SLOWprint 147

April 2004




Lake District Training Weekend







Club Officers 2004–2005


Chair: Chris Robinson,



Secretary: Don McKerrow,  


Ladies’ Captain: Karen Jones,



Treasurer: Liz Armitage,



Mapping Officer, SEOA Rep. and Fixtures Secretary: Andy Robinson,  


Club Kit: Teresa Turner,



Men’s Captain: Peter Huzan,



Publicity Officer: Paul Canham,



Social Secretary; VACANT

Membership Secretary: Ginny Catmur,  


Beginners’ Rep. and Training Officer: Heather Walton,



Equipment Officer: Chris Fry,



Archivist: Sue Lumas,


SLOWprint Editor: Sarah Brown,



Webmaster: Andrew Trimble,  



Copy date for Issue 148 will be late May/early June 04. Letters, event reports, articles, cartoons, gossip, scandal, notices, small ads, court circulars, births, deaths and marriages should be posted to Sarah Brown (address above); electronic copies via e-mail are particularly welcome.


New Members: If you are new to SLOW, you might not know about ... Training:

PLEASE  READ about our spring season  page 9, and also Hot Picks page 10 - a chance to meet other members

            … and Transport: we can organise lifts to events: ring any of the club’s officers, as listed above, and one of us will sort this out for you.


Reminder -

  all SLOW members are welcome to attend club committee meetings.

 Next meeting: 7.30pm Monday 24 May 2004 at Liz Armitage’s house:










Another action-packed few months in the life of South London Orienteers are Wicked (new name? discuss!):


ŸOur monthly club nights/street Os - are growing in popularity with well attended evenings hosted in Battersea by Charlie Whetham and in Surbiton by Jackie Steinitz.


ŸBox Hill Race - it's 12 years since SLOW (aka Andy) took this on and this year was another sell-out, but with a new winner.


ŸCoaching weekend, Lake District, January - all I can say is, if you weren't there you missed a treat.  Tremendous intricate terrain, excellent exercises, great accommodation and company.  JK here we come.


ŸSouth East Night League (SENILE!) - on Holmwood Common.  Someone actually said: "I always like SLOW events - they are so well organised".


ŸCompassSport Cup, Esher - beautifully run, except for the Cup result.  However a lot has actually been said as we try to figure out why we didn't win again.  We have to be at full strength to beat Southdowns.


ŸCoaching day, Esher Common - another GO/SLOW collaboration with lots of new members learning some new techniques.


ŸSchools development work - 2 introductory days held in Battersea Park for Salesian College; a day is planned on Wimbledon Common for Southfields Community College; we've been asked to revised and extend the Southfields College map.


ŸHilary Palmer, BOF Development Manager, attended our March committee meeting and led a wide-ranging discussion on development. Various options of targeting schools, universities, or post education young people were discussed. The range of possibilities is huge, as is the danger of spreading resources too thinly by trying to do too much. Getting publicity right is crucial to any development plans. BOF has some little-known development funds we could tap into.


ŸThe absence of Sprint Races in the O-calendar was discussed.  Agreed to put on a Sprint Race with the SLOW Frolic in the summer:  a) Sprints are different, fun, spectator friendly and rarely held; b)  we need more experience of them before World Cup 2005.


Ÿ         Club fleeces are on their way!  Watch this space!


Ÿ         Did you know that if you type London orienteering into Google, SLOW's website appears in 18th position, behind DFOK (Dartford) and even SYO (South Yorkshire)!  The Webmaster is looking into it.


Big thanks to all responsible for the above activities:  Chris Fry, Heather Walton, Andy Robbo, Charlie Whetham, Jackie Steinitz, Don McKerrow, Alan Leakey, Gordon Parker, Andrew Trimble, Mark Vyvyan-Robinson, Nicola King, Simon Evans,  as well as Simon Greenwood (Saxons) and Angela Darley (GO).


  Chris Robinson  Chair



SLOW members’ news,   2004  

from Ginny Catmur, Membership Secretary 

From Ginny Catmur, Membership Secretary

No changes of address in this issue, as I’m enclosing the latest address list. Please check that your details are correct, and let me know if they’re not!

