SLOWprint 150

February 2005


OK Nuts Event




Club Officers 2004–2005


Chair: Don McKerrow    +7 :

Secretary:, Kate Thomas



Ladies’ Captain: Rachael Holmes



Treasurer: Jackie Chapman



Mapping Officer, SEOA Rep. and Fixtures Secretary: Andy Robinson,  


Club Kit: Teresa Turner,



Men’s Captain: Peter Huzan,



Publicity Officer: Mark Vyvyan- Robinson  


Social Secretary Simon Evans



Membership Secretary: Ginny Catmur, +


Beginners’ Rep. and Training Officer: Heather Walton,



Equipment Officer: Chris Fry,



Archivist: Sue Lumas,


SLOWprint Editor: Sarah Brown,



Webmaster: Andrew Trimble, +



Copy date for Issue 151 will be late May 05. Letters, event reports, articles, cartoons, gossip, scandal, notices, small ads, court circulars, births, deaths and marriages should be posted to Sarah Brown (address above); electronic copies via e-mail are particularly welcome.


New Members: If you are new to SLOW, you might not know about ... Training:

            … and Transport: we can organise lifts to events: ring any of the club’s officers, as listed above, and one of us will sort this out for you.













First of all, thanks for choosing me as your new Chairman. I hope I will meet all your expectations; do tell me what they are if you haven’t already. I am delighted to be taking on the role in a club which is thriving both in the forest and socially. I would particularly like to thank Chris for her role, over the seven years she was in the chair, in making SLOW the success it is.


Since the demise of training every Tuesday, and without a social secretary, we had been short of opportunities to meet other than in isolated car parks on Sundays. The appointment of Simon as Social Secretary has seen post-event regrouping in nearby hostelries on Sundays and a social get-together on the fourth Wednesday of each month in addition to the winter street events on the second Tuesday of each month. All of this seems to appeal to the younger (or perhaps less old) SLOW members which is particularly welcome.


I also want to thank Liz Armitage for her sterling work as treasurer over many years, and Jackie Chapman for boldly agreeing to take over from her. Welcome also to the other new committee members: Rachael Holmes (Ladies Captain), Mark Vyvyan-Robinson (Publicity), and Kate Thomas (Secretary). I trust we will keep them busy and that SLOW will continue to thrive.


Finally, to everyone, if you do nothing else, please turn out for the club at the CompassSport Cup, offer to help at the World Cup on 1st May, and bring someone new to orienteering along to an event.


Don McKerrow



PS from the Editor: Competition to christen Don’s new column - alliterative in fine Slow tradition or otherwise. Prize awarded for best idea. Ed’s decision final!




February18th:  let Ginny Catmur know if you want JK Camping on the Slow pitch

February 20th - training day see page 6

February 21st - let Pete know if you want a run at the  JK Relays (see page 9)

February 27th Compass Sport Cup - see page 8

March 4/6th - training for the British see page 7. Let Heather know NOW

March 24th  let Pete know if you want a run at the British Relays (see page 9)

Offer to help with The World Cup (see page 10)



SLOW members’ news, October 2004–February 2005

With this issue ‘local’ and ‘associate’ members will find their membership renewal form. BOF members have been sent their renewal reminders directly by BOF.

I will send out the Address List for 2005 with the next issue of SLOWprint.

Welcome to the following new members

Snelling family: Jeremy (M40), Allyson (W40), Holly (W12), Lilly (W6) and Ruby (W4),  New Malden,    

Sara Luescher (W18), , Southfields, 

Jeff Green (M35),   Richmond, 

Stephen Middleton (M21), , London W6     

Welcome to the following returning members

Richard Weston (M55),  , Wimbledon Chase,   

Vicky Robb (W35),   Putney Hill,   

Changes of address

Mark Vyvyan-Robinson:   

Oliver O’Brien,    

Paul Nixon,  Guildford,   

Heather Monro,  High Shincliffe, Durham   

Simon Evans:  

Paul Wilson, , Epsom, 

Gordon Parker   

Rachael Holmes: , Hammersmith,  

Jenny Costigan:

From Ginny Catmur, 


HOT PICKS (and more!)

For Sunday events and specifically those in the following list, we aim to meet as a club and will have the SLOW banner or tent to help meet-up.  SLOW can also offer transport from southwest London. We suggest start times from 11.00-12.00 to help with arriving and finishing at a similar time and co-ordinating lifts.  We intend to meet afterwards for a drink at a nearby pub and will list below if known. Otherwise, see us at the event to find out where we’re going.


