildlife Trust. It lies between Surrey’s main two interior rivers, the Wey and the Mole. These days it is more easily identified by proximity to M25 Junction 10, where the M25 London Orbital Motorway crosses the six lane A3 London-Portsmouth road.
The terrain is heathery heath and natural woodland with many paths and some stretches of metalled road. There are many ditches, some slopes, and some areas where going is more difficult. Some of the ground will be quite wet if it has rained, and in places there may be some shallow water to run through.

Area History

The A3 was one of the principal routes in Britain in the days of the stage coach, as it linked the capital and the main base of the Royal Navy. Elsewhere “the Portsmouth Road’s” route is much changed but it has passed Bolder Mere, as it does today, for many centuries. In the later nineteenth century it was part of the most popular bicycle outing in southern England, the ride out from London to the old coaching inns of Ripley.
The very heavily used M25 is a relative newcomer. Long in the planning, the sections here were among the later sections completed in the 1980’s.
The Royal Horticultural Society were gifted Wisley in 1904 by a wealthy Quaker, Sir Thomas Hanbury. Its 240 acres of gardens are the second most visited paid entry garden in the United Kingdom, with a million visits a year. The gardens and laboratory employ 90 people.

SLOW’s 2015 women’s champs, from left to right Karen Jones, Sarah Brown, Mel Hilton and Katrin Harding, with Paul Couldridge

Autumn Series – Final Scores

Wormley Woods

Here are the SLOW scores for the final race of our Autumn Series – including a close pack of runners on 1084, 1083 and 1082 ranking points! Note also a run on blue by Théophane Roux that would have got over 1000 points if he were old enough to get them.



Nineteen of us managed to run at least three of the five races, and 59 of us managed at least one.

Men’s 1-2-3:

300: Paul Couldridge; 297: Yordan Kolev; 296: Ollie O’Brien.

Women’s 1-2=s:

282: Dorte Torpe Hansen; 265: Diane Leakey, Fiona Tam.

Junior 1-2:

60: Olin Davies; 40: Matteo Rebora.

Series Final Scores (Full)



Autumn Series 5 – Wormley Woods

(Image from the Chigwell OC Routegadget.)

Thanks to Chigwell Orienteering Club for today’s final race in the SLOW Autumn Series.

18 SLOW runners made the trip to the north-east of London, with Paul Couldridge winning the longest course. So he will take the SLOW Autumn series and with the maximum possible score.  Final scores for everyone will be posted once Ranking Points have been allocated.

SLOW Runners

Brown (10.3km, 235m)

1.Paul Couldridge 60:30; 15.Ollie O’Brien 76:15; 17.Yordan Kolev 77:58; Kwun Him Himmy Lau 106:44.

Short Brown (8.6km, 155m)

14.Andy Robinson 85:20; 17.Fiona Tam 88:45; 20.Camille Roux 97:58; 25.Mélanie Roux 118:00; 26 Nicolas Roux 126:01.

Blue (6.8km, 130m)

27.Keith Davies 66:30; 28.Don McKerrow 66:34; 29.Sue Carter 68:39; 39.Théophane Roux 75:12.

Short Blue (5.1km, 115m)

6.Dorte Torpe Hansen 43:33.

Green (4.5km, 105m)

18.Olin Davies 52:27; 22.Chris Robinson 53:01; 46.Christine Glew 73:57.

White (1.6km, 50m)

2.Louisiane Roux 16:26.


Hammersmith Street-O Results

Here are the Results from the 3rd Street Orienteering Race of the season held at Hammersmith on Tuesday. There is also a first version of the Series Results available, but with 5 races out of 9 to count there is all to play for.

Thank you to Duncan Leeson for organising and we hope to see many of you on the other side of London – Bethnal Green – on the 12th of December (details coming soon).

Any queries please contact

Autumn Series – Final Race Looms

Updated version: because ranking points for Bucklebury have become available.

On Sunday, at Wormley Woods near Broxbourne,  the final race of the SLOW Autumn Series happens.

The last four Sundays have been the other races in the series, at Epsom Downs, Ambersham Common, Highland Water and Bucklebury Common. We all decided that we would use BOF ranking points to compare runners, and then use a 100-99-98-etc scale to award points, with best 3 of 5 to count. All just in time for the AGM.

Unfortunately, last Sunday’s Berkshire Orienteers’ Bucklebury has not had the best of luck, although the woods were lovely and the weather was good if not so warm. As of Wednesday evening the results are not uploaded to BOF and ranking points are not available. The whole point of having a  series is to have the light-hearted comparisons, and maybe create a little bit extra to the race for those going on Sunday.

So, by calling on the rule that:

if anything unforseen happens, we will do our best to do sensible things,

we have used relative speed in mins/km (adjusted for height gain) to enable scoring of last Sunday.

Update: (Thursday morning) Results were uploaded about midnight last night and ranking points calculated overnight. There is little change to scores based on estimation (which have been left in the attached pdf for interest) – Simon and Dorte have swapped the 94 and 93 scores.

We are setup with some interest for the last race, with several folk likely to add a third run, or to improve an earlier one. At the top of the table with Paul’s fast run at Bucklebury not counting because of a missing control (of which there were quite a few across all runners)  Yordan leads overall. But Paul and Ollie are pre-entered to get their third scoring runs, and have a fair chance (Paul‘s is better than Ollie‘s.) Dorte looks a safe bet for leading woman, and Olin has probably done similarly in the junior comparison.  In the body of the table plenty of places can be won, and you can spot several “local rivalries”.

Bucklebury scores:   Bucklebury_Scores

Summary scores so far:    AutumnSeries_2017_16Nov

Autumn Series 4 – Bucklebury

Photo of Don gliding through the forest, by David Jukes  (who long ago when a member of London OK made a great map of Hampstead Heath.)

It was nice and challenging Chilterns forest on a fairly crisp day, the heavy rain having stopped earlier in the morning. Thanks to Berkshire Orienteers for putting it on.

This was nominated as the fourth race in the SLOW Autumn series of five races.

After a delay because of problems with some controls, results are now published.  Paul Couldridge and Olin Davies are down as having missed a control. Given the evident problems with some controls I think they can be counted as even more unlucky than usual. Also, Paul did the second fastest time on the longest course and would have wrapped up the Autumn Series had his run counted.  Olin‘s run on the blue is noteworthy as a long run for an M14. And his dad Keith did blue too, so they will have been able to talk through the course and compare splits anyway (Olin was quicker, but I guess that doesn’t count unless you get all the checkpoints.)

That left 16 SLOW runners completing courses that will get ranking points.

Brown: Paul Nixon, Dmitry Adamskiy, Simon Moss, Kwun Him Himmy Lau.

Blue: Yordan Kolev, Paul Street, Don McKerrow, Andy Robinson, Chris Evans, Di Leakey, Sarah Brown, Fiona Tam, Keith Davies, Heather Walton.

Green: Dorte Torpe Hansen, Chris Robinson.

We cannot score the Autumn Series yet, because that depends on Ranking Points and they are not yet available.

There are currently 15 SLOW entries for the final race in the Autumn Series, at Wormley Woods in Chigwell territory, on Sunday.

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