Ginny  ;


SLOW members’ news, January – April 2004

Welcome to the following new members

Justin (M21), Michelle (W21) and Chloe (W2) Morrison,  ,

Paul Wilson (M21),  ,

Chris Wroe (M18),  

Auriel Glanville  (W60),  ,

Anthony Covey-Crump (M21),  

Veronica Tonge (W21 

Andy Hodgson (M21),  ,

Dominic Lawrance (M21) (actually a returning member),  ,



   Congratulations to Kay and Jeremy Denny on their 40th wedding anniversary!     They were married on 29 February 1964. 


    Naomi Trimble celebrated her 4th birthday the same day (dob 29-2-88).



HOT PICKS (and more!)


At each of these fixtures, SLOW will organise:


·Transport from south west London

·Suggested block of start times so we can meet up (11.00-12.00)

·Club tent for changing, coaching – or whatever

10th-12th April JK, Ulverston, Lake District

10th & 11th - Individual days – Graythwaite.  A large hilly area with intricate contour detail and many rock features.  Few paths/tracks increase the navigational challenge!

12th – Relays - Graythwaite

CD: 07/03/04 or internet late entry by 20/03/04 for higher fee.

25th April         District Event, Frith Hill, Camberley

Undulating runnable woodland.  Full colour coded courses, white to brown.

All EOD.

1st – 3rd May    Triple O Severn, Forest of Dean.

1st – Medium Race  Russell’s Enclosure. An area of typical Forest of Dean terrain. Ideal for a fast and furious middle race.

2nd – Classic Race    Lydney Park.  Considered by many to be the best area in the Forest of Dean.  It is complex and rife with old mine workings, evidence of the Forest industrial heritage.  Runnable, undulating area of mixed deciduous and coniferous woodland.

3rd – Relay Now the British Relay Champs at Danby Lodge.  Mixture of deciduous and coniferous vegetation.  The activities of former residents has left a wealth of intricate contour detail.  E-mail Captain, Pete Huzan before 5th April for a place in a team. for further details and special entry form.  CD: 12/04/04

16th May Harvester Night/Day Relays, Pipingford Park, Crowborough.

Teams or seven or five runners with first few legs at night, a dawn leg and then day legs!

CD: If you would like a run E-mail Captain, Pete Huzan before 5 April.

23rd May         SE Relays, Happy Valley, Croyden

CD: If you would like a run E-mail Captain, Pete Huzan before 8 May.          To arrange transport, contact Ginny Catmur

CD = closing date, often possible to get late entry.  EOD = entry on the day available



COACHING CORNER                                             from Heather Walton

The year started off with a coaching weekend in the Lake District full of enthusiastic participants. There is a report of this elsewhere (page 14) but particular thanks should go to Chris Fry and Alan Leakey for planning, despite the fact that the areas kept changing up to the weekend before. Thanks also to Nicky King for taking one of the coaching exercises, to Mark
Vyvyan-Robinson with Keira, Owen and Charlie for sorting out the food and to Simon Evans for co-ordinating transport I am looking forward to seeing if all the practice pays off when you all compete at the JK.

We have also just had a coaching day on Esher Common. Many thanks to Angela Darley from Guildford Orienteers for planning the exercises. Thanks also to all the more experienced orienteers who came along to coach. It was good to see some new faces such as the Clemens family and some recent faces such as Laura Ashworth and Jessica King. We had some impressive runs down the steep hill to the finish from Robert Hanson, for example. The
team score finale was won by Michael May, Chris Wroe, Linda Clemens and Alice Clemens by a mere inch from Ralph Street, Anna Steinitz, Holly Clemens and Jenny Steinitz.

The provisional date for the next coaching day is Sunday 9th May. Subject to land permission, this will be on Puttenham Common near Guildford. This will be good preparation for the SE Relays near Croydon on 23rd May (see Captain's report).


Other events coming up that are good for beginners/juniors include an event on Frith Hill just half an hour down the M3 on 25th April. This is a 'hot pick' event (an event nominated by SLOW as a good event to which several SLOW members are expected to go. see page 5).


