2020 Series Announcement

The 2020 Park Race series will most likely not go ahead due to the need to practice social distancing
and pub/park closures arising from the Covid-19 epidemic. In the (unlikely) event of a rapid return to normality
keep an eye on this page for special announcements, otherwise, we hope to see you in 2021. - Oliver O'Brien, SLOW.

The London Park Race Series 2019
A series of orienteering races in London parks organised by the London orienteering clubs
All the races are on weekday evenings and are suitable for beginners - just turn up!

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Introduction to orienteering races - Map of race locations

(& Apres-O)
1Tue 17 MayVictoria ParkHomerton The People's Park TavernBertie Kingsley (p) & David Rosen (o) (LOK)DetailsEventResults
2Tue 31 MayBurgess ParkOval The KenningtonDon McKerrow (SLOW)DetailsEventResults
3Tue 7 JuneWaterlow ParkArchway The Brendan the NavigatorAnthony Flick (p) & David Rosen (o) (LOK)DetailsEventResults
4Tue 14 JuneBarnes CommonBarnes The SpencerStephen Hargrave & Joanna Cole (SLOW)DetailsEventResults
5Tue 28 JuneBeckenham Place ParkLower Sydenham Railway TavernMindaugas Lekaveckas (DFOK)DetailsEventResults
6Tue 5 JulyCannizaro ParkWimbledon Crooked BilletAlan Leakey (SLOW)DetailsEventResults
7Tue 26 JulyRoehampton UniversityBarnes Kings HeadLulu Williams (SLOW)DetailsEventResults
8Tue 2 AugustClapham CommonClapham Common The WindmillBarbara Griessner (SLOW)DetailsEventResults
9Tue 23 AugustRavenscourt ParkRavenscourt Park Michael Crone (SLOW)DetailsRSVP!
£ Races normally have registration/start times between 6:00pm and 7:30pm

£ Most races have two courses - normally around 2.5km and 5km

£ Most of the races are in parkland, so competing in a T-shirt and trainers will normally be fine
Full leg cover may put you at a slight advantage for a couple of the events.
£ Most races are £3-£4 for BOF members with their own SI card, and £5 for everyone else (including hire of an SI card if needed).

Previous series: 2018 - 2017 - 2016 - 2015 - 2014 - 2013
2012 - 2011 - 2010 - 2009 - 2008 - 2007 - 2006 - 2005

Central Organising Team

Series Coordinator for 2019: Fiona Tam
Website Design: Oliver O'Brien
Facebook: Fiona Tam

For more information, contact parkrace [@] slow.org.uk

Photograph from Katherine Bett and SLOW, from the Follow The Red Line series.

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