Street event - Hinchley Wood & Thames Ditton
11 October 2005
60 minutes
1st Andy Robinson 340
2nd= Don McKerrow 310
2nd= Paul Nixon 310
2nd= Matthias Mahr 310
5th Andy Hodgson 230
6th Andrea Rebora 200
7th= Pete Huzan 190
7th= Vince Roper 190
9th Abi Weeds 170 1st lady
10th Kate McKerrow 140 2nd lady
11th Raffaella Marin 130 3rd lady
12th Sarah Covey-Crump 50
45 minutes
1st Sarah-Jane Gaffney 90
Text Box: The unusual 1:12500 scale caught out many with only 3 people getting back within the time and some heavy point deductions (20 points per minute) bringing down many scores. Well done to Andy who won and Abi who was 1st lady. 

The next street is near Wimbledon on November 8th.