Street event - Surbiton
13 September 2005
60 minutes
1st Charlie Whetham 480
2nd Paul Nixon 450
3rd Don McKerrow 400
4th Jenny Costigan 380 1st lady
5th Simon Evans + Massimo 360
6th= Peter Vana 340
6th= Abi Weeds 340 2nd lady
8th= Alison Gourd 330 3rd lady
8th= Chris Wroe 330
10th Ali McKerrow 320
11th= Ian Christie 310
11th= Kate Thomas 310
13th Mike Elliot 300
14th Andy Elliott 290
15th Sarah Covey Crump 270
16th Kate McKerrow 260
17th Anita Ray 180
45 minutes
1st John Wilson 150
Text Box: Charlie Whetham got off to a flyer with a prompt start at 7pm and got round in the light to win by 30 points.  It was good to see lots of new faces at our first event of our winter street series.