If you want to go further afield, how about the Annual Junior Coaching Course for 7-13 year olds (Yellow-Light Green) at Coniston in the Lake District. The course is on Thursday 3rd and Friday 4th June 2004 during the day. Accommodation is not included. It is followed by 2 events in the ake District on 5th/6th June. Cost £45/£40 (discount for parents who help). Details: send SAE to Carol McNeil


Carol McNeill is an international standard orienteer having competed for Britain in past World Championships and is still winning at World Masters Championships. She has also written books about teaching orienteering. But you will have to act fast ? there were only 3 places left on the evening of 28th March. If there are no places left why not think about it for next year?

Heather Walton


Some good results for the juniors since the last SLOWPRINT.

Congratulations to Ralph Street who ran for England and won the M14 competition against Belgium and the Netherlands at Blackheath.

James McMillan won the Light Green course at the Compass Sport cup match and Charles McMillan was third on the Orange Course at the same event. Laura Ashworth on Orange scored the club valuable points as did Anna Steinitz adventuring sportingly onto Light Green for the sake of the club.

Chris Wroe has been running at regional events for the first time and was second on JM5S at Hindleap Warren. Alex Robinson has done his first National Event on M14B.

Greg Street has been running a new class and at Hindleap Warren, he beat several adults including his grandmother!

Ali McKerrow was 2nd on JW5L at the Chiltern Challenge where Matthew Haynes was 6th on JM1.

James Haynes was 6th on M12A at the National Event at Blackheath just 4 minutes behind the winner.

Robert Jones was 1st on JM3 at Hindleap Warren.

And we have had a good showing from the younger juniors at Burnham Beeches. Nicola Robinson 7th on White and soon to be new members Holly and Alice Clemens 1st and 2nd on White with Holly also being 4th on Yellow at the same event!

And finally much admiration to all juniors for even going out on their courses in the gale force winds at the British Championships.

Heather Walton


TEAM EVENTS                                                                   Peter Huzan                            Here is some information on the forthcoming team events.

Compass Sport Cup

The first major team event of the spring season was the Compass Sport Cup regional round at Esher on 14th March.  Unfortunately we came a close second to Southdowns.  The final scores wereSO 1232, SLOW 1209, HH 1025, MV 771, ... So that means Southdowns go forward to the national final in May - best wishes to them.  There were some excellent results by the SLOW team, & well done also to those who provided valuable backup.

Our scorers (& lead backup) were as follows, with 4 course winners marked with an asterisk:

Brown - Richard Lloyd 60, Andy Hodgson 56, Simon Evans 52, (Charlie Whetham, Pete Huzan)

Blue Women - Rachael Holmes 84*, Chris Robinson 54, (Caroline Catmur, Karen Jones)

Blue Men - John Dowty 84*, Andy Robinson 78, Mal Lyon 69, Charlie Turner 66, (David May)

Green(W)-  Sarah Brown 76, Jackie Chapman 72, Teresa Turner 56, (Kate Thomas, Judy Fry)

Green Men - Mike Murray 84*, Frank Lyness 66, (Terry Marsh)

Light Green - James McMillan 84*, Anna Steinitz 48, (Michael May)

Orange - Charles McMillan 72, Laura Ashforth 48, (Alex Robinson)

Our MVPs (that's Most Valuable Players, based on what would have happened if the person was not there) were: (1) Mike Murray, (2) Frank Lyness, Anna Steinitz, Laura Ashforth, (5) Sarah Brown, (6) John Dowty, (7) Teresa Turner, (8) Andy Robinson, (9) James McMillan, Mal Lyon, Charlie Turner, Richard Lloyd.

Just a few more comments below...

It was great to have 9 runners on Men’s Open & 10 runners on Women’s Open – these people are a major part of the future of our sport.

Brown - It was good to see newcomers Andy Hodgson & Phil Marsland launch straight into running in a team competition.

Blue Women – Great runs by Rachael & Chris.  And good backup from Caroline.

Blue Men – More good runs from all the scorers.

