eSLOWprint 132 - December 2000




·        Club Officers

·        New Members

·        Sarah's say

·        Street Event and other social stuff(see page 11)

·        Your chance to come training (or at least say why not!)

·        Training Diary

·        Lots of great things for Juniors  (and adult training too - yes old dogs can learn new tricks)

·        Full AGM minutes

·        A very personal Karrimor report  (with cover girl Karen Jones)

·        Up date on social events

·        SENiLe (Night orienteering)


Club Officers 2000-2001

Chair: Chris Robinson,



Fixtures Secretary:

Andy Robinson,


Social Secretary:

Vicky Robb,



Equipment Officer: Chris Fry,



Jenny Thomas,




Club Kit: Teresa Turner,



Membership Secretary: Ginny Catmur,


Archivist: Sue Lumas,  


Ladies’ Captain:

Karen Jones,





Men’s Captain: Peter Huzan,


Mapping Officer and SEOA Rep.:

Andy Robinson,



SLOWprint Editor: Sarah Brown,





Liz Armitage,



Publicity Officer:

Paul Canham,




Beginners’ Rep. and Training Officer: Heather Walton,




Copy date for Issue 133 (March 2000) will be Fri. 23rd Feb. Letters, event reports, articles, cartoons, gossip, scandal, notices, small ads, court circulars, births, deaths and marriages should be posted to Sarah Brown (address above); electronic copies via e-mail or on floppy disk are particularly welcome.

The current SLOW e-mail directory can be accessed by filling in the form at


The e-mail directory will be sent to your address and your details will be added to the directory.

New Members: If you are new to SLOW, you might not know about ... Training: Tues. eve. (7.15 pm) training open to all, of all standards: every Tuesday at the clubhouse (Thames Hare and Hounds, Richard Evans Memorial Playing Fields, Kingston Vale); 9 pm at the ‘Robin Hood’ pub, Kingston Hill; and other venues: see the Training Diary (p. ) for details.

            … and Transport: we can organise lifts to events: ring any of the club’s officers, as listed above, and one of us will sort this out for you.


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Following on in the great alliterative tradition of Slow editors, I am in the process of taking over from Ginny (she of the Jottings). In the interests of speed, to say nothing of having only just worked out how to open e-mail, create a table and add a telephone bullet point, I have decided not to try and emulate Ginny’s high quality magazine, but simply to get the information out this side of Christmas be it in somewhat amateur form (I feel a New Year’s resolution coming on). I also wanted to be able to hand this out at what I am sure will be a very successful SLOW event (the OK nuts) and be in time to remind everyone about the Christmas party (street event plus food, see below) on 19th December from 7 p.m. onwards.

So store the information, comment on Heather’s ideas for training and excuse lack of articles plus no doubt the odd hiccup.


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STREET EVENT   19th December


Street event chez the Streets (Paul Sarah Ralph and Greg) 35 Halford Road Richmond Surrey.

( 020 8940 9583 There will be a chance to discover the delights of Richmond (non compulsory,) plus drinks and eats. Please phone if you are coming as I will be catering ( and looking for contributions) plus printing some maps and clue sheets for those who want to run. Everyone is welcome. Plus Special Mini Street event for children.


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Nick Holliday

SW19 2AJ

Tel: 0208 542 4746

Paul Nixon (M21)

Flat 1, Caerlaverock

Nutfield Road




HOME: 01737 771732

DAY: 01737 273382


Peter and Christine Carlill

Flat 4, 8 Maley Ave


SE27 9BY

Home: 020 8670 5088




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TRAINING DIARY                                                                                 Heather Walton

We have a great arrangement at the clubhouse - changing rooms, showers,
Richmond Park and Wimbledon Common right close by and a pub across the
road but should we think the unthinkable and try something else?
Lunchtime in central London? Further out to get in reach of the Dorking
crowd? Saturday mornings? Or are you all storing up your New Year's
Resolutions to appear in droves in the Spring? Let me know your views
on the enclosed sheet.

