Surrey Hills Races

Formerly the SILVA Hills Races & also known as the Surrey Hills Trail Challenge.

The races did not originally have individual names being known as “A”, “B” and “C”. These terms are still sometimes used.

“A” = the Three Summits Challenge, 18 miles, visiting the summits of Leith Hill, Holmbury Hill and Pitch Hill.

“B” = the Leith Hill Ten, 10 miles, visiting the summit of Leith Hill.

“C” = the Surrey Six, 6 miles, including the double climb of the Nower and climbing Leith Hill as far as Upper Merriden Cottage.


Trophies are awarded in memory of Byron Davies and Kate Thomas to the winner and the first lady on The Three Summits Challenge course. The Michael Murray trophy is awarded to the winner of the Leith Hill Ten. There are also trophies for the Surrey Six course and for the first lady on the Leith Hill Ten. There are also age class prizes.

Winners of All Three Classes


  • Mark Wilkins (1996 C, 2005 A, 2008 B)
  • Graham Gristwood (2001 C, 2003 B, 2013 A)


  • Caroline Court (2007 C, 2010 B, 2011 A)

Roll of Honour – Men

18 miles10 miles6 miles
1979    J Offley50.31
1980D Nevell (15 miles)101.01P Bennett107.35  
1981Andrew Addis127.35Tony Vickers69.21RJ Lee49.28
1982Rex Stickland132.34D Wharf64.25David May52.01
1983Anthony Kay131.45Keith Nelson65.04A. Burton47.08
1984David Rosen127.49Richard Rae68.15D.Pyle43.52
1985Tim Denton128.15Tim Watkins63.13Andy Monro43.21
1986Tim Denton119.36J Hensman62.43M Sanderson48.10
1987Tim Denton122.30Vince Joyce65.04M. Bell46.02
1988Mark Chapman128.13Steve Nicholson61.20Peter Warner52.02
1989Mark Chapman125.06Steve Bird58.43Ian Murray47.49
1990John Wilkins128.43Steve Bird60.51Gavin Edwards47.30
1991Mark Chapman115.01Steve Bird59.26Ian Murray46.28
1992Dave Harrison126.30Steve Bird63.27David Mills51.17
1993Dave Harrison123.37Steve Bird62.09Ian Murray47.52
1994Mark Chapman118.02Chris Beecham63.06Keith Tonkin44.28
1995Guy Cory-Wright122.57Kenny Leitch62.34Simon Ross51.44
1996Matthew Lynas123.20Nik Pugh57.11Mark Wilkins47.42
1997Dave Harrison121.52Chris Beecham61.12Geoff Newton53.33
1998Kenny Leitch132.24Steve Bird64.09Ian Murray47.22
1999Andy Weir118.01Dave Rollins66.26Ed Catmur52.37
2000Andy Weir117.40Chris Beecham63.02David Fisher53.26
2001not held Andy Weir65.54*Graham Gristwood53.08*
2002Andy Weir119.08Ray Foley65.39Geoff Newton49.11
2003Matthew Lynas131.55Graham Gristwood65.53Geoff Newton51.48
2004Andy Weir122.33Mike Farmery70.34Robert Brown47.08
2005Mark Wilkins132.09Jeremy Edwards66.48Peter Heywood59.12
2006Jeff Green133.31Jeremy Edwards66.10David Fisher50.48
2007Ed Catmur135.42Dave Rollins67.50David Abrams48.29
2008Nick Barrable129.42Mark Wilkins65.55Geoff Newton53.45
2009John Dewey122.20Chris Pyle72.27Geoff Newton49.56
2010John Dewey123.49Pete Nicholls69.19Chris Nicholls65.00
2011Ed Catmur132.36Peter Hodkinson65.04David Fisher54.33
2012Ben Stevens134.39Dave Rollins68.09Robert Hinton51.01
2013Graham Gristwood123.29Christopher Ness77.00Alistair Masson47.13
2014Nigel Bunn143.28Mark Purkis71.09Clayton Pine50.07
2015Matthew Adcock145.44James Ellis75.44Jack Leitch44.23
2016James Ellis138.39Simon Prigent70.02Jack Leitch42.07
2017Alistair Masson135.33John Smallwood68.56Henry Hart53.16
2018Ben Stevens142.40Henry Hart82.00Thomas Burnett55.07
2019Jack Kosky125.46Grey Grierson82:04Michael Krajewski48.48

