Mobile-O Event

Wimbledon Common

Tuesday 9 June 2009

Organiser's Report
You all seemed to enjoy it which is what its all about! Orienteering really can be a spectator sport - it was fun watching (and listening to) the navigators!

I made the courses a bit longer and a bit harder than our first Mobile-O competition held two years ago. Perhaps a mistake as many competitors were novices and many of you were out quite a long time in the descending twilight. Also, there were quite a few breakdowns in mobile transmission, which was surprising given the mainly open and flat nature of the terrain.

The format was that one 'runner' just had a mobile and a compass and was instructed by the 'navigator', who stayed at base with the map with the course marked on and of course a mobile. Pairs then swapped over and runner 2 ran a very different course.

Fastest individual time was 29.41 run by Peter, navigated by complete novice Martin (obviously a natural navigator). Well done to Abi, a junior, for navigating her father round the Yellow course in 20.53.

Both Mobile courses were 3k and probably somewhere between Orange and Light Green standard; Yellow was 2k. If you want to know more about Mobile-O look at the website of its creator. Its occurred to me that this would make a great version of our sport for people with physical difficulties.

Can someone else organise the next Mobile-O please, so I can have a go!
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Christine Robinson
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