London City Race – Results

**Update 7th September**

A small number of people failed to register a punch at control 178 in the underpass. The overprint was not as clear as it could have been and this made the control difficult to see on the map, even though we had highlighted it in the final details and at the start. We have examined splits for all those who were affected and confirmed that they have not gained any time advantage. Even if people did not punch the control we believe that they correctly followed the route through the underpass. In the spirit of the event we have therefore decided to reinstate any runner that missed control 178.

Results – pdf by course (revised)

Results – pdf by class (revised)

Results – Sportident

Results – WinSplits (Elite classes – not yet revised)

Routegadget – draw your route! (Due to the existing routes, we won’t be updating Routegadget to include the reinstated competitors)

Officials’ Comments

The City offers an embarrassment of riches when it comes to planning. Being able to access to the Temple gave both intricate legs and a safe location for the junior courses. The only (minor) restriction was a wedding just south of the start.

An early decision was taken not to put controls in the Barbican, which gave the opportunity to include some significant route choice legs across it. It was slightly unfortunate that the building work just north of 164 prevented a few more viable routes for courses 1-3.

There are too many people to thank individually for their efforts. But particular mention must go to Sarah and Alan for their work on securing the necessary permissions, as well as arranging such a convenient assembly. Finally, huge thanks to Simon for agreeing to Control at short notice, despite already being signed up for the Sunday race!

Steve Clelland – Planner

We were delighted to welcome everyone back to London after an enforced gap. It was splendid to see so many competitors on what proved to be yet another dry, sunny day.

The assembly venue at King’s College Student Union was ideal, their people were very helpful and it was convenient for both start and finish.

The event went very smoothly thanks to a very good turn out of volunteers from SLOW.  So thanks to all of them. As always with major events , it is really the hard work beforehand that guarantees a good event and this was no exception.

Thanks very much to the planner Steve Clelland and the controller Simon Errington. I overheard lots of very positive comments about the courses and feel it was especially fun for the juniors to run in the Temple.

Thanks also to Gordon Parker for managing all the IT and accepting entries until the very last minute.

Overall thanks to Alan Leakey who had worked tirelessly to get all the permissions sorted out, but still has the energy to be thinking about next year’s race.

So hope to see you all again in 2023.

Sarah Brown – On-the-day Organiser

Women’s Elite Top 3:
(L-R) 2. Clare Dallimore (South Wales OC) 1. Sarah Rollins (Southern Navigators) 3. Abi Weeds (South London Orienteers)
photo by Tommy Rollins