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Ralph Street’s 2017

As the Scandinavian 2017 training year ends, Ralph has written a summary of his year on Attackpoint . He says his worst relay run this year was the JK running for SLOW. He anchored SLOW to fifth place, a record high for recent times.  He did  show off the club jacket well at the individual prizegiving for the middle race (see picture below.)

Ralph runs for two other clubs too, one in Norway where he lives, and one in Sweden where he used to live – he joined them six years ago. Last month he helped  Södertälje-Nykvarn Orientering (SNO), to third place in the 25-person relay in Sweden that is one of the all club great days of the year. 374 teams took part.  Here is the  SNO site (text in Swedish).

Ralph did several races for the Great Britain team this year, with some noteworthy team results in the sprint relay. The season finished with the World Cup Final Meeting in Switzerland, in Grindelwald just by the Eiger. Above is a team photo after the long race. The 2018 international season will start in Switzerland with the European Championships next May. They are at Ticino in the Italian speaking part. The website for the competition is here.

He also took part in the World Games, with a good run in the relay  helping GB to 5th place. And he also had a minor hit with the feeling a bit naughty training picture.

But for many non-orienteers his 2017 will be best known for his contribution to a genre:  Race The Tube – Oslo

JK 2017 Middle Prizegiving, photo by Robert Lines for the JK

SLOW Runners at the World Championships

Three SLOW athletes run in the World Orienteering Championships 2017, which start this Friday with the Sprint Qualification.

Michael Crone of South Africa.
Conor Short of Ireland.
Ralph Street of Great Britain.

Please click on a name to see the World Of O athlete profile.

Michael, Conor and Ralph formed the SLOW first team in this year’s JK Trophy Relay Race, coming 5th.

It is easy to follow the championships as Simon and James Errington (the developers of Routegadget) will be in Estonia providing up-to-the-minute entertaining coverage, as well as daily updates on the British Orienteering newsfeed.

MapRunner WOC 2017 Page

MapRunner Twitter

MapRunner Facebook

Simon’s Blog

The English language TV coverage is not broadcast in the UK but is available for a fee on the internet via 

Free online results can also be found via the same link.

TV Schedule:

Sat Jul 1st – Sprint Finals – 12:30 – 5pm
Sun Jul 2nd – Sprint Relay – 2:55pm – 4:15pm
Tue Jul 4th – Long Races – 9 – 3pm
Thu Jul 6th – Middle Races – 10 – 3pm
Fri Jul 7th – Forest Relays – 10:45 – 3pm

Relays are generally thought the most interesting for spectators. The cost is €20 for the week, or €6 for a single event such as the Sprint Relay. Times are for UK (Estonia is 2 hours ahead.)

Profiles of the GB team athletes are at

Photo: Composite  from images at World Of O, The Irish Orienteer and Instagram.

Ralph Street Anchors Great Britain to 4th Place at World Championships Relay


Congratulations to SLOW athlete Ralph Street who raced for Great Britain in the final leg of the Men’s Relay at the World Orienteering Championships, taking place this week in the Scottish Highlands. After runs from Scott Fraser and Graham Gristwood, Ralph brought Great Britain in in fourth place, just behind France, a very strong Norway final runner, and winners Switzerland, and ahead of around 30 other teams from around the world.

Photos: World Orienteering Championships organisation (above), British Orienteering (below, Ralph on the right).


Ralph picked for Junior World Championships

Congratulations to Ralph Street who has been picked for the Great Britain team for the 2009 Junior World Championships (“JWOC”), which are being held in the Dolomites in Italy between 6 – 11 July.

This is the second consecutive time Ralph has made the JWOC team, and follows his great results at the recent British Elite Junior Championships (see report).

Further details on the selections can be found on the British Orienteering website. Further information on JWOC can be found on the official JWOC 2009 website.

We are sure that everyone in SLOW will wish Ralph good luck for his preparations over the next 6 weeks and for the competition in Italy.

Ralph at the British Elite Championships. Photo: Mark Cheesman

Ralph competes at European Youth Championships

Ralph. Photo: Ian Buxton

Ralph Street represented Great Britain at the European Youth Champs last weekend in Switzerland.

