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Issue 116 - October 1997


Congratulations to Bambi and Mark Walmsley on the birth of their baby daughter, I had been pestering Mark for the Captain's Report for some time when I received an email on Wednesday 1st October 'at 9.42 am Tuesday (30th September 1997), Samantha Emily made her appearance, weighing in at 8lb 7oz. Mother and Baby are both in excellent health and should be home at the weekend. The fun will start then!' As far as I can make out the M/W0 tally is currently boys:1, girls:2. My sources also tell me that we should have at least one complete M0 or W0 relay team by the end of the year!

Despite Robbo's article 'a good long whinge', Elisabeth and I find ourselves in grave danger of orienteering in six events in the space of seven weeks. Having said that, I have just worked out that this would involve about 1500 miles of travelling! The reason for this sudden change is that Nicholas is proving to be very portable at the moment; so we're making the most of the opportunity. Let's hope that it stays this way, and that our newest arrivals can match the enthusiasm and results of our current crop of juniors.

David Finch


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