Green Women – Well done Jackie for getting round in a good time despite a recurrence of an injury.  A heroic performance by Judy which could have become significant.

Greeen Men – Mike demolished the field, but Frank also had a really good run.

Light Green – A good run from James, and well done to a determined Anna.

Orange – Well done to Charles & Laura – these were signficant runs for the team.  And good backup from Alex.

Next Year – We are extremely close to Southdowns, possibly being separated by the equivalent of one runner.  It is important that we have as strong a turnout as possible so please remember this for next year – if you are a potential scorer, then you may be the one that makes the difference between the club winning and losing.  So see you at Banstead & Walton Heaths on 27th February next year.  Where there happens to be a SuperSprint race on Saturday 24th April this year (closing date 10th April).


Future Relays

JK Relays(Lake District, 12 April) – We have at least 16 teams ranging from looking for a podium position, to just having fun.  It may still be possible to get some late teams if necessary, so don’t hesitate to let me know if you have suddenly become available!  

We have teams in Men's Premier & Short, Women's Premier & Short, M120, W120, M165 & several junior teams.  See you at the club tent over that weekend.  Provisional team line-ups will be available at the individual days – final team line-ups will be available on the Sunday afternoon.

British Relays (Forest of Dean, 3 May) – a great bank holiday weekend with courses for everyone.  We have 3 titles to defend!  It is close enough to London if you are keen enough to just run the relay.

Harvester Night/Day Relays (Pippingford Park, Sussex, 15 May) – half the runnesr run at night.  Quite local so I hope we have several teams of all abilities, including some strong handicap teams.

South-East Relays (Happy Valley, Croydon, 23 May) – another event very close to us.  And very suitable for you to have your first taste of relay running, with junior, senior & handicap classes.  If you’re not going to the Lake District that weekend then come along to this event.

Let me know asap if you would like to run in any of these.  Remember that absolutely everyone is welcome to run – I should be able to pick a suitable team for everyone (except possibly the Harvester – but still let me know your interest).

Peter Huzan

 SLOW Spring club nights 2004

Editor’s note: As this is a new training scheme, I have republished these notes in a shortened form from the last issue.

SLOW is putting on a club night once a month during the winter. Each evening will be a mix of social where you can meet up with club members and also a night street orienteering event.

What is a street event? : Usually a one hour street O score event where you run round looking for clues that are visible under street lights – eg “Control 1 – name of the pub. There may be two courses – short and a long – short could be 45 mins and long 60 minutes.

What does the map look like? : A black and white photocopy on A4 paper. The map has a question for each control on the map, usually about 20.

When and where are the events? : Starts from 7pm onwards on the following Tuesday’s

Date Location Organiser  The Last of the Season

April 6th 2004 Christopher Squash Club, Plough Lane, Wimbledon Don McKerrow

Go on to the Slow web site and then you can click on the location to see a map and on the organiser name to send an email, otherwise please check the SLOW membership list for phone numbers.

What kit do you need? : Running kit and a pen, you don’t need a headlamp.

Will I be safe? : Most people prefer to run in pairs although you can choose to run alone. Clues are on well lit paths and avoid dark alleyways.

What about the social? : The social side starts from about 8pm, you DON’T have to run, just come and have a chat, pick up coaching tips, analyse your last O race or join us for a drink.

What is the cost? : Event is usually free, small charge if someone is providing food and drink Who can take part? : Any SLOW member can come, (juniors as well but suits 14+ best ) .

Are you interested?

If you would like to take part in these fun training / social events please contact the relevant organiser about a week before the event. This helps to plan numbers for the number of maps needed and if food/drink are planned for the social.

Series Coordinator:

Andrew Trimble

North Downs Way Relay

19th June 2004

With less than 3 months to go I am looking to get the team together soon. Inevitably there will be drop-outs due to injury and other unexpected events so even though there are 16 legs it would be good to have a core group of 20 runners to rely on.

The event kicks off from Dover at 5 a.m. finishing in Farnham around 19:00. Afterwards we can socialise at The Good Intent in Puttenham. The beer is good and also the food. There’s a decent garden so families can make themselves at home there too.

