Autumn trail challenge on Sunday 9th October in Richmond Park

What is trail challenge and who can take part?

Trail Challenge races are mass-start TRAIL races with a difference.  A series of checkpoints define the courses which are run over tracks and trails - the CHALLENGE arises from choosing the fastest route between them.

All competitors are given a detailed map of the area and an electronic 'finger' (as used in adventure racing) to record your arrival at checkpoints.  The electronic 'finger' (also known as a SportIdent dibber) allows us to produce instant results showing your time between checkpoints, giving you hours of harmless fun comparing split times!

10k/12k and 6k are open to anyone.  Mini Trail Challenge (2k) is for juniors under 15 on 31 December 2005.

Click here for a road runners view of trail challenge written by Simon Finch of 26.2 Road Runners Club

Updated 9th Sept 2005