27th February     MV Compass Sport Cup, Banstead.

Inter-club competition.  South-east round.  New scoring system designed so that more competitors (25) count towards their club’s score.  A large turnout will help SLOW’s chances of making the final! Afterwards: The Blue Ball, Walton On The Hill.


5-6th March              SLOW Training Weekend, South Wales.

2005 British Champs are on sand dunes in Cornwall and in preparation, this training w/e is on similar terrain on the Gower peninsula. Learn sand dune techniques on Saturday and compete in an event on the Sunday.  There is also a possible night event for the extra energetic.


13th March TVOC National Event 2, Hambledon Woods, Henley-on-Thames.

Fast runnable Chiltern woodlands.  Moderate amount of climb.

CD: 20/02/05.  Limited late entries. No EOD.  CC EOD only.

Afterwards: The Queen’s Head, 30 Duke Street, Henley on Thames


19th March        Trail Challenge, Bushy Park, Teddington.

Trail race for Runners and Orienteers where checkpoints define the course. Entries in advance or EOD. Afterwards: The Teddington Arms, 38-40 High St.


26-28th March    JK, Midlands: Day 1: Brown Clee, Ludlow. Day 2: Cannock Chase. Day 3: Relays – Hopwas, Tamworth. Last CD: 18/03/04.  Peter Huzan will be co-ordinating entries for the Relays.  Contact him if you would like to runhttp:/// .  There is an event campsite at which some SLOW members are staying.


3rd April           Trail Challenge, Box Hill, Dorking.

Trail race for Runners and Orienteers where checkpoints define the course. Entries in advance or EOD. Afterwards: Stepping Stones Pub, Westhumble St.


16th-17th April     British Champs, Cornwall: Day 1: Individual - Penhale Sands. Day 2: Relays – Penhale Sands Last CD: 01/03/05.  Contact Peter Huzan if you would like to run in the Relays.


To arrange transport, contact Ginny Catmur

CD = Closing date. Can be possible to get late entry or EOD = entry on the day. CC = Colour coded





There is a burst of coaching activity coming up to prepare you all for the height of the orienteering season….




SLOW will be organising a coaching day for beginners and juniors at Newlands Corner, near Guildford.  The car park is at GR TQ044493 At a bend in the A25 with magnificent views (weather permitting!).


The date is Sunday 20th February from 10am to 2pm.  This is the week before the Compass Sport cup so a chance to polish your skills before then.  There will be particular emphasis on relocation skills (translation – finding where you are again after you have got lost).


The coaching day is designed for a range of standards from young juniors just starting to exercises to stretch developing juniors and adult inexperienced orienteers (approximately yellow to light green standard and a bit beyond).


The exercises can be tailored to match the people who want to come.  You can be shadowed by more experienced orienteers or just talk to a coach after each exercise.


 We will finish by early afternoon with a fun relay.  This is a good chance to talk to people about the areas you want to improve.


Lifts can be offered if needed.  Please bring your own lunch.


Please let me know as soon as possible if you would like to come.




Are you quivering in your boots because you have heard that the British Championships are on a sand dune area (Penhale Sands in Cornwall) this year?  Well, rescue is at hand because SLOW is having a training weekend on sand dune areas in South Wales on the weekend of the 4th/5th/6th March 2005.


We will be training on Broughton Burrows on the Gower Peninsula on Saturday 5th March during the day.  These are challenging open coastal sand dunes with a limited number of paths and fences so you will have to learn to use ridges and large depressions as line features.


For the real addicts there is the Midland Night Championships at Pembrey Forest on Saturday night or a return to our chalets. 


Then you will have a chance to try out what you have learnt at a regional event at Pembrey on Sunday.  Pembrey is also a sand dune area although much of it is forested.  (You will need to enter these events yourself – see, closing date 12th February 2005, limited Entry on the Day).


The coaching exercises will be designed for people with a reasonable amount of orienteering experience preferably light green standard or above.  It would be suitable for older juniors.  But please discuss with Chris Fry or myself if you are keen but unsure - we will do our best to cater for everyone that would like to come.  We hope that more experienced orienteers will spend at least part of the day going round with the less experienced but will also get a chance to do some coaching exercises themselves.


