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City Race 2020

UPDATE 17th March

With the situation regarding the coronavirus pandemic it is not now clear if this race will go ahead. It will take some time for the situation to become clear.

Results from last year’s race.

Original Announcement

Here are preliminary details for the London City Race 2020 which we are delighted is one of nine races in the 2020 Euro City Tour.

The race is on Saturday 12th September 2020, in a complex residential area with scattered parks. As usual for the City Race the map is at 1:5000 and we have extended it from previous years. Longer courses will visit the newly mapped area.

The station nearest to the event centre is Canada Water, south of the river in the old Surrey Docklands.

Canada Water (Wikipedia)

Latitude/longitude51.497, -0.049
OS grid referenceTQ355794
MapsGoogle Maps, OpenStreetMap

Heading photo: thanks to Steve Rush: it’s from his set of the 2018 race.

  • Courses
    • Men’s Elite
    • Women’s Elite
    • Men’s Open
    • Women’s Open
    • Men’s Veteran (M40+)
    • Women’s Veteran (W40+)
    • Men’s Under-21 (M20-)
    • Women’s Under-21 (W20-)
    • Men’s Super-Veteran (M55+)
    • Women’s Super-Veteran (W55+)
    • Men’s Ultra-Veteran (M65+)
    • Women’s Ultra-Veteran (W65+)
    • Men’s Hyper-Veteran (M75+)
    • Women’s Hyper-Veteran (W75+)
    • Junior (M/W16-)
    • Children (M/W12-)
    • Tourists & Newcomers

Accompanying races

Chigwell Orienteering Club are organising a race on Friday 11th evening in Stratford, including the Olympic Park.

London Orienteering Klubb are organising a middle race on Sunday 13th morning in a complex area of new development at King’s Cross.

Albion Channel, by Matt Buck (Licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 Generic license.)
Part of the previous map, used for the 9th London City Race in 2016

Results from the 12th London City Race

Results from the 12th London City Race which took place in the City of London on Saturday 21 September 2019, have now been published.

Update 1 (Sunday evening): The results were first published on Saturday evening and have been updated/finalised on Sunday evening. Note that Routegadget lists the preliminary results.

Update 2 (Tuesday lunchtime): The Men’s Ultravets course and results are now correctly shown on Routegadget.

Amendments to results
Unfortunately a number of courses were affected by the unexpected blocking of a road for part of the morning.  The legs which were impacted by this have been removed from the results:
Course 1  Leg 24-25, Course 2  Leg 17-18, Course 3  Leg 25-26, Course 4  Leg 13-14, Course 5  Leg 23-24, Course 7  Legs 2-3 and 3-4, Course 11 Legs 7-8 and 8-9. We hope that this didn’t affect your run too badly. We are also aware that the Women’s Elite map had part of the control descriptions obscuring a possible route choice – our apologies for this. Alan Rosen (Controller)

For result queries please contact the organiser, Alan Leakey, at .

Partner Events

Results from the Friday campus sprint that kicked off the London City Race Weekend at Middlesex University, are published by organisers London Orienteering Klubb here. Results from the Greenwich Park and Urban Race which closed the weekend are on the DFOK website.

London City Race 2017 Results

Results from the London City Race which took place on 9 September, part of the London City Race 2017 weekend, are now available.

Any queries to

See also the results for Wapping on Friday and the London Ultrasprint on Sunday.

Wapping Evening Sprint Results

Final results from the Wapping Evening Sprint which took place on 8 September, part of the London City Race 2017 weekend, are now available.

Please note that legs into and out of Control 204 (under the bridge near Wapping Dock) have been voided due to the control being vandalised during the race. Note that they continue to appear as normal legs in Winsplits/Splitsbrowser/Routegadget but are voided for the official results list appearing on SLOWeb and British Orienteering websites.

Any queries to Andy at .

See also the results for the main London City Race on Saturday and the London Ultrasprint on Sunday.

City Race 2017: Final Details

Final Details for the 2017 London City Race are now available here.

These supersede all previous information given about the races.

Travel Update: Saturday

There are engineering works affecting many of the lines through Moorgate station. Moorgate will still be served by the Hammersmith & City line (from King’s Cross through to Barking) and the Northern Line (unaffected).