The first race was the Long Distance where he came 28th out of 106 in a time of 61:49. He was in the middle of the 3 best Brits who were within 40 seconds of each other. The winner took 53:28.

Then came the relays where Ralph anchored to the team to a podium position of 6th place out of 27 teams, less than a minute ahead of 3 other teams.

Finally was the sprint race, where Ralph came a very impressive 7th place in 12:40, just off the podium. It was very close at the top with the winner Kristian Jones of GB taking the gold in 12:05.

Results etc are on

Anne Straube wins World Trail-O Championships

Photo: Dave Gittus

Congratulations to SLOW member Anne Straube who won the Gold medal at the World Trail Orienteering Championships held in Czech Republic on 15/16 July. This really is a superb achievement – Anne managed to beat all the competition, including several very experienced Trail-O competitors from the likes of Norway, Sweden and Finland, and won overall after two tough days of competition.

Anne has regularly competed in international Trail-O competitions, and was the planner of the Trail-O at this year’s JK in the south-east.

Further information on the 2008 world championships can be found on the World Trail Orienteering Championships 2008 website. Full results from the event can be found here (PDF file).

Anne has written an account of the event in German which can be found here. A rough English translation of this (via Google) can be found here. Anne hopes to do a proper English translation for the next edition of SLOWprint!

Trail Orienteering

For those of you who don’t know much about Trail-O, the WTOC website describes Trail-O as follows:

“Trail orienteering is an orienteering discipline centred around map reading in natural terrain. The discipline has been developed to offer everyone, including people with limited mobility, a chance to participate in a meaningful orienteering competition. Manual or electric wheel chairs, walking sticks, and assistance with movement etc. are permitted as speed of movement is not part of the competition.

Trail orienteers must identify on the ground control points shown on the map. As this is done from a distance, both able-bodied and participants with disabilities compete on level terms. Proof of correct identification of the control points does not require any manual dexterity, allowing those with severely restricted movement to compete equally. Most trail orienteering events have classes open for everyone.”

SLOW members compete in JWOC and World Masters

Last week saw a number of SLOW members competing in world championships events for both juniors and veterans. A summary of the results is set out below.

Junior World Orienteering Championships (JWOC) – Göteborg, Sweden

As reported in our earlier news article, Ralph Street was selected to compete for Great Britain at the annual Junior World Orienteering Championships, held in Göteborg, Sweden between 30 June and 6 July. He competed in a number of different races during the week, starting with the sprint race on Monday in which he finished a solid 114th place out of 172 runners in 16:26, just 3 minutes behind the winner.

In the middle distance qualifier Ralph finished 35th so missed out on the top 20 place required for a place in the A final. However he then went on to have an excellent run in the B final, finishing an impressive 6th position (just 2 minutes behind the winner). In the long race on Saturday, he achieved 100th position (out of 169), so a good improvement from the Sprint.

Finally, in the relay Ralph was running for Great Britain’s 2nd team, but had a storming run on the 2nd leg to finish 15th out of 57 on that leg (3 minutes ahead of the 1st team runner), helping the GB 2nd team to finish in an impressive 13th position overall, two places ahead of the 1st team!

Ralph wasn’t the only SLOW runner at JWOC – Ausra Miksyte was also competing for Lithuania. She finished an excellent 73rd out of 127 in the Sprint, and 30th out of 60 in the B final on the middle distance. She did not compete in the Long race, but rounded off the week running 2nd leg in the Lithuania 2nd relay team, who finished 21st overall (and like the GB team, beat their 1st team counterparts by a few places!).

Full results and maps can be found on the JWOC 2008 website.

World Masters Orienteering Championships (WMOC) – Leiria, Portugal

Andy Robinson at WMOC

Chris Robinson at WMOC

At the same time, a number of SLOW’s more elder statesmen and women were competing in the veteran’s equivalent of JWOC, the World Masters championships, held in forested sand dunes on the Portugese coast between 28 June and 5 July.

