String Course
Thank you to all competitors for braving the conditions and for not falling in the lakes!

Thanks to all the Steinetz family for their help particularly Anna for her stirling work with collecting controls.

Anna Steinetz		SLOW	W8	6.43
Jenny Steinetz		SLOW	W6      8.53
Fiona Steinetz		SLOW	W3     16.30
Ralph Street		SLOW	M9      5.18
Greg Street		SLOW	M6      7.48
Dominic Hunt		Ind	M4     27.00
Jarred Hunt		Ind	M2     27.00
Christopher Nicholls	GO	M7     27.52
Katherine Nicholls	GO	W5     15.38
Amie Stevens		SN	W7     10.48
Sam Stevens		SN	M5     15.43
Rosie Stevens		SN	W2     15.43
Nicholas Finch		SLOW	M2     38.18
Katie Price		Ind	W2     38.18
Josie Palmer		Ind	W2     38.18
Robert Jones		SLOW	M8      7.51
Emma Jones		SLOW	W9      7.47
Matthew Jones		SLOW	M5      8.30
Thomas Jones		SLOW	M3     10.08
Rosina Simmons		GO	W7     11.10
George Simmons		GO	M3     12.13
Jenny Scott		SLOW    W13     7.55 
Jessie Benaron		SLOW	W11    12.15
Sophie Moore		Ind	W7      9.58
Andrew Williams		SLOW	M9      7.18
Marc Williams		SLOW	M11     9.13
Joe Bishop		Ind	M5     18.20
Matthew Garner		Ind	M7     11.55
DJ Rogers		Ind	W10    10.40
Cassidy Rogers		Ind	M8     10.40
Jenny Scott		SLOW	W13    12.45 
Jessie Benaron		SLOW	W11    12.45