eSLOWprint 133 - February 20001




·        Club Officers

·        Midges Mutterings

·        Membership News

·        New Logo

·        Training Diary and Junior Jottings: flip out at the Pancake evening

·        Training Day - 8th April  (NOW MOVED TO WIMBLEDON COMMON)

·        North Downs Relay: get those long distance legs ready

·        Pete’s Preview: step out in style in Spring

·        Chairs Report from AGM 2000

·        Thoughts about training

·        Event Diary

·        Spring Resolutions



Club Officers 2000-2001

Chair: Chris Robinson,



Fixtures Secretary:

Andy Robinson,


Social Secretary:

Vicky Robb,



Equipment Officer: Chris Fry,



Jenny Thomas,




Club Kit: Teresa Turner,



Membership Secretary: Ginny Catmur,


Archivist: Sue Lumas,  


Ladies’ Captain:

Karen Jones,





Men’s Captain: Peter Huzan,


Mapping Officer and SEOA Rep.:

Andy Robinson,



SLOWprint Editor: Sarah Brown,





Liz Armitage,



Publicity Officer:

Paul Canham,




Beginners’ Rep. and Training Officer: Heather Walton,



Andrew Trimble



Copy date for Issue 134 (April 2001) will be Thurs. 19th April. Letters, event reports, articles, cartoons, gossip, scandal, notices, small ads, court circulars, births, deaths and marriages should be posted to Sarah Brown (address above); electronic copies via e-mail or on floppy disk are particularly welcome.

The current SLOW e-mail directory can be accessed by filling in the form at


The e-mail directory will be sent to your address and your details will be added to the directory.

New Members: If you are new to SLOW, you might not know about ... Training: Tues. eve. (7.15 pm) training open to all, of all standards: every Tuesday at the clubhouse (Thames Hare and Hounds, Richard Evans Memorial Playing Fields, Kingston Vale); 9 pm at the ‘Robin Hood’ pub, Kingston Hill; and other venues: see the Training Diary (p. ) for details.

            … and Transport: we can organise lifts to events: ring any of the club’s officers, as listed above, and one of us will sort this out for you.


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Happy New Year!


After the devastation of having to postpone our 2000 OK Nuts event in December due to car park problems, let's hope we can look forward to a successful 2001.  The postponement of this event caused a great deal of stress and anguish to many people.  Fortunately a replacement date has eventually been secured and all being well the event will take place so all the hard work will be rewarded.


SLOW's 25th anniversary year got off to a good start on 20 January, with a capacity field for the Box Hill Fell Race and a very enjoyable Quiz Evening.  Our Social Sec, Vicky Robb, did a great job of organising excellent food, venue, questions and prizes and quizmaster, Paul Szarvas, survived the heckling like a true professional.  There were teams from Guildford, Mole Valley and Southdowns in addition to several SLOW teams.


We organised a night event on Pitch Hill as part of the South East Night League (SENILE).  This was smoothly organised by Gavin Andrews and some good, challenging courses were planned by Paul Szarvas; for both Gavin and Paul this was their first-time at organising and planning respectively - well done and thanks.


The SEOA SportIdent (electronic punching) kit should be arriving any day now, following the successful lottery funding bid.  SLOW has contributed substantially towards the matching funding and we will be using the equipment at most of our events from now on.


Junior training sessions are once again being planned for this spring and also a training day for everybody.    These sessions really are for everyone - new and beginner members are particularly welcome.  Even if you aren't actually interested in training, they are good social occasions and provide an opportunity to get to know some other club members.  Don't forget the CompassSport Cup regional round either - the more the merrier.  Look out for the SLOW banner and come and say hello.


Chris Robinson



HOT OFF THE PRESS: Great results at the National Event , Cannock


Karen Jones 1st W40

Ed Catmur 3rd M21 Long

Charlotte Turner 4th W16A


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Welcome to the following new members:

Arthur, Simeon (M21)

3 Cricketers Mews, East Hill, Wandsworth, London SW18 2HB

tel.(h): 020 8871 4106; (w) 07802 448676



Lawrance, Dominic (M21)

43 Falmouth Road, Southwark, London SE1 4JN

tel.(h): 020 7771 9233;(w) 01932 762502




‘Local’ (i.e. non-BOF) members of SLOW should receive with this mailing of SLOWprint a form inviting them to renew their membershipo of the club. If you haven’t, please let me know.


I have distributed the current address list by e-mail to everyone for whom I have e-mail addresses. In April–May I shall print a copy of the address list and post it to all club members. (I haven’t printed the current list as it doesn’t yet contain all the renewals for 2001.) If any club member who is not on e-mail would like a copy before April–May, please get in touch!

