City of London Orienteering Race


These are guideline straight-line distances. Depending on
your route between controls, you will run approximately 30%-50% further.
Distances are subject to change until after planning and controlling is complete.

Winning Time
Start TimesStart
1Men's Open8.5km50 minutes1000-1300Far
2Women's Open7km50 minutes1000-1300Far
3Men's Vets (M40+)7km50 minutes1000-1300Far
4Women's Vets (W40+)5.5km40 minutes1000-1300Far
5Men's Super-Vets (M55+)5.5km40 minutes1000-1300Far
6Women's Super-Vets (W55+)4km35 minutes1030-1230Near
7Juniors (M/W16-) **4km25 minutes1030-1230Near
8Children (M/W12-) *2km20 minutes1030-1230 (free)Near
9Newcomers *4km1030-1230Near

Participants should be aware that courses 1-6 and 9 cross
busy roads which will not be closed to traffic.

Entry on-the-day will also be available at late entry rates.
£13 unaffiliated, £11 affiliated***, £6 junior/students, + £1 for SI hire
We cannot guarantee map availability for all courses.
You may need to wait a considerable time to start as some courses are very full.

* Technically easier course.
** People who will be under 16 on the day of competition must enter only courses 7 or 8.
People who will be aged 16 on the day of competition and still aged 16 on 31 December 2010
may enter either course 7 or the open courses.
*** Affiliated adults are National-level members of British Orienteering,
local-level members of British Orienteering in SE England, or overseas entrants.

City of London Orienteering Race