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September News

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Here is the main part of the email for 17th September.

Glover’s Wood

A friendly welcome back to orienteering

The club held a forest orienteering race on Sunday. It was organised by Charlie Turner, and it went very well. A lot of people were very pleased to have their sport back. Charlie got many positive comments and thanks, both in the field and by email afterwards.

Thanks very much to the officials:
Charlie Turner (organiser),
Gordon Parker (entries and SI),
Richard Catmur (planner) and
Paul Todd of London OK (controller).

Race report on club website

85 routes on Routegadget

There were nearly four hundred runners including 62 from our club. Olin Davies (green), Mike Murray (short green) and Krum Yanev (yellow) were fastest on their courses. (Krum was a mere 4 seconds ahead of his sister Anna Maria.)

There were big winning margins (over 15%) on the brown course for Jonathan Crickmore (SouthDowns) and on the blue for “Talent Squad Tier 1” athlete Euan Trynor (South Yorkshire).

Thankyou to those who volunteered help for the day so that we could all have such a nice run out in the Surrey Weald. As we often say to landowners we are a community amateur sports club, and are dependent on volunteering from within our community for everything we do. That includes providing substantial volunteer help on the day for races to take place, almost all helpers also taking part in the racing. As you will have read beforehand in this weekly email, we were quite tight on help this time. The COVID protocols made a difference – I am not sure we have had “sanitiser” as a role before.

Glover’sWood: The Planner and Assistants

Club Kit

A reminder that the club has kit available for members, including the brilliant new O-top. Club Kit Webpage.


Website Post about this month’s Street-O in King’s Cross

‘Streetspace’ Orienteering

In conjunction with Transport for London (TfL), British Orienteering has launched five ‘Streetspace’ orienteering challenges around London. Each of th e challenges takes the form of a ‘photo-O’ where you need to visit 12 locations using a Street-O map and decide which of the 12 photos provided is the correct one for each location.

While the challenges are primarily intended to engage a non-orienteering audience (using TfL’s communication channels, including this press release)…

You might enjoy doing some of them! Each challenge is intended to take around 2 hours to complete at walking speed an d while there is no timekeeping, each correctly submitted set of answers is entered into a draw to win one of eight London Transport Museum picnic sets

The five locations are Battersea, Clapham/Brixton, Westminster, Camden and Dalston, the first three of which were compiled by SLOW members Ed Catmur, Vinh Phuong Hoang and Rebecca Slack, so thank you to them!

Matthias Mahr, Street-O coordinator ()

CompassSport Cup

Long ago, at the last race before Lockdown on Hampstead Heath SLOW won the South-East heat of the CompassSport Cup. This qualified us for the final which would have been in Sutton Park in the West Midlands on 18th October. It’s “postponed/cancelled tbc.”

I was perhaps not the only one reminded of this last Saturday night as I put my control descriptions for Glover’s Wood – provided in advance for the COVID protocol – in the control holder… taking out the Hampstead Heath ones dated 15 March.

JK2021 is cancelled

International Orienteering

With the cancellation of the European Junior and Youth Orienteering Championships which were to be in Hungary there is only one meeting left in the 2020 calendar. That is Euromeeting, in the north of the Czech Republic at the end of October. This is the warm-up event for next year’s World Championships.

There are currently 33 British entries for Euromeeting, the largest entry from any nation, but with the Czech Republic now on the redlist we’ll have to see what happens. Finland has said it is not sending any teams abroad this year.

By the way, entries for the spectator races for the World Champs have recently opened and may sell out quickly (if they have not done so already.)
See this discussion on Nopesport.

So it has been domestic championships that have been the story, with the big orienteering countries having just held them (Switzerland, Norway, Finland) or being about to hold them (Sweden).

But rather than any links in those directions here’s a few pictures from a wedding in Austria. Would you guess the bride is an orienteer?

Mole Valley Winter Street O Series – on MapRun

From Justin Farhall:

This year the events are ‘virtual events’ meaning that they are available for participants to try at a time of their choosing (day or night). Maps will be printed at home and the results logged using the MapRunF app that will give you your score and time straight away. There is a seven-day window for participants to have their score included in the results for the event and series.

I am hosting the first event from Tuesday 22 to Monday 28 September. It’s around the streets of Stoneleigh. To enter please email me (link redacted for website post) and I will send you what you need.

Whilst the course is designed to be run at a time of your choosing, I am offering the opportunity for individuals or small groups (five or fewer, for a reason you might guess) to meet me at the start/finish in a socially distanced manner, at a mutually agreed time, to issue maps and replicate a normal event and to increase the competitive edge. Let me know if you are interested in this option.

The course is free for all to try so even if you are not sure whether you will give it a go there is no harm in contacting me for more details.

Bushy and Richmond Parks

Consultation about parking charges in the Royal Parks – online questionnaire.