We believe that the most affected will be people travelling from Paddington and Marylebone – an extra 10 minutes to travel via Bakerloo and Northern changing at Elephant & Castle. Other mainline stations shouldn’t be affected. The advice in all cases should be to use the TfL Journey Planner and allow an extra 10 minutes.

The races will be run with SIAC contactless punching in parallel with traditional SI cards. This guide provides details on how contactless punching operates, compared to regular punching.

London City Race Weekend 2017

collogoFor the tenth running of the London City Race, we bring you 3 orienteering races in 3 days, in one great city! Run and navigate through iconic London locations. All races are easily accessible using London’s integrated public transport network. Entries are now closed – see start times and final details.

1. Friday 8 Sep 2017
– Wapping Evening Sprint

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[Results now available]

Wapping is a great sprint area with mixture of urban, small parks and canals. Start times from 1830 – 2030. Headtorch recommended for later starters although the area is well lit. Courses will be of mid length (2.0-4.5km). Event centre is the John Orwell sports centre. SI timing. Nearest station is Wapping (London Overground).

AddressWapping (Event Centre TBC)
Latitude/longitude51.5048, -0.0617
OS grid referenceTQ346802
MapsGoogle Maps, OpenStreetMap

Courses available – as for the main race on Saturday (see below) with some merging of courses.

2. Saturday 9 Sep 2017
– The 10th London City Race, The Barbican

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[Results now available]

The tenth London City Race is back where it all started – focused on the urban orienteering delight that is the Barbican in the City of London.

LocationThe Barbican
AddressThe Barbican (Event Centre TBC)
Latitude/longitude51.5192, -0.0945
OS grid referenceTQ323817
MapsGoogle Maps, OpenStreetMap

Start times are listed here. Courses will be based on the approximate length below – these are straight-line distances, expect to run 30%-50% further depending on your navigational skill!

Course Category Length km
1 Men’s Elite 9.0
2 Women’s Elite 7.5
3 Men’s Open 7.0
4 Women’s Open 6.0
5 Men’s Vets (M40+) 7.0
6 Women’s Vets (W40+) 5.0
7 Men’s Super Vets (M55+) 6.0
8 Women’s Super Vets (W55+) 4.0
9 Men’s Ultra Vets (M65+) 4.5
10 Women’s Ultra Vets (W65+) 3.5
1 Men’s Hyper Vets (M75+) 4.0
12 Women’s Hyper Vets (W75+) 3.0
13 Juniors (M/W 16-) 3.0
14 Kids (M/W 12-) 1.5
15 Newcomers 4.0

This year, the Saturday race is part of the UK Urban League – note the different age categories to previous years, to coincide with this league. For M/W21s, scoring for the UK Urban League will be firstly for the elite race and then (so the winner of the open race will get 1 less point than the last person in the elite field)

3. Sunday 10 Sep 2019
– London Ultrasprint, Victoria Park

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The London Ultrasprint, a series of short prologue park sprints followed by a final, is organised by London Orienteering Klubb and takes place on the Sunday morning – full details on their website. Start times are from 1030-1215, with the finals from 1245.

LocationVictoria Park
AddressVictoria Park (TBC)
Latitude/longitude51.5351, -0.0496
OS grid referenceTQ354836
MapsGoogle Maps, OpenStreetMap


Online entry is closed – see here for start times.

Contactless punching will be used for the first two events at Wapping and the Barbican. Contactless SIACs can be hired for £2.50 each. However the controls will be set to take standard SI cards as well so those wanting to use their own old SI cards (or hire these at a cheaper cost) will be able to use them.


General enquiries: Vince Roper
Entry enquiries: Nigel Saker

The London City Race and the Wapping Evening Sprint are organised by SLOW, and the London Ultrasprint is organised by LOK.

Race Officials

Race director & Saturday/Sunday organiser:  Vince Roper, SLOW.
Entries manager: Nigel Saker, SLOW.
Friday planner: Katrin Harding, SLOW.
Saturday planner: Ed Catmur, SLOW.
Sunday planner: LOK.