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Richmond Park January Challenge

Happy New Year from South London Orienteers! To celebrate the arrival of 2021, our January Orienteering Challenge is now available to complete anytime before the end of the month.

This time we go back to park orienteering using a ‘real’ orienteering map of Richmond Park, which offers particularly good running at this time of year when the bracken is low.


Start and finish are between Pen Ponds, right in the middle of the park.

For access by car, the nearest car park is Pen Ponds Car Park about 500m to the South-East. This can only be accessed from Roehampton Gate and gets extremely busy at peak times so I highly recommend coming on weekdays and/or in the first two or last two hours of park vehicle opening times (which can be found here for 2020, expect 2021 to be similar.) You might have better luck at Broomfield car park, which is just over 1km from the start and accessible from Kingston Gate.

For more environmentally friendly access, come by bike and leave it at Pen Ponds car park (as you’re not allowed to cycle past the start.) The car park can easily be accessed from all Richmond Park gates.

Or alternatively, walk or run directly to the start – Ham, Sheen, Roehampton, Robin Hood and Richmond Gates are all within about 1.5km of the start, with the latter offering the best public transport options.

Note that Pen Ponds car park has a cafe if you’d like a drink or snack after the run.

LocationRichmond Park
AddressBetween Pen Ponds
Latitude/longitude51.4433, -0.275
OS grid referenceTQ200730
MapsGoogle Maps, OpenStreetMap


We’ll be using the same ‘score’ format as in previous months, where you have an hour to collect as many points as possible. Using the map provided, find controls in whichever order you like, collecting 10 points for each control starting with a 1, 20 points for each one starting with a 2 and so on. Make sure you’re back within the hour to avoid a 30-point penalty per minute late. 

As previously, we’ll be using the MapRunF timing app, which also means that you can do the challenge anytime you like before the end of January.

Technical details

If you haven’t already, please install MapRunF on your phone and download the challenge from UK > South London > StreetO > Richmond Park Jan21. If you’d like to run with a Garmin watch instead of your phone, follow these instructions as well.

Next, download and print the race map from here (you will need this to navigate.)  You can also print out the clue sheet using ‘IOF symbols’, or the clue sheet using text descriptions, which may help in finding the exact control locations.

Note that (as usual), North is at the top of the map when printed and due to lack of space, the map has no legend but you can download one here

Once you’re ready to go, press ‘Go To Start’ (there is no code required) and the App or watch will start automatically when you’re at the start location. The App will record each control (beeping each time) and then finish once you’re back at the start location between the ponds. 

Your result should be uploaded automatically, but you may need to ‘Get Track from Garmin’ if you’re using MapRunG.  

Important notes

The Richmond Park orienteering map is a little out of date, so the ground may not always look exactly like you expected it from the map! In particular, there are many new footpaths and small (often wooden) fences, while some paths and fences on the map may be less prominent than mapped. However, control locations have been selected to be as unambiguous as possible, so hopefully you won’t have too many issues.

At the time of writing (early January), the park is very muddy so sturdy footwear such as trail shoes or O shoes are recommended.

Please only take part in this challenge if you can safely do so within the latest government restrictions. Richmond Park is a vast but very popular destination, so please ensure you give everyone space, including other walkers, runners, cars, cyclists, dogs and of course the deer!  

All competitors take part at their own risk.

Enjoy the challenge! If you have any questions, just ask me on

Richmond December Challenge Results

You can now find the results from the December Street Orienteering Challenge in Richmond here, and the series results have been updated here.

Well done to the almost 50 runners, of which around half did the challenge on the first night, thereby earning themselves an extra 20 points in the results. It is great to see many new names behind serial winner Matt Vokes, including highest scoring woman (and third overall) Suzy Whatmough.

Thank you to course setter Tom Sharpe, seen in the photo above with some of the early runners.

Next up is our January challenge, which will be another one hour ‘score’ race, this time inside Richmond Park (which offers great running at this time of year) – details will be available very soon.

Any questions or comments please don’t hesitate to contact

Matthias Mahr, Street-O coordinator


There are still things you can do – even in Tier 4.

For experienced orienteers:

By way of Street-O (for orienteers of any standard):

For less experienced orienteers:

POC’s of various difficulties are available
(please find via the POC database):

  • – Esher Common (the shorter courses)
  • – Wimbledon Park
  • – Elthorne Park
  • – Boston Manor Park
  • – Ravenscourt Park
  • – Paddington Recreation Ground
  • – Bishop’s Park
  • – Gunnersbury Park

Wimbledon Common Challenge Results

Well done to the 68 runners who successfully took on Don’s Wimbledon Common challenge in November – a great turn-out for what was a slightly different format. I hope you all enjoyed it, and I assume the technology worked as nobody asked me any questions!

Matt Vokes was the only person to get all controls within the hour, with Sarah Scarborough the highest-scoring woman. You can see the full results here. The course remains open to enjoy at any time if you want to see what you would have scored.

The challenge was part of our street orienteering series featuring monthly races from September to April, with the best 4 out of 8 scores to count. You can see the combined results after race 3 here.

Our next event is a street orienteering challenge around Richmond, which you can do on the evening of Tuesday 8 December using a specially printed map and bag drop service (and a 20 point bonus), or anytime in December thereafter. Details are available here.

Matthias Mahr, Street-O coordinator


at Richmond Canoe Club


Our December Street Orienteering challenge takes place in beautiful Richmond. 17 intrepid runners took part on the first night of Tuesday 8th December and secured themselves a 20-point bonus for doing so! Some of them are shown above with organiser Tom Sharpe on the right.

However, you can now do the race at a time of your choice, until Thursday 31st of December. The start and finish is just up from the the Richmond Canoe Club on the riverside, about a 15 minute walk from Richmond station.