Meanwhile, the Tuesday training schedule is given below - all from the
Thames Hare and Hounds clubhouse 7.15 for 7.30 unless otherwise
specified. We split into groups according to how much you want to do so
don't worry if you think you are too slow. We run for about 4 miles and
I confess a fair amount of chatting has been known to go on. The zippy
option is further and there is often an option in between. Take your pick!

You are welcome to ring me (020 8891 0453) if you want more of an idea
what is involved. Alternatively, you can just come to the pub, bring
your map and tell us about your adventures orienteering at the weekend.

Street events involve going out running on roads for an hour or less
going to as many points marked on the map as you can and solving the
clues when you get there. You can run in pairs if you want. Past
Christmas street events have included a sing a carol competition at the
end. Even if you don't run, you can come and socialise and this
Christmas event will feature food cooked by the famous Sarah Brown. Do
come along - it should be a festive occasion.

28 Nov Steady run
5 Dec Hill intervals
12 Dec Steady run
19 Dec Christmas street event at Sarah Brown and Paul Street's 35,
Halford Road, Richmond
020 8940 9583
26 Dec No training
2 Jan No training
9 Jan Steady run (Committee meeting)
16 Jan Hill intervals
23 Jan Steady run
30 Jan Time trial
6 Feb Steady run
13 Feb Flat intervals
20 Feb Steady run
27 Feb Street event with pancakes - at the Finches 24, Park Farm Road
Kingston 020 8549 2144
6 Mar Steady run (Committee meeting)

There will be a training day on the 8th April, the Sunday before the JK.
Subject to land permission this will be on Pitch Hill which I am assured
has platforms just like the Forest of Dean. Do come along and polish up
your techniques and help the juniors with theirs. More details in the

Heather Walton
020 8891 0453

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Congratulations to Charles and James McMillan who have started running
badge courses, to Alison McKerrow who has started running green and to
Ralph Street who has started running orange and M12A . Well done to any
other juniors who have passed a milestone even if I haven't realised you have.

We are running a further series of junior training sessions next year on
the following dates:
11th March Wimbledon Common (in conjunction with colour coded event)
8th April Pitch Hill (followed by training for adults - why should
they be let off?!)
plus a date in June or July to be arranged. Do let me know any good
options for dates.
Further details in the next SLOWPRINT.

The banner is now travelling regularly to events - try visiting it - you
may find other juniors lurking there for a game of football or somebody
to talk to about your course.

Heather Walton

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Please give your comments below. I want to know whether you are:
- never going to come training whatever we do
- unlikely ever to come under the present format and why
- likely to come sometimes under the present format but would be easier

- a case of 'the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak' but might
appear with persuasion - what persuasion?
- Full of ideas of different things to do - what are they?

Heather Walton

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14th November 2000



Present : Liz Armitage, Jenny Thomas, Di Leakey, Ginny Catmur, Kay Denny, Heather Walton, Peter Huzan, Charlie Turner, Andrew Trimble, Chris Robinson, Andy Robinson, Alan Leakey, Jeremy Denny, Vicky Robb


Apologies : Jeff Armitage, Gordon Parker, Gail Parker, Ed Catmur, Mike Murray, Andrew Leaney, Teresa Turner, Sarah Brown, Liz Finch, David Finch, Chris Owen


Minutes of the 1999 AGM : Approved

Matters arising

3.1       heat sealer to be purchased

3.2       cleaning of Thames hut is an on-going problem. Thanks recorded to Kay Denny for cleaning the ladies showers last week.



4.1       Chair

4.2       Treasurer

4.3       Fixtures

The following fixtures were held in the last year

16 January.  Reigate Priory. Limited colour-coded (inc. Norwegian course)

                Organiser: Nigel Saker    Planner: Anne Poole

22 January Box Hill Fell Race. Organiser: Andy Robinson

18 March. Hankley Common. Southern Express

Organiser: Kate Thomas   Planner: Andy Jones

  7 May  Winterfold. Future Champions Cup.

Organiser: Anne Leaney   Planner: Andrew Leaney

11 June. The Hill race formerly known as Silva. Organiser: Jeremy Denny

2 July  Wimbledon Common. Frolics (limited colour-coded)

Organiser:  Michael Walter   Planner: Andy Robinson

6 September (Weds) Winterfold. Army Championships. 

Planners: Simon & Charlie Turner

24 September  Frith Hill. Peter Palmer Junior Team Relay

Organiser:Ginny Catmur:   Planner: Andrew Leaney

All the above named have earned our thanks.


