SLOW Frolics - Putney Heath 14 July 2002

Event Summary

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Frolic Team Results (top 6 scorers from each club):

Rank Club Total Club
1 527 MV
2 491 HH
3 430 SLOW
4 396 LOK
5 318 GO
6 282 Ind
7 247 SN
8 227 TVOC
9 181 HAVOC
10 152 CROC
11 106 DFOK
12 102 SAX
13 85 MDDXO
14 83 CHIG
15 73 SO

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Organiser's Comments:

Planner's Comments:


Controller's Comments:
Firstly (and I have to get this off my chest), I plead guilty to some sloppy
controlling: control 126 would better have been described as "large knoll, E side" rather than "knoll, E side" as there were two knolls in the circle, one large and one small. The knoll is also not mapped quite correctly and it extends about 10m more to the east than shown. Also, control 140 was hung on the stream bank rather than the earthbank 5m to the north. I apologise for both these mistakes.

However, most frolics runners didn't notice either of these as our errors were fortunately very small ones.

Despite a severe shortage of manpower, SLOW did well to put on what seemed to be a very successful event. In particular, I thought that Kate planned some very interesting courses for all and some challenging legs for the Frolics races too. I was pleased to hear so many commenting favourably on how good parts of the Wimbledon terrain is and this has given me ideas for using it for a much higher level race some time in the future.

Hindsight is a wonderful thing - SLOW had worked out a very clever way of allowing competitors to run the extension course as a true continuation to the Frolic whilst allowing a valid Frolic time to be calculated as an intermediate result, but it did confuse some on the day. Looking at the results it seems that, fortunately, very few were actually affected. I still think that the principle is a good one - it's just that it needs better explanation beforehand if it's used again.



Results Team Comments:
The results are now complete;
I checked control 131 but found no evidence to suggest that anyone should be reinstated!

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