Ginny Catmur (Membership Secretary) 020 8398 8190  e-mail:


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The British Orienteering Federation has been working on raising the profile of Orienteering in the UK. One of the ways in which they hope to achieve this is by everyone in the sport using this new logo:






I have it on disk, as does our Publicity Officer, Paul Canham. Please ask us for copies, and use it when appropriate!

Ginny Catmur (Membership Secretary) 020 8398 8190  e-mail:


DON’T FORGET..........


Enter for the Compass Sport Cup: see insert

Help at Wimbledon  Colour Coded 11th March...ring Nigel Saker  0208-942 0771


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You may not believe it but Spring is on its way and the Spring season is certainly hotting up.  If you want to survive and thrive at the big challenging events, a bit of training preparation in the weeks ahead is just what you need. 


I had a grand total of 2 responses to my request for comments on training.  There was one from Paul Gatward who cannot get to training from work but is happy to help at events and one from Jeremy to remind us that SLOW was formed as a reaction to other clubs who only had a dinner, an AGM and a few letters with results.  Thank you for those comments.  I suppose I can conclude that there is nobody out there burning with new ideas for something different.  I did consider bringing in a swimming coach given the state of the park at the moment….!


So the usual stuff appears below.  Once it gets light (early April) bring studs as we will be running off the roads.  The next issue will include some summer technique training.  Any volunteers to help put this on please let me know. 


13 Feb    Flat intervals

20 Feb   Steady run

27 Feb  Street event with pancakes – at the Finches 24, Park Farm Road Kingston 020 8549 2144

6 Mar Steady run (Committee meeting)

13 Mar Hill intervals

20 Mar Springy sprints (my diary tells me this is the first day of Spring…)

27 Mar Steady run, bring your Bigland maps

3 April  Last hill intervals before the JK

10 April Steady run

17 April Gentle run post JK - you ought to be worn out if you’ve tried hard enough.

24 April Hill intervals and dare I add team bonding for the Compass Sport Cup Final?

1   May   Steady run with sand-dune maps pre-British

8   May   Hill intervals

15 May  Steady run (Committee meeting)

22 May  Real orienteering – Andy’s tour of the new features on the new Wimbledon map. Bring

               compass and leg cover.


Pancake day street event 27th February at the Finches


In case you are a new member who didn’t get the previous SLOWPRINT, street events involve going out running on roads for an hour or less going to as many points marked on the map as you can and solving the clues when you get there.  You can run in pairs if you want. Even if you don’t run, you can come and socialise and toss a few pancakes.  Do come along – it should be a good occasion.


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Pitch Hill Training Day 8th April:    Pitch Hill Car Park    Grid Ref: 079 427



!NB Now moved to Wimbledon Common due to foot and mouth crisis but still on.


There will be a training day on the 8th April, 10-4 pm, the Sunday before the JK.  Subject to land permission (not expected to be a problem), this will be on Pitch Hill which I am assured has platforms just like the Forest of Dean.  Do come along and polish up your techniques and help the juniors with theirs.  My current plan is to alternate the junior and senior training with some games for the juniors supervised by one or two adults when the adults are training.  Let me know your views on this.  Also let me know your favourite orienteering foibles that you want to be trained away from.  If you don’t suggest them, I might have spotted some anyway, so beware.  (I know Andy Robbo will be yelling at me to go straight as I try desperately to avoid any climb at all costs!)  The aim is to have a flexible, friendly day suitable for all standards from potential JK stars to enthusiastic beginners.  


Happy Hill Intervals

Heather Walton

020 8891 0453


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I’m sure you all have a spring in your step now the next series of junior training sessions is about to start.  A sheet is enclosed for you to fill in to say you are coming.  The first one is on 11th March in conjunction with a SLOW colour-coded event on Wimbledon Common.  Because of this, it will start slightly later (11 till 2) to allow time for your adult shadows to help a bit at the event first.  The next one is on the 8th of April on Pitch Hill.  This is from 10 till 4 but you won’t have to run all the time – there is time for a rest or a few games while the adults are training.  The third session will be in June or July – you can tell me when is a good date.


Good luck to any of you who are running in the Compass Sport Cup regional final (18th March) or in the JK or British relays. 




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North Downs Way Relay


An early call to arms to all past runners. The date hasn’t been finally agreed yet, but looks most likely to be Saturday June 16th. There is an outside chance of 23rd June, but as LOK’s Martin Potter is tying the knot with Jackie Wastell that day, with a good few other LOKer’s in attendance, we are trying to avoid it.


As present holders we will need to field a strong team in order to retain the shield. LOK will certainly be a threat, and GO could also make up a good team if so inclined to do so.


I’ll be looking to last year’s runners to form the core of the team, but anyone new members who fancy a reasonably quick run over about 8 miles of the North Downs Way please make contact. Early risers are particularly appreciated.


