South-East Galoppen

The final results for the South-East Galoppen 2008 have now been calculated – the results file is here on the SEOA website (Excel file). A total of six scores count from the results of the all Regional and National events held in the south-east region over the calendar year, which were as follows:

  • 3/2/08 – Woolbeding Common (GO)
  • 24/2/08 – Holmbury Hill (LOK)
  • 2/3/08 – Mill Bank & Whitley (SAX)
  • 22/3/08 – Leith Hill (JK day 2)
  • 23/3/08 – Ashdown Forest (JK day 3)
  • 13/4/08 – Houghton (SO)
  • 23/11/08 – Broxbourn (CHIG)
  • 30/11/08 – Broadstone Warren (SO)
  • 28/12/08 – Long Valley South (SN)

All individual members of every south-east club score points at these events, with 100 for 1st, 99 for 2nd, 98 for 3rd and so on. Certificates are awarded to first three in each class over the whole series. Congratulations to the following SLOW members who achieved top 3 finishes in their respective classes:

Robert Jones (1st JM5M), Charles McMillan (3rd JM5L), John Wilson (3rd M21S), Paul Whiston (2nd M35L), Mike Garvin (2nd M35S), Vince Roper (1st M40S), Charlie Turner (2nd M55L), Alan Leakey (3rd M55L), Mike Murray (1st M60L), Sarah-Jane Gaffney (3rd W21L), Charlotte Turner (1st W21S), Ruth King (3rd W21S), Raffaella Marin (3rd W40L), Teresa Turner (1st W60L), Susan Lumas (2nd W70L).

The events which will count towards the 2009 Galoppen include the following events in the first few months of 2009 (plus further events later in the year):

  • 4/1/09 – Eridge Old Park (SAX)
  • 18/1/09 – Pippingford Park (MV)
  • 1/2/09 – Heyshott Common (GO)

Many thanks to Ed Cox who coordinates and calculates the Galoppen scores.