London City Race History

The first edition of the London City Race was run in 2008 and was then known as the City of London Race. We list below the race officials, location, top course winners, results links and and partner events for each year.

YearLocationResultsPartner Events
2008City: BarbicanResultsS: LOK Hampstead Heath
2009City: West
& Temple
ResultsS: CHIG Wormley Woods
2010City: South
& Bankside
ResultsS: LOK Hampstead Heath
2011City: North
& Barbican
ResultsS: LOK Regent’s Park*
2012City: West
& Temple
ResultsS: CHIG Epping Forest
2013Isle of DogsResultsS: LOK Victoria Park*
2014City: BarbicanResultsSaturday: GO Guildford
2015City: East
& Wapping
ResultsF: SLOW Imperial College
S: LOK Waterlow Park*
2016RotherhitheResultsF: DFOK Crystal Palace
S: LOK Soho
2017City: BarbicanResultsF: SLOW Wapping
S: LOK Victoria Park*
2018City: South
& Bermondsey
ResultsF: SLOW Rotherhithe
S: LOK Bloomsbury
2019City: BarbicanResultsF: LOK Hendon Campus
S: DFOK Greenwich Park
2020no race
2021no race
2022City: TempleResultsF: MV Morden Hall Park
S: LOK King’s Cross
2023RotherhitheResultsF: DFOK Southwark Park
S: LOK British Sprint Relays

* = Ultrasprint, F = Friday, S = Sunday.

Winners and Race Officials

YearRace OfficialsTop ManTop Woman
2008P: Oliver O’Brien
O: Brooner Brown
C: Simon Errington (HH)
Nick Barrable (SYO)Mhairi
Mackenzie (WCOC)
2009P: Alan Leakey
O: Vince Roper
& Mike Garvin
C: Steve McKinley (SN)
Edward Catmur (SLOW)Sarah Rollins (BAOC)
2010P: Matthias Mahr
O: Alan Leakey
C: Neville Myers
Gristwood (SYO)
Rebane (Estonia:
SK Saue Tammed)
2011P: Gordon Parker
O: Alan Leakey
C: Julie Cleary
& Ronan Cleary
Murray Strain (INT)Rachael
Rothman (SYO)
2012P: Jayne Sales
& Ian Webb
O: Oliver O’Brien
& Andy Robinson
& Vince Roper
C: Alan Wallis
Peter Hodkinson (OUOC)Mhairi
Mackenzie (WCOC)
2013P: Oliver O’Brien
O: Vince Roper
& Andy Robinson
& Paul Whiston
C: David Rosen (SROC)
Michiels (Belgium: KOL)
Anneke Hald
Bjorgum (Norway:
Kristiansand OK)
2014P: Mike Garvin
& Dave Wright
O: Vince Roper
C: Simon Errington (HH)
Michiels (Belgium: KOL)
Alice Leake (SN)
2015P: Vince Roper
O: Vince Roper
C: Mike Elliot (MVOC)
Ralph Street (SLOW)Alice Leake (SN)
2016P: Ed Stott
O: Vince Roper
C: Andy Robinson (SLOW)
Kymäläinen (Finland: Tampereen Pyrintö)
Tessa Strain (EUOC)
2017P: Edward Catmur
O: Vince Roper
C: Andy Robinson (SLOW)
Erik Nilsson
Simkovics (Austria: OLC Wienerwald)
Sarah Rollins (SN)
2018P: Edward Catmur
O: Sarah Brown
C: Simon Errington (HH)
Erik Nilsson
Simkovics (Austria: OLC Wienerwald)
Tessa Strain (EUOC)
2019P: Andy Johnson
O: Alan Leakey
& Steven Clelland
C: Alan Rosen (HH)
Edward Catmur (SLOW)Emilie Westli
Andersen (Norway: Løten o-lag)
2020no race
2021no race
2022P: Steve Clelland
O: Sarah Brown
C: Simon Errington (HH)
Flurry Grierson (DEVON)Sarah Rollins (SN)
2023P: Alan Leakey
O: Nigel Saker
C: Hedley Calderbank (HH)
Jonathan Crickmore (SYO)Chloe Potter (SYO)

P = Planner, O = Organiser/Race Director, C = Controller.

Since the first year, Clif Bar have supported the race, and every finisher has enjoyed one of over 10000 Clif Bars handed out at race download. We were also supported for some races by Nuun Hydration. Race logistics supported by JVP Events. Our key suppliers include SIEntries, Print5 and More Mile.