A list containing eight fixtures for a year is probably about par for the course in recent years. However it doesn't take much looking at it to see some bizarre factors. No less than three of the above were events we put on for other people. Two were fell races and that only leaves three as events we put on for the general orienteering membership, and all of those three were pretty small events. So when stripped down it was a pretty pathetic fixture list. In mitigation in the previous year we had heavy involvement in JK99 and the World Champs start team, and the OK Nuts weekend (a Senile and a major colour-coded) was immediately prior to the AGM. So a lot of our most experienced officials were in need of a break as of 12 months ago.



10 December. Winterfold. OK Nuts Badge Event

Organiser: Andrew Trimble    Planner: Paul Canham   Asst. planner: Ed Catmur

20 January 2001  Box Hill Fell Race. Organiser: Andy Robinson

3 February  Pitch Hill. Senile. : Organiser: Gavin Andrews    Planner: Paul Szarvas

11 March Wimbledon Common Colour Coded:   Planners: Vicky Robb/ Chris Owen

7 April The Nower  Southern Express

8 April Pitch Hill. Training day - juniors (and adults)

3 June  The Nower Limited colour-coded in conjunction with Hill Race

15 July. Frolic. Just pencilled in - no idea where yet.

9 December. Hankley Common. OK Nuts Badge Event

28 April 2002.  Nominally a colour-coded on Winterfold but we should come up with something more imaginative before then

?? October. Battersea Park. Panathlon (inter-school competition)          Organiser:  Ginny Catmur

8 December 2002. Esher Common. OK Nuts Badge Event. Very provisional and is likely to cause a land use problem with…

March 2003. CompassSport Cup First Round. That year being our turn


The volume of planned fixtures is probably about reasonable. That's my opinion anyway. If anyone has other opinions the AGM is the ideal place to discuss it.

The lengthy gap next summer/autumn is partly accidental/ partly deliberate - plenty of opportunity of development/training courses.


4.4       Mapping

The club has produced two maps in the year, although neither has yet hit the general public


The first is a reprint of the Winterfold and Pitch Hill area as used for the JK. This was done at 1:15000, excluding Holmbury Hill this time, but including some updates found by Simon and Charlie Turner. It was produced for the Army Championships event last September and will be used for the OK Nuts next month.

The other is Battersea Park. This is an exciting development, the only previous version being a 1982 two colour print for Capital Radio Venture Day. This map was produced at the request of Wandsworth Borough Council for a Schools Week in September. We have kept 500 copies and could perhaps use it for a Frolic. The mapping effort was performed by Vyacheslav Smirnov, acting as a mapping professional and when Wandsworth cough up he will get paid.


Mapping effort

Most of the mapping time in the past year has been concentrated on two other areas, Wimbledon Common and The Nower. The work on completing these maps is just re-starting as they are now scheduled for events in the spring. Wimbledon in particular has proved difficult as some of the surveyors have been novices and even the more experienced contributors have struggled with the vegetation given the age of the base map (the 1994 survey was done in summer/autumn - a silly time to map vegetation and the preceding 1987 survey was only a partial update.)

I would certainly like to thank all those who have done some mapping work during the year.


Map stocks

Esher - we have nearly 1000 of the 1998 survey but it has probably run its course as far as fixtures go. Suitable for summer evenings, junior training and Lady Eleanor Holles.

Hankley. No stock. Needs re-mapping for event in Dec 2001. Probably get professional to do survey update, and I'll do the OCAD.

Reigate. Still 200 or so left.

Richmond Park. Plenty but what about permission.


