Posting News Articles


Please remember you are writing as the club rather than as yourself, so phrase it as such. Using the third person is normally appropriate.


News articles should generally have at least one photograph, where available. The photograph should generally be taken by SLOW members, or if taken by another party, permission should be sought for its re-use. If a photograph is not readily available, use Flickr – do a search, filtering for Creative-Commons licenced imagery (Advanced Search -> Only search within Creative Commons-licensed content) and use one of these. Include the appropriate credit in italics at the end of the post. Example: Photo CC-By-SA FedOrientamento on Flickr. You can include a link to the photo page within the credit, if you want to.

The photos should generally be as big as possible, but not wider than 640px. If using the photo at the top of the article, it should generally not be taller than 480px. In general, use a single large photo at the top, followed by the text, and then either intersperse more photos with the text, or put another photograph at the end, if available. This last photo should again be up to 640px, as large as possible, with no height limit this time.


Please don’t upload Word or Excel files. Please convert these to PDF and upload those. (Use CutePDF if on a PC.) If you want to use the website as a Word/Excel document repository, that’s OK – but don’t link to the files in blog posts – link to the PDF versions instead.

Social Media

Once you have published your article, go to it, copy the URL, and paste it in as a new entry on the South London Orienteers Facebook page. Press the space bar, and Facebook should augment the URL with a summary of the first few words of the article, plus a thumbnail of the first image. You can cycle through other images if available. If there are no images, it will default to the SLOW logo which is OK. N.B. You will need to be a Manager or Content Creator to do this, otherwise you posting will confined to a small space on the right where few people will see it. Contact the administrator you are not set up as one.

Example of successful posting of article onto the South London Orienteers Facebook page:

The Twitter account is handled separately, but you may wish to let the person who manages the account if your story is particularly noteworthy or time-constrained.

RSS Feed

This is posted automatically, within a few minutes (or seconds) of you first publishing. Corrections should feed through too.