It would be helpful if anyone who is definitely unavailable would make contact with me soon as possible.  020 8336 8800 (O),

01737 379894 (H), 07956 668 728 (M)


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There are lots of team events coming up this spring.  Take a look and then send the team form enclosed with this Slowprint - and put your BOF number and Sport-Ident number on the form (if you have one).  Remember that these events are open to all club members irrespective of ability, so do come along.  There is a good club atmosphere at these events, with an ideal opportunity to get to know other members.

For a change, please note that you should send the form to Karen, our Ladies captain.

18 March        CompassSport Cup Rd 1, Worth Forest, Crawley

This is our team round against the other south-east clubs - let’s try to get to the national final again.  Please send your entry DIRECTLY to the Southdowns event entries secretary.  The closing date is 28th February.  Please also email/phone Karen to let her know you are going or if you cannot go.  Contact a club official if you need entry details.

14-16 April      JK Easter Event, Forest of Dean

“The relays are being held in Lydney Park, which is also the venue for Day 1.  Lydney Park is an area of mixed woodland, mostly very runnable with evidence of the Forest of Dean’s industrial past providing a wealth of features, while a good path network ensures suitability for junior courses.  Car parking will be adjacent to the assembly area.”

Standard JK combined classes (eg M120+ etc, also short courses!)

29 April           CompassSport Cup Final, Weston Heath, West Midlands

Please note that I am NOT assuming that we will get to the final!  However, if we do, then we will need to get organised very quickly.  Whichever regional club gets to the final will be want to put out as strong a team as possible, so put this date in your diaries if we win on 18th March.  If going, we shall organise a coach to go up on the day.

6-7 May          British Champs weekend, Londonderry/Omagh

I know it is a reasonable way to go, but there are flight/ferry options and this should be a good holiday as well - imagine drinking Guinness while looking over the Giant’s Causeway.

“Baronscourt Estate.  Parking and assembly are close together.  This is a new area and consists of a wide valley with three manmade lakes on the valley floor.  The slopes to both sides mainly consist of extensive, fast parkland with conifer plantation of mixed runnability.”

Standard age group classes (eg W35, W40 etc, also short courses!)

19-20 May      Harvester Night&Day Relay, Dipton, Northumberland

This is the 7-person (or 5-person) night and day relay.  We shall try to arrange a coach with other south-east clubs, going up on the Saturday.

Long Distance Footpath Relays

Look out for the North Downs Way Relay.  We may also run the Bob Graham Round (Lake District) as a relay like last year - but only if there is interest.  Get those forms in!


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The focus within SLOW during 2000 has been very much on juniors and junior development.    The club decided to put its energies this year into junior development (rather than adult beginners as in the previous year) - in particular into training for our existing juniors rather than on efforts to attract new members.


We put on three coaching sessions for juniors in the spring, led by Chris Fry with a lot of support from parents and other club members.


Anne Leaney and I attended the BOF Club Development Conference in January in York and came away with the main conclusions as reported in SLOWprint.  For me the conference underlined the problem we have of being London-based with people working long hours and very few, if any, retired members.


Ed Catmur and I attended the BOF Club Coach training course in the Lake District in September and Chris Fry recently became a qualified club coach, so doubling our number of qualified coaches!


There has been international selection and GB Junior Squad membership for SLOW juniors and podium places for junior teams at a major relay event, which I trust Peter will expand upon.  I'd particularly like to congratulate Ed on his recent elevation to the GB Junior Squad - and free Wilf's!


SLOW also organised two of the major national junior competitions, the Future Champions Cup and the Peter Palmer relay.  We have received a letter of thanks from Keith Marsden who runs the South East Junior Squad which I would like to read to you:


Dear Christine


On behalf of the South East Junior Squad may I thank SLOW for the kind donation of £194 to squad funds. {ie the 'profit' from the Peter Palmer Relays - CR}   I am delighted that the Peter Palmer Relays, which SLOW organised on behalf of BOF, was such a success.


Coming so soon after a highly successful Future Champions Cup final, I think junior orienteering owes SLOW a big 'thank you' for all your efforts this year.


Thanks and best wishes.                                                     

Keith Marsden


I know it is invidious to single out individuals but I would like to say a special thank you to the Catmurs and Leaneys who were the main contributors to those events and who have done a lot for the club in other ways this year.


We presented new trophies for first lady on the 10 mile at the Hill Races formerly known as Silva and for W65 to the British Nights Championships - bought with a retirement donation from Giles and Hilary Brindley.


Socially: we had a 'not the club dinner' at Café Rouge, a club picnic and a wine tasting evening.


Woman's Hour interviewed Sarah Brown one Tuesday evening on Wimbledon Common.  The programme went out on Radio 4 just before the JK, complete with heavy breathing sound effects.


We have continued to produce SLOWprint every two months and the website, now with its own domain name, has grown into a vibrant, well-used source of information.  The new club kit arrived in time for the CompassSport Cup Regional Final in March.