Paul Street

Glover’s Wood Results

Organiser’s Comments – Charlie Turner

The decision to hold this event happened in early July when Teresa and I were on a lockdown walk through Glovers Wood.  It looked fantastic and was crying out to be a replacement for the London City Race, which at that time was very much looking as it was going to be cancelled.   The bonus was discovering that Lidar data was available and amazingly land access permission was granted in an incredibly short time.   When a club request went out for a planner this was answered within 24 hours by Richard  who soon added  Ginny and son Ed to make up a family team.   In mid July we had a five person zoom meeting to work out how we would structure the event around the Covid19 restrictions. Things were more complicated than I had initially imagined and our meeting ran to just under two hours.  The new map survey was largely completed by the end of July and things were now well under way.  Gordon handled all the SI matters with amazing ability and introduced lots of innovative functions, which included being able to pre enter from the field up to 12.30 yesterday! 

Specific thanks must go to our controller, Paul Todd who offered lots of valuable suggestions and made sure we were all doing the right things.

Lastly we must thank the weather  for being so brilliant for the whole day and you all for adhering to social distancing etc.  Yesterday the farmer met up with me at about 4.30 in the field and as for all orienteering events it was litter free.  Thank you!

Planner’s Comments – Richard Catmur

Thank you for all the (mostly kind!) feedback on my courses. Certainly they may have seemed a little long after the recent “shutdown” but I see that the winning times are all close to the target times. One competitor even said that he wished he had done a longer course!

I would like to say sorry to those competitors stung by the hornets. Obviously we were aware of the nest and had planned for the warning signs; however on our previous visits the hornets were nowhere near as active as they were on the race day. We suspect that the sunshine and the presence of many runners going past made them much more active and it seems that at this time of year they are very protective of their young and object to being disturbed. Obviously we should all learn a lesson from this and take note to keep courses further away from such nests in the future.


NEW: With this race we are presenting results in an improved way.

  • Find results by course (with/without splits) OR
  • Search for all results for a club (or for a name or part name)

Routegadget – please add your route!


Course Video – Short Blue

Thanks to Steed 171 for a Headcam video of one of the courses:

Glover’s Wood

SLOW will hold an event at Glover’s Wood, ten miles south of Dorking and just west of Gatwick Airport, on Sunday September 13th. It’s a replacement for the annual London City Race that we planned to hold this weekend.


Standard entries have closed, but late entries are possible.

After the update of the COVID-19 Secure guidelines last week we changed the entry system for more starters per quarter hour. Not all these extra slots have been taken, and we are pleased to say that we intend pre-entry via SIEntries to remain open until 12:30 on Sunday 13 September (the race day.) Subject of course to slot/map availability.

Currently there are entries available on all courses.

Control descriptions are now available for download.

To make more start times available, starts have been extended to 13:59.

Final details are now available for download

As you may have noticed on some courses all possible start times have been taken. The National Guidelines that limit the numbers of starters may be relaxed later this week, in time for us to make some more start slots for Glover’s Wood.

COVID Secure Protocols

The event will be held to COVID-19 Secure protocols. It’s really important that we all are seen to take the protocols seriously, before during and after racing so please read and abide by
the COVID-19 Code of Conduct.

Some key considerations for participants:

  • Acting as an ambassador for the sport of orienteering at all times and considering how their actions may appear in the eyes of landowners or members of the public.
  • Observing social distancing at all times, including keeping their distance from other participants, volunteers and members of the public.
  • Using hand sanitizer on arrival and departure.

Additionally please note that an event such as this that preserves social distancing is not suitable for complete beginners in the sport.



Glover’s Wood is a delightful compact area, and one of the few forest maps in the South-East that provides a low undergrowth enjoyable challenge in September. Runnability is generally good with little bracken or brambles.

A long steeply sided valley containing Welland Gill winds through the area. The valley has small offshoots, and there are thus many contour features. Most of the area is natural woodland, and in the valleys trees are generally widely spaced.

Part of the map

The map is at 1:7500 with 5m contours. It was surveyed Summer 2020 by Charlie Turner, using LIDAR data.

The event will use SI timing.


Light Green,
Short Green,
Short Blue,

Brown and Blue courses will have more than 30 controls. Runners on these courses need a timer card with sufficient capacity.


Enter via SiEntries.

We have a strict limit on numbers as in line with the protocols we can only have 10 starters every 15 minutes at each of the two starts. In the three hours between 10.00am and 1.00pm this is 120 runners per start. Please enter early.

There is no Entry on the Day.

Standard entry closes Midnight Sunday 6th September, subject to numbers. If the event is not full by then late entries will be possible in the final week, where we have spare maps.

Late, if available£11£5
SportIdent Timer hire (SIAC)
(fee for loss £63)

Personal Data

The personal data you give will be used by SLOW and their agents only for the purpose of processing and publishing the event entries and results, for conducting safety checks and to validate insurance cover.

The club’s data privacy policy is available on our website.


SLOW offers a full refund to anyone who needs to withdraw their entry because they or a member of their household has COVID-19 symptoms, or because they have been asked to isolate by NHS Test and Trace.

If SLOW cancels the event it will offer a refund of the entry fee, less the admin charge we pay to SIentries.

