SLOW's Autumn Series: standings after four races

The fourth race of South London Orienteers’ Autumn Series was Guildford Orienteers’ event at Amblesham. While three titles have been secured, competition remains very tight heading into the last race of the series.

Series standings after four races

  • Men’s Open: Angus Liu leads the competition, having placed well in three races, but could face challenges from Ed Catmur, Ollie O’Brien and Matthias Mahr.
  • Women’s Open: particularly tight between Charlotte Turner leading by one place from Steph Moss. Only an outright win from Steph will secure her the title; second ahead of Charlotte will reduce it to head-to-head results, where Charlotte has won three of four.
  • Men’s Vets: club captain Pete Huzan has wrapped up the title with four straight victories. It only remains to be seen if he can complete a full house.
  • Women’s Vets: Dorte Torpe Hansen has also secured the title, dropping only three points in her four races.
  • Men’s Super/Ultra Vets: despite still being open on paper, Charlie Turner has won the series. He is controlling the event on Sunday, and convention dictates that this earns him the equal of his highest points in the series. Andy Robinson has also chosen not to run, so Charlie takes the title.
  • Women’s Super/Ultra Vets: the tightest competition with Di Leakey leading by one point from Karen Jones and by three from Teresa Turner. A three way tie on points is possible if Teresa wins with Karen second. There is everything to run for in the final race!
  • Juniors: Abigail Whiston is the sole competitor in the series at this stage. Anyone competing in the final race could share the honours with her if she doesn’t race.

With congratulations to Pete, Dorte and Charlie, there is still plenty of interest in the series going in to the final race at Hindleap Warren.