I have made a provisional booking of some chalets (two for 6 people, one for 8 people) at the LA Holiday and Riding Centre ( near Port Talbot. 


It would be possible for families to book their own chalets if sharing with the mob does not appeal (there are 13 chalets in all which were still free before Christmas).  The cost is £190 per cabin 6 berth or 8 berth for 2 nights with a 3rd night free and a discount is possible if the cabin is not full e.g. £165 per cabin if only 3 or 4 people.


The chalets are 1 mile from J40 of the M4.  Its location was chosen to minimise the length of the drive on Friday night and to allow reasonable proximity to a railway station (Port Talbot).  It is about another 30 miles to Broughton Burrows - just over half on motorway, the rest on little roads.  Pembrey is also about 30 miles away in a slightly different direction.


Again, please let me know as soon as possible if you wish to come. 




It was good to see the junior team out in force at the Yvette Baker trophy competitions.  See the SLOW website for a photo of the team complete with brotherly tussling between Ralph and Greg.  More details in the Captain’s report.


-240I thought I would highlight a few notable results.  Apologies if I have missed any star performances.  As there have been a lot of events since the last SLOWPRINT, there is not space to mention everyone, but I have been watching your progress.


Our new Swiss star Sara Luescher has been winning courses not only against other juniors on JW5L at the November Classic but also against adults on the Blue course at Epping.  She won the Green girls course at Bagshot and was 2nd on the same course at Cannock Chase. 


Ralph won the British Schools Championship in his age group (Year 9) and won his course at the Yvette Baker Trophy final. 


James McMillan won JM5M at Chobham Common and was 3rd on M16A at Ash Ranges, a good result at a National Event.


At the other end of the age scale, Holly Clemens was 2nd on the yellow course at Chobham Common and Alice Clemens was 2nd on the white course at Hankley. 


It was good to see an army of SLOW juniors on the 2km Trail Challenge course at Wimbledon Common led by Greg in 3rd place.  It was also good to see some younger/less experienced juniors (e.g. Fiona Steinitz, Holly Snelling, Robert and Nicola Hanson, Lucy Armitage, Laura O’Dea, Stuart and Laura Ashforth and the Farmerys) out and about on various courses.  Long may it continue!


I hope to see you all at coaching opportunities and competitions over the coming weeks.

Heather Walton

From the SLOW captains

Yes - there are now two captains! I'm helping out as your new Womens' Captain, while Pete continues as Club Captain - but feel free to talk to either of us about any team events you might want to get involved in. (I'm aware that there are still a few people I need to get to know, so please do come and say hello at any point).

Since the juniors' success in the Yvette Baker Trophy, we didn't have much in the way of team events until last weekend - the South East Score Championships at South Holmwood. There was a great turnout of helpers, and we did pretty well in the orienteering as well. We finished a very close second to Southdowns Orienteers (5700 points to their 5920), which probably works out as less than one extra control found per counting runner!

Of course, this bodes very well for the team events coming up over the Spring - starting near home with the Compass Sport Cup next weekend at Banstead Heath. The SE score results are a good indicator of how close this could be, and how much every single run will count. There are more details of this and of the Spring relays below in case you've missed the emails - lots to look forward to.

Also coming up in June is the North Downs Way Relay. The long-distance footpath is split up into a number of 'trail running' legs for different team members, between 8km and 17km in length. Date and more details to follow from Dick Clark (or me). A few of us are interested in trying to get together a ladies team this year; I think it would be fantastic if we could find the sixteen women we'd need to do this - so (everyone, but ladies in particular) let me know if you might want to run.

Compass Sport Cup Regional Round

This is at Banstead Heath, south of London on 27th February. If we win the regional round then we get through to the National final in October.

Almost every club in the country has entered. There are 10 clubs from the South-East & South-Central in our regional match, including Southdowns & Southampton, two of the finalists from last year. The rules have changed again this year. Now there are 8 courses. The winner of each course gets 100 points, then 99, 98, 97 etc (for a 'large' course) or 98, 96, 94 etc (for a 'small' course). After all this, we add up the club's best 25 scores (with no more than 6 from a 'large' course, & 4 from a 'small' course).

Basically what this means is that lots of you are potential scorers (eg we can now count 6 M21's, 4 W21's, 4 W45's, 4 M16's etc). Even if you are not in the 25, you will still push down scorers from other clubs.

