Impressive Results for SLOW at Fantasy Football

Posted by Phil Marsland

The Fantasy Football League finished last month, and SLOW had some good performances in the 43-team Nopesport Orienteers league. Periennial top performer Pete Huzan’s team “Sloths” was 2nd (and in the top 0.5% nationally), thanks to fantastic bargain-basement hunting purchases such as Odemwinge from West Brom, my own “Blue Moon Rising” (named before i knew about the film) was 4th (product of not choosing Tevez as a hedge to City not playing well, and then keeping faith with Rooney whilst he underperformed, then finally selling him at a loss just as he turned the corner), Paul was 10th (for the uninitiated his chosen team name “Nott ‘arf Krap” wasn’t a reflection on their performance, but is merely the place where Portsmouth play spelled out backwards). Scott’s “AFC Kernow” and Tom’s “Different Gravy” didn’t fare so well, but at least they avoided the dreaded bottom three.

Of course it wouldn’t be football without one note of controvsery – the 43 teams were nominated by 42 different players. one player (Ian Turner – WCH?) nominated two teams. Given that his teams finished first and third, any move to disqualify him for entering more than one team would leave SLOW with first and second…