4.5       Membership

See separate report. It was noted that numbers have droped mainly due to a drop in local membership. Need to encourage beginners at our annual colour coded. Details about club to be put on results. Committee to discuss whether need to put web-site address on future maps and car stickers.


4.6       Captain

SLOW Teams 2000

JK (Tullochroisk, Kinloch Rannoch) - 14 teams

M/W40- (5th) - Charlotte Turner, Michael May, Matthew Walter

M120+ (4th) - Peter Haynes, Andy Robinson, Andy Jones [different 3 from 99]

W120+ (1st) - Monika Bonafini, Christine Robinson, Sarah Brown [4th year running]

M Open - 3rd South-East Team

Ralph Street (M10A - 2nd), Michael May (M12B - 1st), Matthew Walter (M14B - 2nd), Mike Murray (M55L - 3rd), Charlotte Perry (W20S - 1st), Monika Bonafini (W45 -2nd)

99 - M120+ (3rd), W120+ (1st), M165+ (2nd), M48- (2nd), 17 teams

British Champs (Penyard Hill, Hereford) - 13 teams

W Open (6th) - Caroline Catmur, Karen Jones, Claire Evans

Junior Ad Hoc (2nd) - Tom McDonald, Michael May, Chris Howard

Junior Ad Hoc (3rd) - David Catmur, Ralph Street, Matthew Walter

M40 (1st) - Peter Haynes, John Dowty, Andy Jones

M45 (3rd) - Paul Street, Andy Robinson, Alan Leakey

M50 (2nd) - Jim Mallinson, David May, Mike Murray

W40 (1st) - Christine Robinson, Diane Leakey, Sarah Brown

M Open - 2nd South-East Team

Charlotte Perry (W20S - 2nd), Ralph Street (M10A - 3rd), Michael May (M12B - 2nd), Paul Street (M45S - 2nd), Mike Murray (M55L - 1st)

99 - W35 (3rd), W40 (1st), M45 (2nd), M50 (1st), 14 teams

Compass Sport Cup

Counters - 30, Near-counters - 10 more

Regional Round (Leith Hill) - 1st - new club kit! (Teresa) [60 runners]

            A: Charles Bromley-Gardner*, Alex Rothman, Tim Rogers, (Timo Teinila)

            B: Tom Fry*, Peter Haynes, John Dowty, (Ed Catmur)

            C: Simon Turner*, Charlie Turner*, Mike Murray, (Alan Leakey), (D. May)

            D: Claire Evans*, Karen Jones, Caroline Catmur, (Charlotte Perry)

            E: Sarah Brown*, Vlachislav Smirnov, Teresa Turner, (Kate Thomas)

            F: Charlotte Turner, Andrew Hayden, (Tom McDonald)

            G: David Catmur, Chris Howard, (Matthew Walter)

National Final (Ilkley Moor) - 3rd !  (1st SYO, 2nd MDOC) - chez Watson [36 runners]

            A: Andy Jones*, Peter Haynes*, Mal Lyon*, (Chris Owen)

            B: John Dowty*, Charles Bromley-Gardner*, Pete Huzan, (Mervyn Rodrigues)

            C: Alan Leakey*, Andy Robinson*, David May*, (Ed Catmur), (Chris Fry)

            D: Claire Evans*, Diane Leakey, Caroline Catmur, (Chris Robinson)

            E: Sarah Brown*, Vlachislav Smirnov, Kate Thomas, (Ginny Catmur)

            F: Helen Walter*, Chris Howard

            G: Matthew Walter*, Alan Gurney, (Alison McKerrow)

99 - 2nd equal

Harvester Night and Day Relays - 4 teams

A Handicap (2nd) - Andy Robinson, Richard Catmur, John Dowty, Jim Mallinson, Alan Leakey, David May, Andy Jones (behind DEE)

B Handicap (2nd) - Trevor Jones, Chris Fry, Chris Robinson, Diane Leakey, Mike Murray (behind BL - Robin Thomas)

B Junior (2nd) - Ed Catmur, Caroline Catmur, Guy Barnett, Simon Turner, Tom Fry (behind NOC)

