Richmond Park Billygoat Night-O Results, March 2015

The final race of SLOW’s 2014-15 Night-O series was held in Richmond Park on Thursday 26 March. Paul Couldridge managed to prevent Ed Catmur from completing a full house, beating him by over a minute. Nicki Adams beat Sue Carter by over three minutes and crucially by three places to be first woman home.

Planner’s comments

Thanks everyone for coming and I hope you enjoyed the “Billygoat” format. It seemed to prompt quite some discussion and indeed the choice of skips was quite varied. Control 5 was the favourite with 13 skips on the long course, followed by control 14 with 11 skips and then control 1 with 9 skips. Other skips were 16 (8), 8 (7), 13 (4), 4 (4), 10 (2), 11 (1), 3 (1).
Matthias Mahr

Night Series 2014-15 Results

The men’s title was again sealed by Ed Catmur by the third race, eventually winning four of the five races in this year’s series. Paul Couldridge appears to be back to fitness, taking second with two second places and first in the last race of the series.

Nicki Adams’ performance in the final race brought her up to tie on points with Sue Carter. Normally we’d look to either performances head-to-head or in the other races. Not having decided which in advance, and with them sharing one decider each, it seems fairest to call it a tie.

Pete Huzan won the men’s veterans and Christine Robinson the ladies.