We have a stock of our distinctive Trimtex training jackets which you will see in many of the photographs on this site and really stand out at events.

They’re a great way to keep warm, look cool, and make sure your clubmates can find you!


Orienteering Top

We have a distinctive top designed for forest and urban racing.

These are in our traditional colours used in a contemporary design. We use a lighter blue for the upper parts of the chest and back, decorated with the club badge on the front and the name in full on the back (very good when orienteering abroad.) Our traditional interest in forest orienteering is reflected in the decoration of the white of the arms and shoulders, and our more recent strengths in urban orienteering in the decoration for the red used for the lower areas. The blue and red are split by a symbolic river, a well-known feature of London designs, recognised already in the distinctive club badge.

Running Vests

We have vests suitable for sprint racing.

Classic running vests – option of cuts for women or men

Old Design Tops

short sleeved tops (old design)

long sleeve tops (old design)

Ordering Kit

To purchase kit please contact James Leech, by email to

James will arrange collection at a mutually convenient future event.