AddressRichmond Canoe Club, Landsdowne Boathouse, 81-83 Petersham Rd, Richmond TW10 6UT
Latitude/longitude51.454, -0.303
OS grid referenceTQ180741
MapsGoogle Maps, OpenStreetMap

Here’s how it works:

1. If you haven’t already, please install MapRunF on your phone and download the race from UK > South London > StreetO > Richmond Dec20. If you’d like to run with a Garmin watch instead of your phone, follow these instructions as well.

2. Next, download and print the race map from here (you will need this to navigate.)  Both of these you can do at home! You can also print out the clue sheet, but this is for information only as your progress will be recorded by the App.

3. Once you’re at the start, press ‘Go To Start’ and enter code 6103.

4. Once the App starts the time, find controls in whichever order you like (there should be a beep each time), collecting 10 points for each control starting with a 1, 20 points for each one starting with a 2 and so on.

5. Make sure you’re back within the hour to avoid a 30-point penalty per minute late. Done!

Please note, there are no facilities available at the canoe club (such as bag storage or toilets) so please come prepared.

All competitors take part at their own risk, and because of our insurance any under-16s must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. You can do the course at any time but please be careful of other traffic, particularly in the dark.

If you have any questions, just ask me on

Wimbledon Common Score orienteering Challenge

What Is It? Our dedicated November orienteering activity is now live, and this time we have something different for you: The Wimbledon Common Score-O Challenge!

This works in exactly the same way as our monthly Street Orienteering race – you have one hour to find as many controls as possible – except that it’s on the lovely forest/park area of Wimbledon Common. 

When Can I Do It? The activity is open from now until the end of November, when final results will be collated. It is not an organised activity so you can do it whenever you like. As an extra incentive, results will count towards the Street-O series table.

Who Can Do It? This activity is free and open to anyone, although all competitors take part at their own risk. Please note that you should follow the latest government guidelines at all times, which include this paragraph relating to permitted travel: to spend time or exercise outdoors – this should be done locally wherever possible, but you can travel to do so if necessary (for example, to access an open space)

Where Is It? The activity starts and finishes in the car park of the Wimbledon Common Windmill, which is easily accessed from many parts of South London

LocationWimbledon Common
AddressWimbledon Windmill Car Park, Windmill Road, London SW19 5NQ
Latitude/longitude51.438, -0.2316
OS grid referenceTQ230725
MapsGoogle Maps, OpenStreetMap

How Does It Work?

1. Download and print this map to use for navigation.

2. If you haven’t already, install MapRunF on your phone and find the event under UK > South London > StreetO > Wimbledon Common. If you have a Garmin watch, you don’t need to take your phone on the run if you install MapRunG.

3. When ready, press ‘Go To Start’ and the App will automatically detect when you’re at the start and start your time. Each time you reach a control, the App will ‘beep’ and/or buzz to indicate successful passage. Get as many points as you can within 60 minutes and return to base, where the App will automatically Finish and upload your score. Done!

Scoring:  As usual, points will be awarded according to the first digit of each control number (so controls 10, 11 etc. are worth 10 points; 20, 21 etc. are worth 20 points and so on.) There is a stiff 30 point per minute penalty for lateness so it pays to be back on time!

GPS accuracy: We have tested all the controls for GPS-worthiness (although you may have to wait a few seconds for your GPS track to catch up.) If, despite being in the right place, a control refuses to register, please get in touch afterwards and I’ll see what I can do.

Questions? If you have any questions, do ask them on our Facebook event page or email me.

With many thanks to course setter Don McKerrow and MapRun guru Peter Foulkes.

Matthias Mahr, Street-O coordinator


November and December orienteering

As you might have seen, we’ve had to change the South London Orienteers programme for November and December due to the current situation. Unfortunately, the November Street-O as well as the forest races in Winterfold (day) and Wimbledon Common (Night) have had to be cancelled.

However, we are pleased to bring you two MapRun opportunities to orienteer before the end of the year:

In NOVEMBER, we’ll have a score event on Wimbledon Common that you can do anytime, courtesy of Don McKerrow – information is now available here.

And then in DECEMBER, we’ll have a Street-O score race based at the Richmond Canoe Club, courtesy of Tom Sharpe. Again, this will be available to do anytime over a few weeks, but we will offer a (socially distanced) bag storage service if you race on the usual date of Tuesday 8th December (evening). Information is now available here.

Both races will count towards this year’s Street-O series, along with the September and October races in Kings Cross and Fitzrovia and races still to come in January to April.

If you’d like to do even more orienteering, there are many other options available on our Permanent Courses page as well as those offered by other clubs such as MVOC and SN.

Matthias Mahr, Street-O coordinator

September Street-O Results

Congratulations to Ed Catmur for winning our first Street-O race of the season, based around the mix of old and new that is King’s Cross. Ed showed once again why he is the undisputed King of Street-O by being over 200 points ahead of his nearest rival, and covering over 14km to find all but two controls. You can see the full results here.

This, our first Virtual Street-O attracted just over 20 runners, a far cry from the 60-100 usual attendees crowded in a bustling pub. I’m guessing the low numbers were due to a combination of the location (a long way for many of you with no reason to be in Central London) and the absence of post race socialising – but please do let me know any feedback or ideas (whether you took part or not) on

On the plus side, the MapRun app worked very well and stores a GPS track and ‘controls visited’ list of all runners, which are well worth having a look – you can either access them via ‘Show Results’ in the App if you took part, or search for “Kings Cross” on the MapRun Console. Here is Ed’s route:

Ed’s route around the King’s Cross Street-O

The next Street-O race is being planned by LOK around Fitzrovia and details will be published on their site shortly.

Matthias Mahr, Street-O coordinator,