Last year we won the race with a bit to spare, even though we had quite an old team. This year I would like to have some of our younger members competing, assuming hedonistic activities such as Summer Ball’s don’t interfere wit their busy academic life. We also often struggle to have our ladies well represented in the team and it would be good to change that this year.

The terrain is mixed road, track and path. Nearly every leg has its fair share of hills and you can expect to run between 9K & 12K depending on which leg.

One area where we usually gain during the race is by not losing our way at all, and that means taking time out before the day to recce your leg. Running hard and navigating on a way-marked course is not as easy as you might think.

So please get in touch with me to let me know of your interest and availability, preferences for start times etc.


Dick Clark


Reminder -

  all SLOW members are welcome to attend club committee meetings.

 Next meeting: 7.30pm Monday 24 May 2004 at Liz Armitage’s house:



This time we'll start with the appeals bit. This is where I list what's coming up, mentioning who's doing what, pointing out the gaps and when you have read it you then contact me to fill in the gaps. Got it??

03-04-04. Southern Express. Reigate Priory. OK this one's covered, just as well as it will have happened by the time you read it. Mike G is planning.  Di is organising and taking entries.

Gavin's cunning plan has the SI sorted.

Summer evenings. Alan is co-ordinating a "bumper bundle" of offerings. Even better than last year ad it should cover most weeks from mid-May to mid-August. These are all low-key and a good chance to cut your teeth and experiment. Interested parties should contact Alan Leakey who will give guidance on race formats and appropriate areas.

06-06-04. Surrey Hills Races. Jeremy is organising SLOW’s bit. SportIdent expert needed.

11-07-04. Frolic. Sheen Common and northern part of Richmond Park. Should include a sprint race this year instead of the usual "extension". Organiser needed and maybe a planner too unless AJ has it covered as part of his sprint training (see part 3!!). Gavin is on for the SI.

3-10-04. Trail Challenge from the Hawker Centre. Longer courses – say 20k+12k plus perhaps a couple of short CC courses. Organiser and planner and SI wizzo needed.

12-12-04. OK Nuts. Hankley Common. 3 loop races – replacing brown, blue and green. 4 shorter CC courses. Nicky King has scooped the planner's job - quick off the mark there as it looks a goodie. Organiser and SI expert vacant.

29-01-05. Senile. Wimbledon or Reigate. Usual vacancies.

13-2-05. Holmwood Common Score. Usual vacancies.

Part 2 is the review of what's happened and giving credit where it is due. So far this year we have staged:

Box Hill Fell Race. This went well again, a packed field of happy punters swelling SLOW's coffers. I organised, Dick took the entries and there were some new faces among the usual suspects filling key marshalling roles.

Holmwood Common Senile. Now I did most of the organising and planning, the object being to show everyone how simple it was to set up a small event, and although successful in the first part (actually doing it), I'm not whether you all noticed. Piece of cake! Have a go! Thanks to Andrew T for the SI, Mark V-R for assisting on planning, and Mike M for land permission.

Esher Commons. CompassSport Cup match. We didn't win - bitch! bitch! grumble! grumble! Oh well, not my department. The rest was fine - Gordon organising, Alan planning, Dick taking entries and Gavin at the keyboards again. Silver lining - don't have to travel to Lincolnshire on the weekend between the British Relays and the Harvester.

Now of course the fixtures bit would not be complete without a rant and this time we're focusing on the World Cup races due to take place this time next year in our neck of the woods. Some of you are of course wondering why they are down here, having assumed that any race of this stature is automatically packed off to the most obscure bit of Scotland imaginable, somewhere that hasn't seen a human being since Bonnie Prince Charlie or even Robert the Bruce.