99 - B Handicap (1st), 4 mispunched, 6 teams

Other Team Competitions

North Downs Way (1st) - EdC, AndyR,  PeterC, ChrisO, PaulC, MikeF, VickyR, GordonP, MalcolmF*, PeteH, TomF, KarenJ, CharlieT,  JohnD, AndrewL, JeremyD* (beat LOK by 12 mins, 7 teams, *Record+10%)

South-East Relays Intermediate (2nd)

South-East Relays Junior (2nd)

Peter Palmer Junior Relays - Tom McDonald, Alan Gurney, Ed Catmur, Charlotte Turner, Matthew Walter, Helen Walter, Michael May, David Catmur, Ralph Street, Simon Turner - no Ed/Simon next year

Bob Graham Round - 72 miles: 19.5 hours (12 people, Ali Turnbull & Robin Thomas)

Chiltern Challenge Team Trophy (Ralph Street*, Ed Catmur, Sarah Brown, Paul Street, Mal Lyon, David May) [Caroline Catmur*, Charles Bromley-Garner*] (*=Southern Champions)

Bridge - London Trophy Plate Semi-Finals

Karen’s Report - “lots of great runs by SLOW ladies and girls”

Representative Honours

Ed Catmur - British Squad (Junior Section), Junior European Cup (Switzerland)

Tom Fry, Mike Murray (Home Internationals)

Ed Catmur 5th, Simon Turner 8th (Interland, Belgium)

Tom Fry, Ed Catmur (Hungary Tour)

Simon Turner (Scotland Tour)

Charlotte Turner, Ed Catmur, Simon Turner (SE Junior Squad)

Representative Helpers

Sarah Brown (Home Internationals Team Manager)

Andrew Leaney, Anne Leaney, Chris Fry (SE Junior Squad)

British Night Champions

Caroline Catmur (W20L - 1st), Chris Robinson (W40L - 3rd), Jim Mallinson (M50L - 3rd)

Next Year

18 March         CompassSport Cup Round 1, Worth Forest, Crawley (SO area)

14/16 April       JK Easter Event, Forest of Dean

29 April            CompassSport Cup Final, POTOC [maybe!]

6/7 May           British Champs weekend, Londonderry/Omagh

19/20 May       Harvester Trophy, Dipton, Northumberland

22/23 Sept.      Peter Palmer Junior Team Relays, Sutton Park, Birmingham

Other Events - Team Events for All


Elections of Officers and Committee Members

Post                 Name                          Proposed                     Seconded

Chair                Chris Robinson re-elected unopposed

Treasurer          Liz Armitage                 re-elected unopposed

Men’s Captain  Peter Huzan                  re-elected unopposed

Mapping           Andy Robinson re-elected unopposed

Training            Heather Walton            re-elected unopposed

SEOA rep        Andy Robinson re-elected unopposed

Social               Vicky Robb                  re-elected unopposed

Equipment        Chris Fry                      re-elected unopposed

Archivist           Sue Lumas                   re-elected unopposed


Secretary          Jenny Thomas               Di Leakey                    Vicky Robb

Fixtures            Andy Robinson Chris Robinson Di Leakey

Ladies Captain Karen Jones                 Chris Robinson Di Leakey

Membership     Ginny Catmur               Jenny Thomas               Alan Leakey

SLOWprint      Sarah Brown                Di Leakey                    Peter Huzan

Publicity           Paul Canham                Heather Walton            Andy Robinson



The current site is very good and used a lot. Junior bulletin board to be added. Thanks to Andrew Leaney for setting it up and maintaining it. Central e-mail list to be investigated by Ginny.


Any other business

7.1       Club fleeces to be looked at for 25th anniversay in 2001.

7.2       drop in members attending Tuesday evenings is a major concern and also makes communication difficult within the club. Tuesday evenings to be advertised in SLOWprint and web-site.