The 8 courses (all small unless otherwise stated) are: Brown M21-40 (large), Blue Women W21-40, Blue Men M20&45-55 (large), Green Women W20&45-55, Green Men (M60+), Short Green Veterans (W60+, M75+), Light Green (M/W16-18), Orange (M/W14-).

We will need our best team possible if we want to get through to the final. So please make every attempt to take part if you are a potential scorer - and LOTS of you will be this year!

There is still limited entry-on-the-day (starts 10-1) - (see There is a full range of courses for all abilities.

Please contact:

 Pete & Rachael

 if you want further information or wish to tell them of new-found availability - we need as strong a turnout as possible. The pre-entries have been sent in - see later on for your start time. On the day, look out for the club banner - we'll probably be hanging around the cricket club pavilion where there will be results, & snacks for sale! The area is described as: "Banstead Heath - mixed woodland with many intricate features and open grassland with patches of gorse. Colley Hill - steep scarp slope with chalk grassland."

Spring Relays - JK March, British April

Here is information about the first two relays of the spring season. Both are held in conjunction with big individual races as well. So there should be a good atmosphere at these events. It is also a great opportunity to meet other club members. There are courses suitable for ***ALL*** club members - so do please come along. Rachael will be helping put the teams together this year. Everyone will get a run, & some teams may well challenge for good results.

1. Monday 26th March (JK, bank holiday, Midlands)

The classes are like previous years. There are 3 in a team, except for the Men open which is 4.

Men open, Men short, M120 [combined BOF ages >=120], M165, M48- [combined BOF ages <=48] - & the same for Women's classes.

M/W40- (juniors), Mini Relay (ie M/W12-), Mixed Ad Hoc (green, light green, orange)

2. Sunday 17th April (British Champs, Cornwall)

These will be the usual age group courses. Again, there will be something for everyone.

What you need to do...Send a cheque (payable to SLOW, write what it's for on the back) to the SLOW treasurer Jackie Chapman. The cost is £10 per adult run. The club will pay the fee for juniors (M/W20-) & full-time students running for SLOW. At the same time send an email to Pete Huzan, stating which events, your age category, BOF number, SI number, (& course/leg preference if any).

The deadlines are by 21st February for the JK relays, & by 24th March for the British relays. (That will give us a week to sort things out.) But you can send in for both as early as you like!

Look at the web sites for accommodation options. Also look out for the club training weekend in March - it should be a good lead-up to these events.

Peter Huzan, Men’s Captain and Rachael Holmes, Ladies’ Captain





Is now only 10 weeks away, and your help is needed to make sure this opportunity is a success.


As you probably know the World Cup is being staged in this part of the country for the pure and simple reason that if orienteering is going to have any impact on the general public you have to take it to the people (i.e. near London) as the people aren’t going to come to orienteering (as was seen when the World Champs were way beyond Inverness in 1999)


So the programme is


Friday 29th April         Sprint Qualifier                       Surrey University campus, Guildford

Saturday 30th April     Relay                           Mytchett and Old Windmill Hill

Sunday 1st May                       Long Race                   Winterfold and Holmbury

Monday 2nd May         Sprint final                  Battersea Park

Tuesday 3rd May         Middle Race               Leith Hill


There are opportunities to run a course at all of these as part of the Surrey 5-O series. Also to attract non-orienteers there is a Trail Challenge race on the Sunday and the Young Orienteers Festival (YOF) on the Monday.


Now it shouldn’t need a rocket scientist or even someone with a degree in media and public relations to work out that the Bank Holiday race at Battersea Park is far and away the best opportunity for orienteering to fulfil the objectives of having the races round here in the first place. So it should be no surprise to learn that SLOW are the main club for providing the organisation on that day, and I would also like to thank the Dartford club (DFOK) who will be with us all the way at Battersea.


So what can you do now?  Offer your help of course.


There are three ways depending on you available time,


1)If you can possibly help on all 5 days, you are a superstar. It should only need 1.5 days off work as the Friday races are early evening. You will be put on one of the specialist teams that do the same job each day (e.g. start and quarantine area). Please contact Diane Leakey on 01932-864347 or

2)If you can only make the Monday, you will be on a less skilled job like manning a control or maybe bus transfers for the YOF. Contact me, Andy Robinson or

3)If you can do Monday and maybe something else but you’re not yet sure of the time available, you need to contact both Diane and myself. The other job could well be staffing the Event Centre at the Spectrum in Guildford.


