Street event - Guildford
15 February 2006
1st Matthias Mahr 650
2nd Jeremy Wilde 480
3rd Don McKerrow 470
=4th Sarah Rollins 450
=4th Simon Evans 450
6th David Rollins 440
=7th Mark Collis 390
=7th Steve & Sonia Rowland 390
9th Peter Martin 360
=10th Mike Williamson 350
=10th Vicky Whaley 350
=12th Alan Wallis 340
=12th Alastair Doyle 340
=14th Mary Nixon 320
=14th Phil Beale 320
16th Sarah Abrams & Hilary Gower 240
17th Rob Butler 210
18th David Abrams 160
19th Heather Walton 150
20th Trish Wallis & Karen Lundvinski 80
Text Box: I hope everyone enjoyed the run around Guildford, and appreciated the very flashy colour street map drawn by Julianna Grant of MV some years ago.  Some people had a few problems with a couple of clues, but I was quite generous with the marking!

It took me 86 minutes to run round the whole lot so I wasn't expecting anyone to come close to completing it, with most people choosing either the left half or right half of the map. There were some very impressive scores, particularly Matthias's winning 650 points.

The next street event is being hosted by Phil Marsland in Kensington & Notting Hill on Tuesday 14 March 2006 - see the main street event page for details.