SLOW had 5 runners competing, with the best results of the week coming from the Leakeys in the Sprint race – Diane finishing in 14th place on W50, and Alan one place higher in 13th on M55. Diane also managed an impressive 19th place finish in the Long A final, with Alan finishing in 54th.

Andy Robinson finished 59th in the M50 Sprint (which was won by Guildford Orienteers’ James Crawford) and 62nd in the Long A final. Chris Robinson managed an excellent 31st on the W50 sprint and 57th in the Long A final. Anne May achieved 49th position in Long A final on W55.

Special congratulations also go to Elizabeth Brown (mother of SLOW’s Sarah Brown), who – while her grandson was competing in JWOC – completed a clean sweep of Gold medals in the W90 class, and was the oldest female competitor at the event!

Great Britain finished with their best ever performance in WMOC, finishing fourth in the combined medals table with 13 medals won. Sweden won 46, Finland won 25 and Norway won 16.

Finally a special mention to SLOW’s David May who was the IOF Senior Event Advisor for the event – no mean feat when living a thousand miles away! You can read a bit more about David’s involvement at the event here.

Full results and information can be found on the WMOC 2008 website.

SLOW teams compete in the Jukola and Venla relays in Finland

Start of the Venla relay – Diane Leakey running for SLOW is on the right.

SLOW team.

The Jukola event consists of two relays. The Venla relay for women takes place on Saturday afternoon with 4 legs. The Jukola relay starts at 11pm on Saturday night and has 7 legs. It is the Finnish equivalent of the UK Harvester relays but on another scale in terms of the number of competitors.

This year’s event took place near Tampere, about 2 hours drive north or Helsinki. Some of the team flew out a few days earlier to compete in the Forssa Games which is World Ranking Middle distance race and was a good opportunity to get some practice in the tricky terrain.

The team came together on Saturday morning via various routes from the UK including by ferry. The race arena was located at an aviation and motor sports centre which included a runway, alongside which, were about 300 army tents for teams to sleep.

A few people headed off for a quick run on the training map before the start of the Venla relay. The Venla Relay had 970 teams starting in a mass start. The first 200 teams are seeded and take the first few rows on the grid. A network of wires elevates each competitor’s rolled map above their head.

The event was televised on a Finnish sports TV channel and was displayed on a big screen in the race arena. The top teams carry GPS devices and their positions and routes could be displayed on a map on the big screen. On the first leg in the mass start for SLOW was Diane Leakey. The teams set off creating a cloud of dust and their progress is tracked through the forest.

Team information stands.

Each leg had about 4 radio controls and it was possible to views each team runner’s progress on computer terminals in the assembly area.

The SLOW Venla team had good runs ending in 501st place with a particularly strong last leg from Sarah-Jane Gaffney gaining 122 places!

In the Jukola relay were 1453 teams. Setting off the SLOW team at 11pm was Brooner. Although the sun had set it was not completely dark but head torches were required for the first few legs. From a position in the mass start of 1025, the team made steady progress through the field ending up in 683rd place. Particularly good runs were had by Patrick Saile, Seb Woof and Alan Leakey.

Team Results

Women’s Team Length (km) Leg Time Leg Position Relay Time Relay Position
1 Diane Leakey 7.1 1:19:55 512 1:19:55 512
2 Vicky Whaley 7.2 1:39:09 661 2:59:04 609
3 Chris Robinson 5.6 1:13:51 638 4:12:55 623
4 Sarah-Jane Gaffney 8.2 1:21:55 262 5:34:51 501


Men’s Team Length (km) Leg Time Leg Position Relay Time Relay Position
1 Andrew Brown 11.5 2:19:03 1165 2:19:03 1165
2 Simon Evans 12.3 2:29:10 976 4:48:13 1076
3 Patrick Saile 13.2 2:00:02 638 4:12:55 832
4 David Roach 7.9 1:43:10 1048 8:31:26 870
5 Alan Leakey 8.0 1:19:11 488 9:50:37 759
6 Andy Robinson 9.9 1:54:09 803 11:44:47 756
7 Seb Woof 13.8 2:14:30 613 13:59:18 683


Team information stands.