British Sprint Weekend 2024

Several SLOW members enjoyed the British Sprint Relays and the British Sprint Championships in the Midlands on the weekend 22-23rd June. Everyone found a way to get there despite the rail engineering work! Well done to everyone who ran.


First up was the sprint relays. It was pretty special, being an evening relay on one of the longest days of the year. The arena at the University of Birmingham was brilliant, with the clock tower being useful for getting to start at the right time. Many thanks to Harlequins Orienteering Club for organising.

SLOW fielded five teams: one team in the Elite, Veteran and Ultra Veteran classes and two teams in the Ad Hoc class.

Unfortunately two of our teams mispunched. However a brilliant silver for our Ultra Veteran team more than made up for this! The results show it was an exciting race with the positions changing on the last leg.

Silver medallists Don, Di, Alan still smiling the next day!


The individual sprint was held at the University of Warwick the next day with two races: a morning qualification race and an afternoon finals race. A huge thanks to Octavian Droobers for making it happen despite the late challenges. Well done to all 16 SLOW members who took part.

M18A Timofey

MOpenA 11th Jason, 14th Michael

MOpenB Himmy

WOpenB 5th Vinh, 27th Dany

W45A 4th Heather (only 14s off bronze)

M45B 6th Maxim

M50A 14th Colin

M55B Chris

M60B 13th Roger

W65A 6th Di

M70A 8th Don, 13th Alan

M75A 16th David

Orange 2nd Sarah

(Top header photo of is the Ad Hoc relay start. Photo by Rob Lines.)