We have put on the usual Tuesday evening training programme with occasional street events and runs away from the clubhouse in the summer.  The dwindling numbers attending Tuesday evenings is a cause of concern for various reasons  - not the least being that it reduces our ability to communicate and take decisions on club matters.


Finance, mapping, fixtures and performances in the forest will be reported separately by other committee members.


Looking ahead to 2001…

A small group met recently and agreed to put on a repeat series of junior training in spring/summer.


We intend to get the club tent and banner to more events this autumn to provide a focal point where we can meet, shelter and exchange routes and splits, particularly for juniors and newcomers.  Also to provide an opportunity to discuss issues relating to the running of the club, which in the past have been discussed on a Tuesday evening.  We would welcome offers of sharing the responsibility of taking the tent and banner to events.


The South East bid to the National Lottery for electronic punching has been successful and will involve us in contributing to the matching funding and purchasing a substantial amount of kit.


2001 is our 25th anniversary.  We are planning a quiz evening in January and an anniversary dinner in the autumn.  Other ideas have been mooted and any other suggestions to celebrate our 25th year are very welcome.


I would like to thank everyone who has contributed to SLOW this year through organising, planning, controlling or coaching.    I would also like to thank the committee members for their hard work throughout the year and for attending the committee meetings which we hold at two monthly intervals.   I should like to remind all club members that it is our policy to have open meetings and we positively welcome members to join in discussion of club matters.  Some committee members have not found it possible to attend all the meetings in recent years and I think it is important for the health of the club that we have input from a broad range of people.


Christine Robinson


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Jeremy Denny

Some issues ago Slowprint published a letter from Chris Morris in which he talked about the differences between SLOW and his new club. The point I would like to make is that SLOW was designed to be different. It was formed as a reaction to the other clubs at the time whose presence mainly consisted of an annual dinner, an AGM and sets of letters in results. I am writing this because of Heather’s request for comment on Tuesday training. I hope she gets responses because apathy is the worst thing of all. If the consensus is to move away from regular gatherings at the TH&H clubhouse then SLOW will become a different club, closer in style to those we all left in 1976. Of course all the unattached M21s and W21s living in SW London have disappeared so maybe the club, as it is, has served its purpose and a serious re-evaluation is needed. So please support Heather.


I realise that I am part of the problem; I rarely turn up on a Tuesday these days. My excuse is that as I am predominately a road runner Wednesday with Thames more suits my needs but the reality is that many more people turn up on a Wednesday which makes for a better evening.                             

Jeremy Denny


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Event Diary / Obtaining Event Information

You are strongly urged to confirm these events using the following answerphone services. The SEOA website has links to SE clubs and other regions.

 SEOA (020-8948-6056):

(SCOA (0118-946-4354)           (Army (01256-883265)               (SO (01903-239186)

(SAX (01303-813344)                (MV (01372-279295)                



Sat 24th  SN  Henley Gate ltd EOD                                   (01276 858528

Sat 25th Chiltern Challenge - Cancelled


Sat 3rd HAVOC CC Thorndon Park             Garry Parmenter  (01375 376384

Sat 3rd SN try O   Hindhead SU 900379 signed A3  EOD 9.30-11.30

Sun 4th BADO   Colour Coded Harewood, Andover        ( 01256 351624

Sun 4th SAX  Colour Coded  Kings Wood Challock        (    01622 727785

Sat  10th LOK southern Express 2 Leith Hill

Sun 11th SLOW Colour coded   Wimbledon Common      (   0208 942 0771   

Sun 11th BOK badge New Beechenhurst Cinderford        (    01275 394265

Sat 17th SAX Saturday league   Battle Great Wood

Sun 18 Compass Sport Cup round 1 Worth Lodge, Crawley    (01903 239186

Sun 25 Go badge Event, Godalming OO Trophy              ( 01483 414517


Sun 1st LOC National Event   Bigland

Sun 1st  CROC Croyden Loop

Sun 1st TVOC  Wycombe Abbey

Sun 8th SAX Colour Coded Isenhurst Forest, Heathfield

13th-16th  JK International Orienteering Festival Forest of Dean

Sun 29th  Compass Sport Cup Final  Weston Heath West Midlands

Sun 29th MV Colour Coded Netley and Effingham              (01737 212446


6/7th  British Champiobships Northern Ireland

Sun 13th  SLOW    Winterfold      OK NUTS TROPHY

Sat 19th Harvester Trophy Relays     Hexham



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(assuming you’ve all abandoned those made at New Year)




Enter for the Compass Sport Cup (by 28th February)


Come to the Club Training Day (use the form on the back of this page)


Come and help at the Wimbledon Common Event





Have fun


Make friends


 Pick up some useful skills at the special junior sessions




Use the form on the back of this page


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