So don’t delay – volunteer today. Last person to step forward gets to watch the urine samples being produced.

Andy Robinson.



Fixtures past. 

The club has put on a varied selection of races in the last couple of months with mass start loop races on Hankley, a Trail Challenge on Wimbledon Common, the Box Hill Fell race and a night event at Reigate. There was one common factor that occurred at 3 of these (the night event being the exception) and that was my running a prize presentation that included the lines “and the ladies winner is …… Heather Monro”. It’s all very nice to see Heather so often, especially as she is still a SLOW member, but living in Durham! And coming all the way down here!! What can be going on? I think it’s called the World Cup.


It wasn’t just Heather there. At Hankley and Wimbledon there was most of the National Team racing with World Cup aspirations on their minds, and it made for a super racing buzz at each event.


Credits for these are.

OK Nuts Loop races. Planner – Nicky K. Organiser – Philip R. SI and entries – Gordon. Controller – Mike Elliot (MV)

Trail Challenge. SI  - Andrew T and I covered the rest.

Box Hill. Dick did entries and computer. I covered the rest,

Senile. Planner – Paul N. Organiser – Simon E. SI – Gavin. Controller – Vince Joyce (SO)

SE Score Champs. Planner – Don the Chair. Organiser – Sarah C-C. SI – Gavin. Controller – Pete Chapman (SO)


Fixtures future

Again all these have a World Cup influence as we need to make the most of this opportunity.


19 March. Trail Challenge. Bushey Park. New map by Ed Catmur. Mark V-R is planning, taking entries and co-ordinating the publicity. SI supremo could be a problem.

This is part of a TC Spring series, with the Moles doing one on Box Hill on 3rd April and the final one on Winterfold with the World Cup (1st May)


2 May. Battersea Park. Nuff said.

15 May Wimbledon Common. World Cup follow-up. Format to be arranged.

30 May Surrey Hills races. Organiser – Ginny Catmur.

Trail Challenge summer series. Dates likely to be May 24, June 14 and July 5.

3 July. Frolic. Hawker Centre.

25 September. Trail Challenge half marathon – Richmond Park.

27 November. OK Nuts Trophy. Esher Common.


If you are interested in any of the major roles (organiser, planner, SportIdent) please contact me.

Andy Robinson 


Venice Street O


Last November 14 people from SLOW and ULOC made the trip to Venice for the annual street O. Not having been there before I was tempted by the prospects of sightseeing as well as the competition.


Arriving on Friday night we made our way through the picturesque streets to our apartment which was right in the centre (a definite advantage of having an Italian person in the party – Roberto who had kindly sorted it out on a previous trip to Venice)


During this trip it soon became clear that the orienteering was going to be slightly trickier than a London street O, when some experienced orienteers got us lost on the way back to the apartment unintentionally visiting St Marks Square twice.


12 members of SLOW entered the competition along with 2 members of ULOC Jeremy and Roberto. Members of SLOW who competed were Anita Ray, John Wilson, Ali and Don McKerrow, Chris Wroe, Mike Garvin, Pete Huzan, Kate Thomas, Simon Evans, Nicky King and James Morris.


Particularly good performances came from Kate Thomas, Pete Huzan, Don McKerrow and Mike Garvin, who all did very well on their courses.


I would certainly recommend this trip to others and despite the general view of Venice being an expensive destination, with the cheap Easyjet and Ryanair flights it was a good value weekend.


Sarah Covey-Crump





Trail Challenges


 Dear All

 One of the publicity drives this year is to use Trail Challenges as a  means to attract new people to orienteering. Trail Challenges is not only  a race format in its own right but also a type of event which does not  need any prior orienteering experience. The feedback from runners from the recents events has all been extremely positive. However the feedback also showed us that most new people turned up due to word-of-mouth and not as a result of publicity.

This is where I am hoping to use SLOW membership to help out. Many of us are members of running clubs (I am a member of two!) and frequently train with other organisations. I am looking for volunteers who can do the following:
 a) Persuade their club magazine editors to include Trail Challenges in the club magazine/interet event listing
 b) Hand out a few flyers to friends/fellow runners (which I can send to you in the post).