That thinking is very 20th century! These days things are different. In 2000 international orienteering approved something called the Leibnitz Convention which says we are going to:

*        organise attractive and exciting orienteering events which are of high quality for competitors, officials, media, spectators, sponsors, and external partners

*        make IOF events attractive for TV and Internet

*        increase the visibility of our sport by organising our events closer to where people are

*        improve the event centre atmosphere, and the excitement, by having both start and finish at the centre

*        increase television and other media coverage by ensuring that our events provide more and better opportunities for producing thrilling sports programmes

*        improve media service by better catering for the needs of media representatives (in terms of communication facilities, access to runners at start/finish and in the forest, continuous intermediate time information, food and beverages, etc)

which led to the World Cup being down here near London, as our best bet for delivering on that agenda, but it's a big order and requires something of a new mindset. For example in 1999 when we ran the World Champs start, the order of the day was silence. A quick read of the above tells you starts now have to be noisy!

There's quite a few people in SLOW signed up for major roles already:

-          David May is Technical Director for the whole show (don't ask me what that means - and don't ask him either, as I'm not convinced he knows)

-          Chris the Midge has been going to meetings with UK Sport to get grant money for it and is getting involved on the development side.

-          Alan and Di Leakey are race directors for the Long Final. "Race director" is a grand title for organiser, but more fairly describes what is trying to be achieved under the new convention.

-          Andy Jones is planner for the Sprint qualifier and final (hence the above need for him to get some practice in!!)

-          and I've put my head over the parapet in the direction of sprint final race director.

There's plenty of people from other south-east clubs involved already as the week also involves a middle race and a relay and many associated events, including the British Junior Champs and the Southern Champs. There will also be plenty of things before and after which should help us thrust orienteering under the noses of the great unwashed.

Manpower will be needed from all over the region and beyond. We're yet to have the discussion where either I get the SLOW manpower at the sprint final or Alan and Di book it for their race. Either way please leave the period 30 April to 8 May clear. Both weekends will be really busy and anyone available midweek will be in great demand.

Wow - not so much of a rant at all. In fact quite nice really. I'm now off for a week's training in the Lake District prior to the JK. See (most of) you there!

Andy Robinson


Lake District training weekend, January   from Rachel Holmes

Winter training in the Lakes is always a pleasure, and we had all of the ingredients for a successful weekend - high quality terrain, inventive exercises, a cosy place to stay, plenty of food, lots of enthusiasm and even a bit of sunshine!

The weekend was based in Windermere, from where we drove to Tarn Hows for Saturday’s training. Chris Fry had planned a series of short exercises which were well suited to the intricate terrain on offer, as they encouraged the group to practice fine map-reading skills, and to make conscious use of attack points. To practice simplification skills, we’d also pre-drawn our own maps of a short course, only drawing in the features and backstops that we thought we’d need to find the controls. This exercise showed how little information we actually need, but highlighted the importance of picking out that information judiciously (and also the importance of having a decent map!) After lunch (and in between sleet showers) most of us tried out a pairs map-memory exercise (the mapless runner leads while describing his route to his partner, who memorises the next leg at the same time, and hands over the map when the control is found), which I very much enjoyed - pity about all the barbed wire and 6ft walls though!

Windermere is a lot more pleasant in January than when the tourists come and fill up the pavements and the tea shops, and Saturday evening was spent enjoying its finest oriental cuisine, and soaking up some local culture in the pub. At the meal Alan sought further support for the Harris relay takeover of British orienteering (!), while most people ordered more than they could eat, and several people nobly refused puddings and then ordered them later when they saw ice cream being served in a plastic ‘Punky Penguin’ on the other table.

Sunday took most of us to Great Tower for some contour-only training, and some fast and furious loop racing in the afternoon. While the intricate contour detail of this area should have enabled us to find controls with a basic map (showing cliffs and contours only) and without any need to know about paths or vegetation changes, it proved quite challenging in practice. I’ve now used the contour-only map of this area quite a few times, but never fail to get lost on the big slope around the back, and usually end up sneaking a look at the full-colour map that I’ve hidden in my pocket (shameful, I know). The afternoon’s race gave the group the option of running two, three or four different loops, and (thankfully) reverted to the conventional map. Charlie was the first to complete all four loops, although I saw him looking pretty lost at least once!

