Officials Comments


Organiser’s Comments

From my point of view this all went very well. I trust both competitors and HQ helpers appreciated the easy parking and indoor facilities – including a bar.

The SLOW teams were well organised and thanks to the last minute rush of volunteers who helped smooth out any lumps on the day.

My thanks also go to Stephen Marshall who allowed us to use the playing fields and the pavilion. He was very complimentary about the tidy state of the facilities after we had left.

We took a good deal of entries on the day keeping registration, enquiries and the computer team busy – recycling and borrowing personal dibbers was fun but we just about coped.

I trust the toilets at the start compensated for the walk.

Dick Clark


Planner’s Comments

Planning the Devil's Punchbowl has been a great experience for me - and I hope you enjoyed the results. There were a very few grumbles about the map and a couple of controls on the day (most justified!) and lots of positive feedback so thank you for all the comments. The courses were always going to be physical - it's just a feature of the area but I hope that you all felt that the climb was worth it and that I spiced up the courses with varying leg length, especially on the longer courses.

 My job would not have been possible without the help I got from Andy, Caroline, Charles and Andy on the Sunday and James and Ruth putting on both Saturday and Sunday. Thanks also to everyone who collected in controls - also fab to have your help. The rest of the event team were a joy to work with - Robin for going above and beyond to organise the loos for the start following my rant about people who 'go' in the forest - and Robin who was a very chilled out controller and made the whole experience very relaxed.

Nicola Morris