The events are on the following days:
Saturday 19 March: Bushy Park, Teddington
Sunday 3 April: Box Hill, Dorking
Sunday 1 May: Peaslake, Nr Dorking (World Cup Spectator Event)
Monday 30 May: Surrey Hills Race, Nower and Leith Hill

 Further details are on:

 If you think you can help, can you please let me know and also tell me  which clubs you could target.

 Many thanks

Mark Vyvyan-Robinson

SLOW social


The next SLOW social is on Wednesday 23rd Feb at the Alexandra Pub, 33 Wimbledon Hill Road from 7.30pm.
Bring along your maps from previous events if you want to compare routes/split times etc...



North Downs Way Relay JUNE 25th 2005



This is your first call to arms to reserve this date in your diary. It has been scheduled for June 25th to avoid a clash with LAMM or SLMM.


For new members this is a 16 leg relay starting at Dover at 05:00 and finishing some 15 hours later in Farnham. The route follows the National Trail.


The event is good fun for the participants, some of whom stay with the race all day. This year I’d like to make the race much more inclusive. That means I don’t call all the regulars and fill the gaps without giving a lot more people the opportunity to run. We aren’t limited to one team and it would be terrific to have 32 people out on the day.


You need to be able to run between 10K and 13K over terrain with a fair smattering of hills. Speed isn’t so important and if you can manage 5 minute kms on the road you wouldn’t be at all out of place.


Anyone who’s interested please contact me:  or speak to Andy Robinson at Tuesday training




Outward Bound Trust





The Outward Bound Trust is looking for you.  Did you do an Outward Bound®

Course ?  We are creating a Roll of Honour of all people who have been part of Outward Bound® since October 1941.  Roll of Honour members receive a newsletter and invitations to open days. 


If you would like to be included and to receive more information please send or e-mail your name, address, tel. no. to:

Caroline Briggs, The Outward Bound Trust,

Hackthorpe Hall, Hackthorpe, Penrith, Cumbria CA10 2HX




Hungary for ‘O’ and a holiday


It is not normally usual to put commercial ads in club magazines, but I hope you would indulge me and let me promote Hungary, which is not only where I was born, but also where I am planning to return to in 2006.


Hungary has a vibrant and very successful ‘O’ scene.  This includes having a double World Champion, Katalin Oláh, as well as a full and exciting event calendar running between early March to early November.  One multi-day event is the Hungária Kupa, lasting either 5 or 6 days, offering a marvellous opportunity to experience new orienteering terrain while having an interesting holiday. The dates in 2005 fall between 13th and 18th August, which then lead you into St. Stephen’s Day, Hungary’s prime national holiday on 20th August with magnificent fireworks and a real festival atmosphere in Budapest and all over the country.


Eastern Europe, especially the countries that have recently joined the EU, is virgin territory for many Brits.  Life is still quite simple and cheap, especially in the countryside, while the cities are cosmopolitan with great cultural events at prices still well below the European average.  Food and drink, especially wine, are fantastic and accommodation is equally reasonable.  Several bucket airlines fly there for anything between £45 - £105 all in.  The earlier you book, the cheaper it is.  Try: flying from Gatwick, Luton and Newcastle, flying from Stansted, flying from Luton or flying from Manchester.  If you choose 2005 for your first foray into Hungary, you will still catch it at its best, before it got over commercialised and westernised, losing its unique character.


The Hungária Kupa is taking place in the Mátra mountains, which are about 1 and half to 2 hours by car from Budapest and offer some beautiful beech, oak and acacia forests with the occasional conifer plantation thrown in.  Do look it up on the net, the URL is


And finally, if you want some help with where to stay, the Grant Family Accommodation Bureau is at your service.  In preparation for our retirement to Hungary we bought property there with view to letting, so if any orienteers wish to avail themselves of either a nice little flat in Budapest or a B&B in a lovely village not very far from the Mátra next summer, our rates are very reasonable.  One friend from Mole Valley has already booked a week in Budapest, why not plan some time in the capital of Hungary, either before or after the Hungária Kupa and make a really lovely trip of it?  I look forward to seeing some of you there this coming summer!                                                                  Julianna Grant






You are strongly urged to confirm these events using the following answerphone services. The SEOA website has links to SE clubs and other regions.

 SEOA (020-8948-6056):

(SCOA (0118-946-4354)            (Army (01256-883265)               (SO (01903-239186)

(SAX (01303-813344)                (MV (01372-279295)