Data Policy

Data Privacy Policy

South London Orienteers processes personal data, and recognises the club’s responsibilities under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and other earlier Data Protection Law.

As stated in our constitution, the main purpose of the club is to promote participation in the amateur sport of orienteering in and around London.


Your data is used by us for the purposes of registering and administering your involvement in orienteering.

We do not hold health related data, or other data that is categorised as ‘Sensitive’ under the terms of the privacy regulations.

We publish some information, particularly but not solely results of competitions we organise, which includes names, age groups and club affiliations.

We never pass on your personal data to another body for marketing purposes.

On specific matters you are welcome to raise questions or concerns with an appropriate club official, or email any of the web team – our details are on the Contacts page.

We now provide more detail, updated May 2018.

In partnership with British Orienteering

We handle entry and membership data in partnership with British Orienteering Federation Limited (BOF), the National Governing Body for the sport.  We share data with other bodies that organise and administer the sport,  Orienteering England and the South-East Orienteering Association, and also a limited number of organisations that provide entry-handling services – currently SI Entries and Fabian4.

BOF has prepared a detailed policy document on the subject of personal data.

In summary, as a member BOF will collect certain information about you which will include your name, year of birth, gender, URN number(membership number), email address, address, telephone number, name of the BOF affiliated club that you are a member of, details of any coaching or officiating licenses you hold and results (Membership Data).

Membership Data is collected and processed for the purposes of registering you as a member of BOF and administering your involvement in orienteering. It is processed only on the basis of legitimate interests namely registering you as a member and to administer orienteering.

A limited number of South London Orienteers officials have access to some of the data managed by BOF, to assist the running of the club, and for event insurance and safety needs.

Requests to contact you

Club officials are from time to time asked to pass on a message to a named member (by another member of SLOW or by an orienteer with another club), for example request for advice on a topic which they think you have knowledge of, or an invitation to take part in a representative team. In these situations it is our practice, where the request is judged bona fide,  to pass the message on to you by email.

Taking part in an event

If you enter an event that we organise then we will collect and process some personal information. Conditions of entry are that participants agree to publication (on paper and on the internet) of data for startlists and results. Also that we may pass such information to BOF or an affiliated organisation for the purpose of insurance or for publishing results either for the event alone or combined with or compared to other events. Results may include (but not be limited to) name, any club affiliation, race times and age group.

We collect mobile phone numbers from participants in our events in order to contact the person if they go missing, and to meet our insurers requirement of collecting unique information about participants – name is not sufficient – for safety reasons.

Photography may take place at events, in accordance with BOF policy. Photographs may be used on our website.


Orienteering is an amateur sport: as a member we can contact you to ask whether you want to volunteer to help the sport, for example to help an event happen.

If you do volunteer to assist at an event then we often invite you to provide a mobile phone number that we can share with other volunteers at that event.

Team Competitions

If you are a member, as part of our promotion of the sport, from time to time we may contact you to invite you to take part in a specific competition. Generally this applies to a limited number of major team competitions each year, and by far the majority of such activity is via the mailing list (please see below.)


If, as a club officer or event organizer, you pay money or claim expenses from the club, and you provide bank account details, then the treasurer may store them securely to avoid the need for retransmission.


As with most websites our website collects information about traffic. We use this to help understand use, in aggregate, of the website. We do not track usage or store personal information.

Mailing Lists

We hold email and physical addresses for members. These may be used by the club and BOF for membership information such as invitations to renew, notification of the Annual General Meeting, and distribution of the SLOWPRINT magazine.

We also have an optional email “mailing list”  managed on People opt in or out of this separately from membership of SLOW. The officer responsible for the list does not make addresses on the list available within the club or to third parties.  

If you join the mailing list, then you receive emails that other members of the mailing list may choose to send. You may leave the list at any time by the “unsubscribe” function.