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Results for Richmond Park Night-O & Night-O Series

The final race of SLOW’s 2016-17 Night-O series was held on Wimbledon Common on Tuesday 21 March 2017. Conor Short won the event overall to take second place in the series to Paul Couldridge, with Slavjana Birec beating Sue Carter to be the first lady home.

Organiser’s Comments

Thanks to everyone who made the journey out to Mortlake for the final race in the 2016-2017 night-o series. It was great to witness in excess of 50 people at a mass start graced by a herd of deer crossing our path moments before. Special thanks to Paul, Matt, Chris and Russ for holding the fort whilst I put controls out and to the control collectors (Steve, Duncan, Ed, Tom and Conor). Also a big congratulations to our series prize winners:

Men Open –

  • 1st Paul Couldridge (300),
  • 2nd Conor Short (299),
  • 3rd Scott Collier (297).
  • M50+ 1st Pete Huzan (280).

Women Open –

  • 1st Sue Carter (254),
  • 2nd Julie Murphy (230),
  • 3rd Iris Lueke (214).

W50+ – 1st also Sue Carter, so prize awarded to Fiona Tam, a narrow 4th on Women’s Open (212).

Full series results are available here.

There are prizes still to collect for Scott, Pete, Julie and Iris – I’ll be at the Tooting street-o or JK, so please let me know when’s best for you.
James Lyne,

Results from the Wimbledon Common Night-O

The penultimate race of SLOW’s 2016-17 Night-O series was held on Wimbledon Common on Tuesday 28 February 2017. Paul Couldridge won the event overall with Heather Findlay the first lady home.

Series results after four events are now available here.

Paul’s win takes him to a maximum 300 points, but Scott Collier has 200 with one race remaining, due to his organising the latest event. He can join Paul to tie the series by winning the final event. In the women’s competition, only a virtually impossible high placing from Julie Murphy can prevent Sue Carter from keeping the top spot.

Dunsfold MTBO Results

The first race in SLOW and L&SEAR’s 2017 mountain bike orienteering series took place on Sunday 26 February at Dunsfold. The race attracted 31 pairs and solo competitors.

The winner was Ian Cartwright (M50) with a score of 340. Other winners were:

  • Female Solo: Jane Robinson = 220
  • Male Pair: Alick & James Fraser = 266
  • Mixed Pair: Roland Sieber & Julie Rand = 226

The score event results and splits are available here.

The next MTBO event is on Sunday 21 May. Watch this site for details!

Results from the Ham Night-O, January 2017

The third race of SLOW’s 2016-17 Night-O series was held on Ham Lands on Tuesday 22 November 2017. Scott Collier won the event overall with Sue Carter again the first lady home.

Series results after three events are now available here.

Organiser’s comments

I have been interested in Ham Common Wood ever since the last night O in Ham 3 years ago, that gave us a fleeting glimpse of western edge. However my initial recce in early January found that the (14 year old) map required a fair number of updates to be usable, particularly with regard to new paths that had appeared and old ones that were no longer in existence. Frustratingly a number of interesting looking areas of woodland were not practical to use due to bramble cover.

I was pleased with how smoothly things went on the night, with the obviously exception of control 164. I put it out in daylight and I did not consider it at risk of being interfered with. Alas, a member of the public did find it and decided to bury it under a pile of leaves! Well done to Alice (aged 7) for finding it again. A number of competitors wasted time searching for the control before it was recovered, so the only fair course of action was to void the control and take the adjoining legs out of the overall times.

Many thanks to Vicky, Don, Richard, Matt and Andy for helping on the night and especially Pete for volunteering to collect controls from the riverside area.
Steve Clelland

36th Box Hill Race Report and Results

Full Individual Results

Full Team Results


Well that was a cold one. My car was registering minus 6 when I arrived at 8.15 to put the first flags out. Combined with the sunshine that did give us some beautiful views. My favourite was coming into the open after the last road crossing. It was a north facing slope which the sun can’t have visited all winter and the frost must have been an inch thick. It made for some very fast and firm going. Too firm for one lady who had to retire after a fall and a visit to A&E confirmed she had broken her collar bone. We wish her a speedy recovery.
At the front end it was a welcome return to the race after a few years absence for James McMullan of Thames Hare and Hounds. James was the record holder on the old (pre-2015) course, and so a new record looked to be on the cards. However a fall when jumping a fallen tree 2 miles from the end forced James to slow down and miss the record by 16 seconds. He said “I just jogged in after that”, which can be translated for the rest of us as “I just retained my 3 minute lead”.
No such problem for the first lady. Nichola Jackson of Ranelagh Harriers stormed round to beat both 2nd place and the previous record by over 5 minutes. It’s difficult to compare the new course with the old one, but I think her time would have put her close behind the great names of Sarah Rowell, Angela Carson and Yvette Hague who were the fastest then, but all from the last century.
There were many impressive age group performances. Richard Phillips is a first year veteran and took second place for the second consecutive year. William Stanley was the youngest in the race and took an excellent 4th place. But perhaps the most impressive performance came from Lynda Hembury in winning F60. She was a mere 3 seconds behind the leading F40 and many minutes ahead of the F50 winner.
Serpentine again took the team prize but were not packing as closely at the front as in previous years. Can someone take it from them? Reigate Priory certainly put up a strong showing and, as host club, it was good to see some of our younger members putting in fine performances.
Although we mourned for the delights of the Sports Club bar that we enjoyed for 24 years, we were excellently looked after by Phil the caretaker and Lin in the office at our new base. Thanks also to all the wonderful officials and marshals from SLOW; Peter on the computer, Chris on registration, finish and nearly everything, Mike on road signs, course flagging and road crossing, Fran and Dave for course sweeping, Linda and Katie on finish and registration, Don as first aider, Nigel, Steve and Ed on road crossings, Jane at number issue and all those on parking and number issue before they ran.
And personally one of the high points of the day was being able to talk to the 1984 winner, Chris Hirst, who was here to watch his son race to a fine 10th place.


Results from the Richmond Park Night-O

The first race of SLOW’s 2016-17 Night-O series was held in Richmond Park on Tuesday 1 November. Paul Couldridge won by over three minutes, with Iris Lueke the first lady home.

Planner’s comments

Thanks to everyone for coming tonight. We had a great turnout. And so thank you to people who agreed to recycle their maps at the end of their runs so that everyone could get a run.

This was the first event that I have planned. I hope the courses provided you with the challenge you were looking for. If you have any feedback, I would be interested to hear what you have to say. Please upload your routes to RouteGadget. It’s helpful to see which routes everyone took. I think I should have placed the finish at a simpler location (as it doesn’t have a control description). Apologies to anyone who lost time trying to find the finish.

Thanks to Tom Cochrane, Don McKerrow, Paul Couldridge, Peter Huzan for their help before, during and after the event. And thanks to everyone who offered to help as well. All that help makes it so much easier to put these events on.
Sue Carter

MTB Results Gomshall

The fourth and final race in SLOW and L&SEAR’s mountain bike orienteering series took place on Sunday 23 October at Gomshall. The race attracted another record 53 entrants.

The winner was Dave Brothers (M40) with a score of 360. Other winners were:

  • Female Solo – Di Leakey (W60) = 200
  • Male Pair – Alick & James Fraser = 230
  • Female Pair – Sarah Brown & Winfried Meider = 180
  • Mixed Pair – Andy Chesworth & Nicola Winter = 130

Results and splitsare now available. Final series results are now available.

Congratulations to Julian Hemsted who won the overall series, and to Jane Robinson who was the first female.

Many thanks to Dan & Helen Murphy for organising the event.

There may be a night MTB event in December – watch this website!