7.3       Location and time of future AGMS to be looked at considering the low attendance at this one.



UNITS 2000





BOF member





Club member





Total membership units = 121

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SENiLe 2001                                                                                               Keith Tonkin

Here are the fixtures for the coming SENiLe season as they currently stand.

25th Nov, GO, Newlands Corner, Guildford

16th Dec, MV, South Ashdown, Crowborough

13th Jan, SO, Old House Warren, Ashdown

27th Jan GO Waggoners Wells, Liphook

3rd Feb SLOW Pitch Hill, Ewhurst


It's not too late to put more fixtures together.  Have you tried persuading your club to put one on?  Or better still try it yourself.  They are not that difficult to organise, and with sufficient publicity can generate a reasonable turn out.


Night-O so far

The mid-week army night event at Bramley was quite interesting.  The area is a disused arms dump and contained numerous rail tracks, derelict buildings and loads of nettles.  Times were fast with Dave and Sarah Rollins both running away from most of the opposition.   Emit electronic punching was used.


There was also a team night event organised by the army on Friday night just gone at Upper Star Posts.  The format was a Harris relay, a sort of score event format, and again used electronic punching.  Running with Vince Joyce and Neil Crickmore we thought we had a fairly balanced team but sadly I messed up by over 10 minutes on one incredibly easy control!  Never mind, it was good fun. And good practice for.......


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Future SENiLe information


MV Senile (2).  Saturday December 16th at South Ashdown.

Organiser: Simon Ling.  Planner: Chris Buckle.


British Night Championships on February 17th.  These are at Blackamoor on the South Western side of Sheffield.  I have ran here many times in the past  I somehow cannot quite see the attraction of this area for such a prestige event as my memories of it are full of reasonably steep open hillside with bracken, heather, tussocks and mud all in good measure!  Still I suppose running there at night may add a new dimension to my experience of the area.


A country-wide fixture list is available from BOF.  For events in the South East, local information can be obtained from David Moore's website or check out the SEOA answer phone (020 8948 6056). I hope you will find these bulletins informative and useful.  Do tell your fellow club members about SENiLe events.

Best regards

Keith Tonkin    (Guildford Orienteers)     Tel : 01293 881879 or mobile 07818 012958

GO mail :            E-mail :


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Karrimor Mountain Marathon                                                                       Sarah Brown

Karen Jones and I were amongst the SLOW members who made the trek north to the South West part of the Lake District to compete in KIMM 2000. On arrival on Friday afternoon, Black Coombe was to be seen in all its glory towering steeply above what was to be the start and finish. That was the last we saw of it! On Saturday morning we set off up the slope into thick mist. Karen and I had agreed that we would start slowly, get into the map and be sure to keep contact. Yeah, well these plans always seem good in the pub. I put it down to oxygen deficiency after the huge climb to leg one. We left the control too quickly and were soon completely on our own in the cloud with the plan going pear shaped, somewhat similar to the look of the ground around us. Eventually we relocated on a vast forked re-entrant and opted for a safe route below the cloud which involved more climb and distance than we anticipated. It cost us around 40 minutes and a lot of effort. The knock-on effect was that the 3k diversion (to go round the uncrossable River Duddon) we’d been warned about at the beginning seemed like another mountain. 3K doesn’t sound a lot when you are full of beans (muesli or whatever) at the start, but when the campsite is virtually in sight and you then have to flog up one side of a river only to see competitors running back down the other, it was a low point in the weekend. The campsite was flat with some pocket sized dry patches one of which we grabbed. Despite water pouring down from above, sweeping in horizontally and seeping in from below we managed to stay dry and set off in fairly good heart the second day. Luckily visibility was good and our navigating more sound. We eventually crossed back onto the Black Coombe fells only to see a people version of the M1 strung across the hillside. We just tacked in behind and for the last 6k tramped up hill through bog into a debilitating head wind. Why, oh why? The Karrimor can be hell, tough, depressing and yet somehow you finish on a high having completed both the physical and mental challenge. Karen and I made it to the top 100 in the C course and better than that we are still speaking to one another! 

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Social  Events

Dinner/quiz  set for 20 January:


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