Micr-O event – Esher Commons

Tuesday 8 August 2006

SLOW present a re-run of the Micr-O section of last autumn’s OK Nuts Trophy on Esher Commons.

The start is the control before the Micr-O section used at the OK Nuts (control no. 14 on the map opposite).  We would prefer you to park at Sandy Lane TQ139616  (circled on map opposite) and run across the foot bridge at TQ135621 (i.e. between controls 10 and 13 on the map opposite).  From here it might be taped or failing that take a half-right across the open area and you’ll come to it. 

Three.  Mens and womens from OK Nuts, and another one.  Labelled X Y Z but not in that order.  Maps for each course will be mixed up and you just run the one from the top of the pile. However if you want a second go (and we anticipate most will) you can then request one of the other ones.

Hopefully ready about 7.15 (there’s a lot of hardware to put out).  Finishing before dark – the last 5 people to go round will each have a cluster of controls to collect.

Entry fees
None.  SLOW’s done pretty well this summer – so we’ll skip this complication.

I’ll take advice on whether the Bear in Esher or the Victoria in Oxshott is best

What is MicrO?
Aah – the $64,000 question. We suggest you look at the details from the 2005 OK Nuts Trophy.  Simply it’s a course you go round, but unlike any other there are no control codes and lots of nearby controls on similar features. There are 5 controls on each course and therefore 5 clusters of controls in the forest. You have to work out which of each cluster is yours from the map (scale 1:5000) and the control descriptions. If you mis-punch you are not DQ’d but instead get a one minute penalty; so you have to judge how much time to invest in getting it right and that penalty is double what it was last November. You must punch at one and one only in each cluster. No punch gets a DQ; 2 or more punches is still the minute penalty.

Could be tricky, but the winner will be judged on first attempt only

Contact Andy Robinson – 020-8255-7176 or AndyLoofa@blueyonder.co.uk

Posted 31 July 2006