The SLOW Spring Series 2013

SLOW’s 2013 Spring Series kicks off in style on 20 January at the South East Championships, hosted by DFOK at Westerham. The second event is TVOC’s Chiltern Challenge at Christmas Common on 10 February, followed by the Ace of Herts at Burnham Beeches and Egypt Wood two weeks later, with the final two events at two week intervals after that.

Every SLOW member has a chance to win this competition, as the Spring Series will be run on a handicap basis within the same age classes used for the Autumn Series. Handicaps will be based broadly on national ranking points, but we will accommodate those without a ranking. Prizes will be awarded on one of the JK days.

The club’s social officer has carefully selected pubs to meet at after each event, listed below. These provide a great opportunity to meet up with other club members, discuss runs and analyse route choices over lunch and a drink. All the events have have been added to the Hot Picks calendar.

Four of the five events are part of the South East League club competition and the SE Galoppen individual league, so SLOW competitors will also earn points for the club and themselves in those competitions.

Entries should be made through Fabian4. The SEOA first round of the CompassSport Cup is scheduled to take place between the second and third events in the series.

Date Event Post-race pub Closing date for entries
20 January DFOK Westerham The Grasshopper Inn, Westerham 12 January
10 February TVOC Christmas Common The Chequers, Watlington 3 February
24 February HH Burnham Beeches The Blackwood Arms, Littleworth 21 February
10 March MV Balcombe The Cowdray Arms, Balcombe 3 March
24 March GO Verdley The Red Lion, Fernhurst 16 March