Roll of Honour – Women

18 miles10 miles6 miles
1981Miriam Rosen181.01Frances Lumb86.17Margaret Stedman64.38
1982Beryl Offley186.09Hilary Bloor95.20Heather Monro78.46
1983Miriam Rosen196.41Hilary Bloor78.33Margaret Kent66.21
1984  L. Barnes74.44V. Crawford63.15
1985Miriam Rosen189.10Kath Sharp77.17Heather Monro59.52
1986Di Leakey151.05Pauline Ward85.40Margaret Kent59.07
1987Kath Sharp160.45S. Stirrups78.17Margaret Kent57.13
1988Jane Robson172.40Clare Sylvester73.42Pauline Ward57.26
1989Jane Robson178.29Kath Sharp79.16Mary Smith59.09
1990  Di Leakey76.43Wendy Lightfoot55.13
1991Jane Robson165.17Di Leakey77.47Mary Mullarkey57.36
1992Jane Robson168.06Di Leakey80.35Beryl Offley60.16
1993Clare Weyman77.29Beryl Offley60.40
1994Sarah Dyer228.19Di Leakey79.51Mary Mullarkey59.30
1995Raija Teinila158.18Sally Street75.47Mary Mullarkey58.15
1996Raija Teinila151.44Kay Tonkin72.52Mary Mullarkey69.40
1997Sarah Dyer195.24Jackie Wastell74.20Mary Mullarkey57.12
1998Maggie Beggs179.35Sarah Brown84.12Mary Mullarkey60.56
1999HsuMin Chung173.38Sarah Guyver81.48Mary Mullarkey65.29
2000HsuMin Chung149.59Rachel Thomson81.58Chris Robinson63.16
2001not held Karen Dalzell131.07*Chris Robinson75.14*
2002Debz Coslett91.58Chris Robinson64.34
2003Jenny Nicholls204.21Katerina Heczkova88.35Mary Mullarkey70.46
2004Jenny Nicholls189.02Alison High90.11Mary Mullarkey65.40
2005Beth Handyside161.44Sarah Rollins73.02Mary Mullarkey63.52
2006Helen Hoyle91.45Carys Morgan59.30
2007Caroline Court162.40Mira Salmi79.53Sarah Howes69.26
2008Caroline Court163.13Sarah-Jane Gaffney85.03Zoe Hackett59.32
2009Terrie Williams176.30Karen Jones90.56Rebecca Harding55.51
2010Wendy Mountford
& Rebecca Black
180.02Caroline Court91.50Carolyn Moon70.29
2011Anne Davidson178.22Tessa Hill70.13Caroline Court58.34
2012Sue Charter189.28Ruth Holmes97.30Lise Retat75.02
2013Helen Gardner163.27Angie Hinshelwood89.16Dorte Torpe Hansen69.23
2014Abi Weeds156.23Sarah Rollins77.02Dorte Torpe Hansen71.03
2015Sarah Rollins148.17Sarah Denness88.42Fiona Bunn51.26
2016Helen Gardner188.32Sian Morgan110.46Clare Howes59.28
2017Angela Trussler178.30Dorte Torpe Hansen113.43Emily Barlow70.25
2018Rebecca Slack211.08Victoria Stevens88.30Maria Pereverzina71.24
2019Rebecca Slack190.03Sue Carter95.17Jessica Dring-Morris68.11

Course records shown in bold.
* These courses were lengthened in 2001 owing to foot and mouth disease.

The Surrey Hills Races were formerly known as the Silva Hills Races.