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I hope that everyone enjoyed themselves in Dulwich. There were no signs of rain, but it did mean it was a fairly humid evening. As the park is fairly small and fast, I tried to ensure that the long course had elements of route choice and plenty of changes of direction. Times were generally very fast, but the feedback I had was that people enjoyed themselves, and there was still plenty to keep them on their toes. Many thanks to all of the people who helped out on the night, in-particular to the people who were roped in when they arrived due to the fact that a few helpers couldn't make it at the last minute. One water bottle was left behind in the pub, I will take this to the Brockwell Park Race for collection. Also a dibber went missing , the number is 260527. If you have picked this up by mistake then do let me know so I can arrange for it to be returned to the owner.

Carys Morgan, South London Orienteers

Next Race: On Tuesday 3 August in Brockwell Park, South London. Full details here.