Race Centre, Car Parking

There is no race centre.

LocationGlovers Wood
AddressRH6 0EL
Latitude/longitude51.155, -0.254
OS grid referenceTQ222410
MapsGoogle Maps, OpenStreetMap

Car parking is in a large level field which is also used by SIAC hire and Download. The parking charge is included in the entry fee.

Starts and Finish are close to the car park.

Dogs are permitted in the car park, on a lead and under control please.

Race Details

These are “preliminary details”, the “event bulletin” and the “event invitation” in the parlance of the sport.

“Final Details” (which competitors need to read before travelling) will be published on the SLOW website in the week before the event.

Orienteering is an Adventure Sport

A comprehensive risk assessment for the event has been prepared and identified risks mitigated.

Participants take part at their own risk and are responsible for their own safety during the event.

Parents are responsible for their children: advice is available on request about what courses may be suitable.


Results will be available on the SLOW website shortly after the event.


Organiser: Charlie Turner
Planner: Richard Catmur
Controller: Paul Todd, London OK.

Orienteering Today

In England at the moment, because of the pandemic, none of the events that provide the backbone of the sport can take place.

And indeed, although there is a lot of preparation and thought for a “restart” we don’t know when, where or the details of how that can happen. We all have less opportunity to go and enjoy orienteering, or indeed introduce it to friends to try for the first time. There is no meeting up at a pub to go for a run and then chat through the experience over refreshments.

There are however two ways to get the benefits of our outdoors, fun, mental plus physical, naturally physically distanced, sporting exercise. Assuming you can manage the necessary travel.

Firstly there are three street orienteering maps, five mountain bike courses, and four experimental park courses, set up in the smartphone MapRun software. The summary is your phone beeps when you reach each control point and your time/score is logged with that of other people who have done the course at a different time.

See this earlier post about orienteering courses for individual training.

Neighbouring clubs have also setup MapRun courses: check the websites of Mole Valley, Southdowns, Saxons and Thames Valley for example.

And secondly we have setup several permanent orienteering courses (as have our neighbouring clubs.) They are there now, available every day.

CompassSport Cup Tie

The last race before the coronavirus shutdown was the annual regional round of the CompassSport Cup.

Great work by London OK putting on the event on Hampstead Heath. It was a fine achievement by a small club -LOK are a “small club” in CompassSport Cup/Trophy rules, and indeed there were only eight LOK runners in the Trophy. Thanks very much to them for doing their bit for the sport.

Full Event Results

We were matched with Southdowns, Happy Herts, Thames Valley and Southern Navigators. All clubs had full teams. We usually meet Southdowns and Happy Herts in this regional round, and we usually come second or third; in fact Southdowns won our regional last year and went on to come third in the final.

This year we won, thanks to a good turnout from the club and many good individual runs. The best course for us was five of the top six on men’s open.

Captain Peter Huzan deserves a lot of credit for the result. In his email to the club he noted the very valuable contribution from SLOW runners on junior courses: well done Yona Jacquemin, Matteo Rebora and Théophane Roux.

CompassSport Cup large courses:
Men’s Open
Women’s Open
40+ Men
45+ Women
50+ Men

60+ Men
60+ Women, 70+ Men

Small courses:
Men 16/18
Women 16/18
Men 14-
Women 14-
Older Vets

It was great to see the new O-top looking good on so many members.

The new SLOW O-top


With recent developments relating to the mitigation of the coronavirus that causes COVID-19, and guidance from the UK Government and British Orienteering we are suspending all our orienteering activities.

The events planned for Tuesday March 24th (Richmond Park) and Tuesday 14th April (Kings Cross) are cancelled.

Other events remain in the calendar for now but will only take place if the guidance changes.

As you will probably know in the last two days next weekend’s British Long and Relay Championships, the JK festival scheduled for Easter and the summer multi-day event Croeso have all been cancelled.

Wimbledon Common Night-O

Organiser’s Report

The Wimbledon Common Night-O (actually on Putney Heath) attracted 57 entries, in total about 65 people given those participating in pairs or threes. 

Although the weather was not as rainy as forecast, the going underfoot was decidedly “heavy”, with depressions being ponds and many paths being ditches.  I intended that the courses be somewhat easier than for the usual night-O but many competitors seemed to disagree.

Despite recovering from his marathon at the weekend, Ed Catmur (SLOW) narrowly won the Long course from Matthew Vokes (DRONGO), with Aimee Darley (SN) the leading female. 

On the Short course, Callum Gilhooley & Ben Toogood (SLOW) together lead the field with Sarah Darley (GO) beating the other ladies.

Thanks are due to the usual suspects for their assistance, without which these events simply would not happen.

Routegadget – Wimbledon Common Night-O 25/05/20

Winsplits – Wimbledon Common Night-O 25/02/20

Overall Series results

Editor Comment

Many thanks to Dave Wright for organising and planning last night’s event. Do add your route to Routegadget, and see which way others went. And check split times on Winsplits, to see where you were quick, and where you weren’t so much. Well run Ian Ditchfield.