Many  thanks to everyone who put in the hard work to make the weekend a success – particularly Heather, Chris, Alan and Nicky. There was plenty on offer for the relative newcomer as well as the more experienced orienteer, and a positive atmosphere made the weekend really enjoyable. The club captain hopes you’ve all been persuaded to get those JK entries in!



Snippets from the British Championships held on Simonside, Northumberland, March 20th

Terrain: Open exposed fell. Weather: 80 mph gales, horizontal hail.

From David May:  M55

·         Spent the walk to the start thinking about the warmth of the National Trust café at Cragside

·         Could hardly see anything round my course as my rain visor was blown flat against my glasses into the wind, and off my head when with it!

·         Thinking hard about bowls of steaming soup at Cragside

·         Legs run with the wind behind meant I was going faster than I could see where to put my feet so I had to slow down

·         Instructed my passenger (Mal Lyon) on his return to the car not to get in but to push us out of the car park, leap in and then get sorted in the snug of the Cragside café

·         Cragside closed until late March

·         Got back to London to find I’d mispunched

From Don McKerrow M50

The British, for me, was a string of lacks of concentration; I assume brought on by the extreme weather. Surprisingly I made no significant navigational errors but it is extraordinary in our sport how many other opportunities there are to do things wrong if one is distracted - and struggling at times to stand up is certainly a distraction. I confused my start time and as a result started about six minutes late. On coming out of the forest into a biting wind I decided to zip up my cagoule, a not too complicated procedure you would think but one that resulted in a mad dash in the wrong direction to recover my map which had slipped from my normally firm grasp. Before starting I had noted that on two occasions I would have to use marked crossing points; I only remembered this when seeing the red and white tape at a crossing point I had arrived at entirely by luck, and then proceeded to repeat the error two controls later. The course presented two major "over or round" decisions; in retrospect I got both wrong. And finally I arrived perfectly at control 139 but since I thought I was looking for 141 spent several minutes going round in circles. Bizarrely I still enjoyed my trip to Northumberland and am now hoping to be able to concentrate for three days in a row at the JK.

From Greg Street M12

It was like that bit in Lord of the Rings when Sauron swipes the enemy,  I came up the hill into the wind and then Whoosh, I was knocked off my feet and my map was whipped out of my hand and suddenly 200 meters away. There was nothing for it but to snake crawl against the wind back to the start.

From Sarah Brown W50

Found the start very confusing as I couldn’t see the track or hold my map steady enough to take a bearing. Lost 4 minutes to control 1. Out on the fell, I flew along with the wind behind me but found it hard to see through rain-streaked glasses where to put my feet. The constant flapping of my cagoule hood on the long leg was very irritating and I lost concentration (plus the will to live!) lost 6 minutes on the leg. Disappointing overall



You will get the best and latest details of all events primarily from  websites. These can be accessed individually or centrally by going through the BOF website and then looking at individual clubs.

Events listed here are merely a skeleton sample and you are strongly urged to confirm these events using the following websites and answerphone services. The SEOA website has links to SE clubs and other regions.

 SEOA (020-8948-6056):

(SCOA (0118-946-4354)            (Army (01256-883265)               (SO (01903-239186)

(SAX (01303-813344)                (MV (01372-279295)

WEB sites:

Army      SO


DFOK                CROC

CHIG                GO

SN nav


April 4: SAX Bedgebury Forest TQ759 335 Org: Graham Bridgland 01233 622 234

April 9-12 Jan Kjellstrom Lake District

April 17 SAX/DFOK Saturday series  Beacon Wood

April 18 SO Colour coded Sheffield Forest Danehill

April 25 SN Frith Hill car park SU 905 580

May 1-3 Triple O Severn Weekend Forest of Dean including British Relay Champs

May 8 Southern Express final Leith Hill TQ 131 433

May 9 SLOW coaching day

May 9 SAX colour coded Kings Wood Challock Organiser Tony Connellan 01622 661 992

May 15/16 MV Harvester relays

May 23 CROC South East relays Happy Valley

May 23 LOC National Holme Fell, Coniston, Lake District

May 29/31 Tamar Triple Devon

June 6 SLOW/MV Hill race and colour coded Nower Dorking

June 19 North Downs Way relay