Park Orienteering Race Series

Race 2: Battersea Park

Tuesday 2 June 2009

We hope everyone enjoyed the second race in SLOW's summer Park Orienteering Race Series, we had a great turnout on a very warm and sunny evening in Battersea Park. Thanks to Abi and Matthias for organising. The next race in the Park Race series is at Ravenscourt Park on Tuesday 16 June - further details will be on the website soon. The next SLOW event is a "Mobile-O" race on Wimbledon Common on Tuesday 9 June.

SLOW are also organising a short race on Oxshott Common on Tuesday 7 July - further details on this nearer the time. Also look out for the next Trail Challenge race on Tuesday 23 June at Ham Riverside which will be hosted from the Hawker Centre in Kingston.
Overall series results (after 2 events)
Race 2 results
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Long course - 4.8km, 24 controls
1Ralph Street0:23:1850  
2Paul Couldridge0:25:2345  
3Ed Catmur0:26:1441  
4Patrick Saile0:27:1738  
5John Owens0:27:4236  
6Anders Storbraten0:29:1935  
7Duncan Grassie0:29:2534  
8Juraj Hammer0:30:4733  
9Ollie O'Brien0:30:5232  
10Paul Todd0:31:5231  
11Roger Thetford0:31:5430  
12Mark Prior0:32:2129  
13Mike Garvin0:33:0628  
14Don McKerrow0:33:1027  
15Alan Leakey0:33:1526  
16Keith McCarthy0:33:3525  
17Ed Stott0:33:3624  
18Dan Findlay-Robinson0:34:1823  
19Mark Smith0:34:2022  
20Kostya Lutsenko0:34:3121  
21Tom Murphy0:35:2420  
21Evan Barlow0:35:2419  
23Peter Huzan0:35:4118  
24Patrick Meldrum0:36:1317  
25Dominic Lawrance0:37:0016  
26Jayne Sales0:37:19 50 
27Peter Carlill0:37:2015  
28Glen Slade0:37:3214  
29Ian Bullock0:37:3313  
30Richard Catmur0:38:2412  
31Angus Lund0:38:4711  
32Steve Brockbank0:39:5510  
33Maria Pereverzina0:40:00 45 
34Becky Kingdon0:40:17 41 
35Chris Pollard0:40:239  
36Tom Edelsten0:41:048  
37Peter Martin0:41:417  
38Simon Dunkley0:41:436  
39Vicky Whaley0:42:08 38 
40Bryn Monnery0:42:345  
41Fiona Monks0:43:10 36 
42Ash McVey + 20:43:324  
43John Duffield0:43:343  
44Hannah Cooper0:44:22 35 
45Phil Craven0:44:292  
46Kate McKerrow0:44:44 34 
47Nev Myers0:45:471  
48Rachel Babbs0:46:08 33 
49Martin Evans0:46:151  
50Catherine Galvin0:46:30 32 
51Clare Todd0:46:44 31 
52Natalia Pereverzina0:46:58 30 
53Steven Malkom0:47:071  
54Ginny Catmur0:49:06 29 
55Andy Elliott0:50:511  
56Mike Forrest0:51:301  
57Tim Langridge0:53:551  
58Sarah Brown0:53:58 28 
59Mike Bourne0:55:331  
60Chris Glew0:56:31 27 
61Amanda Barlow0:58:50 26 
62James Spooner1:00:371  
63Finn Froome-Lewis +11:02:381  
64Paul Street1:06:211  
 Rob Sibleymp1  
 Amanda Feltmp 25 
 Ruth Forrestmp 25 
 Yehuda Alonmp1  
 Alex Brinkmeyermp1  
 Zipeng Zhoump1  
 Jona Verhaeghemp 25 
 Philip Puttermp1  
 Geoff Newtonmp1  
 Louise Sylvamp 25 
 Axel Blomquistdnf1  
 Abi Weeds  50org
 Matthias Mahr 50 org
Short course - 2.9km, 14 controls
1James Furmont23:15 
2Clare Bramley + 227:31 
3Andrew & Pam Stentifo29:55 
4Shannon Crilly + 137:19 
 Stephanie Tollemachemp 
 Jennifer Sibleymp 
 Daphna Alonmp 
 Marghanita Malanmp 
Matthias Mahr
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