MTBO Arborfield Results

Results & splits from SLOW’s and L&SEAR’s inaugural Mountain Bike Orienteering score event held at Arborfield on Sunday 18 January 2015.

Planner’s comments

To set a MTBO course in the middle of January was going to be a challenge for obvious reasons. Having cycled and raced many areas in my home county of Surrey and Berkshire I decided on the event location Arborfield Garrison. The Bramshill Hunt pub was chosen as the event centre as it offered ample parking, access to a separate area for registration, downloads and somewhere to warm up after, with some very nice food. This location was decided upon because of the number of byways, quiet back lanes and fire trails which are ideal for winter riding.

The course was laid out to suit newcomers with a number of checkpoints close to the event centre and for advanced racers with a challenge of greater distance South of the event centre. An overall course clearance was based on a distance of just over 40km which would be a challenge for any fast rider. Having set out the course on Saturday I reported back saying that the trails were in great shape… well the deluge of rain that fell that night certainly made riding some of the byways a challenge with puddles deeper than riders expected. Everyone came back covered in mud but smiling and making comment on how they had enjoyed the event and were looking forward to the next one. A big thanks to helpers and of course the riders who came out to support this first event.
Mark Humphrey, Planner

Organiser’s comments

We were really pleased to welcome 48 people to our first MTB Score event and the first race of the 2015 series. 24 solos, 10 pairs and 1 family team completed the two hour course and there were lots of smiles at the end despite (or because of) the muddy conditions! Well done to our winners and to all those who were trying the sport for the first time – we do hope you’ll join us again next time.

Many thanks to the manager and bar staff at the Bramshill Hunt who made us all very welcome despite the muddy conditions.

Our next event is on the 12th April, with the exact location still to be confirmed but somewhere in the Ranmore Common area. Expect warmer weather and more hills!
Nicki Adams, Organiser and Series Coordinator