Ham Urban Results

Thanks to Broughside Management Company and Richmond-upon-Thames Council for facilitating our event and allowing us to appreciate a lovely area for orienteering.

Thankyou from SLOW to organiser Chris Glew, planner Barbara Griessner, controller Simon Ling (of Mole Valley MCFRS), timing & equipment lead Gordon Parker, mapper Alan Leakey, and on-the-day volunteers.

And thanks too to 177 runners for helping us celebrate our first event of this type since pre-COVID times, it was “Not the City Race”.

Organiser’s Comments

I would just like to say that everyone said they enjoyed the event and that the course was interesting, tricky and fun, so thanks to Barbara for that.

Thanks to Thames Young Mariners for a fantastic venue for assembly, to the residents of Ham for their forbearance  and to all the marshals and volunteers.

Special thanks to Alan Leakey, Steve Clelland, Gordon Parker and Simon Ling for all their help.

Planner’s Comments

This was my first go at planning a “real” event. I had prepared the maprun course on Tooting Bec as part of the Park Series but that was a much smaller undertaking. I did enjoy doing it, and I’m glad I did. It was particularly nice to hear appreciative comments from runners on the day. And I am grateful for the help and support from many people.

When designing the courses I found it really absorbing to plan how to use all the little alleyways that make up Ham. Thinking about all the possible route choices to get through the streets and passageways, and the many ways I could test competitors, was a lot of fun. It was a real challenge to think about seven different courses. And it was also challenging to stay mindful about the rules for the junior courses. I also found there is lots more to the planning job than getting a puzzling course on a map. For example trying to find hooks, posts or fences to hang a control when I wasn’t allowed stakes.

I had lots and lots of conversations with experienced orienteers. Alan Leakey coached me through the process, and provided very helpful advice on setting long legs: I really enjoyed planning those in the maze that is the north of the map. Thanks also to Simon Ling our controller, who suggested a number of tweaks that made the route choices better. Of course it was hard for me at time to let go of my favourite legs, but Simon made his suggestions skilfully. And thanks to Gordon Parker who gave valuable last minute tips, and packaged up all the controls ready before the event, and Don McKerrow who came out a couple of times with me for us to discuss and update the map.

And finally thanks to Chris Glew and Steve Clelland (who although unable to attend on the day took the lead with coordinating volunteer helpers), for their support, particularly with the practical aspects of placing, checking and collecting 59 controls.

Courses & Classes

The racing was organised as 14 classes on seven courses.

Course 1MO (Open Men)
Course 2WO (Open Women) MV (Veteran Men 40+)
Course 3WV (Veteran Women 40+) MSV (Supervet Men 55+)
Course 4WSV (Supervet Women 55+) MUV (Ultravet Men 65+)
Course 5WUV (Ultravet Women 65+) MHV (Hypervet Men 75+) WHV (Hypervet Women 75+)
Course 6MJ (Junior Men 16-) WJ (Junior Women 16-)
Course 7MYJ (Young Junior Men 12-) WYJ (Young Junior Women 12-)

Results by Class

Results by Course

Split Times


(Because of the timed-out crossing on junior courses, upload from GPS will not properly sync for those courses.)