Street event Hammersmith/Fulham

11 April 2006


Apologies for not getting the full list of results down, but the top 3 women and top 5 men are listed below:

Men Women

1. Paul Nixon 870 1. Eleanor Sandford 660
2. Matthias Mahr 840 2. Claire Warner 600
3. Andy Robinson 750 3. Anita Ray 400
4. Don McKerrow 740
5. Simon Evans 680

This was the 8th and final event of the very successful 2005/06 winter Street Event series we hope to see everyone back again when the street events return in the autumn.

There is a very full-looking program of summer evening orienteering events currently being planned, with one event scheduled most weeks from mid-May to mid-August in south and west London. Further information will appear on the website when the details are finalised check back soon!

Posted 13 April 2006