Box Hill Fell Race

Roll of Honour

1982Mark Rigby54.33 A King68.03
1983Tim Watkins52.25 Annette Lott84.24Cambridge University Fell Running Club
1984Chris Hirst50.16 Hilary Bloor65.50Cambridge University Fell Running Club
1985Alan McGee51.40 Liz Dunn65.31Cambridge University Fell Running Club
1985 (Nov)D Hardstaff54.58 Pauline Shore68.16
1986 (Nov)Graham Kirkbright54.09 Kath Sharp70.00
1988Steve Nicholson52.27 Kate Fitzgibbon63.23
1989Mark Chapman50.29 Sarah Rowell55.11Cambridge University Fell Running Club
1990Chris Beecham50.11 Kate Fitzgibbon58.33
1991Ben Hartman53.52 Jenny James61.08
1992Chris Beecham48.19 Yvette Hague55.51
1993Chris Beecham49.21 Sue Carnell63.25Worthing Harriers
1994Chris Beecham50.18 Alice Bedwell62.59Worthing Harriers
1995Chris Beecham50.53 Sarah Brown62.02Worthing Harriers
1996Chris Beecham47.06* Jackie Wastell61.31*Worthing Harriers
1997Chris Beecham47.17 Jackie Wastell59.14Worthing Harriers
1998Chris Beecham49.21 Yvette Hague57.15Worthing Harriers
1999Ray Foley48.41 Yvette Baker (née Hague)56.53Worthing Harriers
2000Chris Beecham51.56 Sally Gilliver65.42Worthing Harriers
2001Chris Beecham50.22 Sarah Rollins62.42Worthing Harriers
2002Chris Beecham51.12 Yvonne Hill69.05Thames Hare & Hounds
2003Henry Dodwell49.46 Tracey Apps64.50Thames Hare & Hounds
2004Philip Winskill51.26 Tracey Apps60.59Springfield Striders
2005Dean Lacy50.37 Heather Monro57.35Springfield Striders
2006Dean Lacy47.57 Joanna Carritt61.52Tring RC
2007Dean Lacy52.59 Joanna Carritt62.00Tring RC
2008Nick Barrable51.47 Joanna Carritt63.27Tring RC
2009Chris Daniels52.29 Sarah Rollins59.09Tring RC
Photos by RK
James McMullan52.32 Catherine Higgs64.07Springfield Striders
2011James McMullan46.55 Sarah Rollins61.07Thames Hare & Hounds
2012Joe Morwood49.43 Rachel Bennett61.51Springfield Striders
2013Harold Wyber54.19 Victoria Basquill64.27Serpentine RC
2014James McMullan49.36 Sarah Pemberton65.09Serpentine RC
2015Andy Greenleaf54.08 Sarah Pemberton67.36Serpentine RC
2016Nicholas Torry56.17 Sarah Pemberton68.30Serpentine RC
2017James McMullan54.24 Nichola Jackson62.26Serpentine RC
2018Aaron McGrady56.40Rachel Thomas65.23Victoria Park Harriers & Tower Hamlets AC
2019Chris Smith53.49Rosemary Hurford69.53Victoria Park Harriers & Tower Hamlets AC
2020Andrew Barrington54.36Becky Phillips69.13Herne Hill Harriers (Men)
Serpentine RC (Women)
2021no raceno raceno race
2022Maximilian Nicholls52.16Elizabeth Leason66.32Kent AC (Men)
Victoria Park Harriers & Tower Hamlets AC (Women)
2023Maximilian Nicholls48.42 (short)Suzy Whatmough64.24 (short)St George’s Hospital AC (Men)
Ranelagh Harriers (Women)
2024Maximilian Nicholls48.54*Suzy Whatmough62.26*Serpentine RC (Men)
St George’s Hospital AC (Women)

The Fastest People

1James McMullan46.552011Sarah Rowell55.111989
2Chris Beecham47.171997Angela Carson55.481989
3Dean Lacy47.572006Yvette Hague55.511992
4Ray Foley48.131997Heather Monro57.352005
5Henry Dodwell48.302006Leah Walland58.032005
6Paul Hague48.321992Kate Fitzgibbon58.331990
7Mark Chapman49.211992Jacky Smith58.551992
8Howard Grubb49.241992Sarah Rollins59.092009
9Kenny Leitch49.321993Jackie Wastell59.141997
10Joe Morwood49.432012Sue Trevett60.001992

The Fastest Times

1James McMullan46.552011Sarah Rowell55.111989
2Chris Beecham47.171997Angela Carson55.481989
3Dean Lacy47.572006Yvette Hague55.511992
4Ray Foley48.131997Yvette Baker (née Hague)56.531999
5Chris Beecham48.191992Yvette Hague57.151998
6Henry Dodwell48.302006Heather Monro57.352005
7Paul Hague48.321992Leah Walland58.032005
8Ray Foley48.411999Kate Fitzgibbon58.331990
9Henry Dodwell49.062011Jacky Smith58.551992
=10Mark Chapman
Chris Beecham
Chris Beecham
Sarah Rollins59.092009


* In 1996 the course was short due to signs on Headley having been moved.

The 1992 results make some reference to an incorrect course but are unclear as to if it was short.

Chris Hirst’s 1984 time of 50.16 has now dropped out of the top 10 but should be remembered as outstanding as the course was longer then. Do you remember going straight up after the second road crossing and after climbing Juniper taking a right turn for lots more ascent and descent as opposed to today’s flat run round the top?

Course record for the 2015 course: Men’s Maximilian Nicholls 52.16 (2022), Women’s Nichola Jackson 62.26 (2017).

In 2023 the start and finish reverted back to near the bottom of the Zig Zag road and is similar to the pre-2015 course, but with slight variation on Burford Spur and Juniper Top to protect against erosion.

* In 2024 the course was short due to a route change due to ongoing tree felling.

Course Versions

1982 –Longer course
– 2014Start/finish near bottom of Zig Zag Road. 7.5 miles & 1700 feet of ascent.
2015 – 2022Start/finish by Stepping Stones.
2023 –Start/finish near bottom of Zig Zag Road.

Header photo is of the 2013 Box Hill Fell Race, courtesy of Nigel Clemens.