Greater London and Surrey Scout Orienteering

Congratulations to the 36 scouts from Surrey and Greater London who turned out for the orienteering coaching session on Esher Common on Saturday afternoon. Everyone had a lot of fun, and hopefully learned something in the process! The results from the two courses are below – congratulations to the winners!

Thanks to the scout leaders and parents for bringing the scouts along, and to South London Orienteers Chris Wroe and Christine Robinson for organising.

We hope to see you again soon for another session some time in 2014.

Group County Time
Greg Brett Merton Park ESU GLSW 24:42
Oliver Thompson and Jake Goulding 1st Oxshott Surrey 35:54
Duncan Hay Merton Park ESU GLSW 37:56
Jaxon Vary 1st Hinchley Wood Surrey 48:54
Liam Mayhow and Alex Cooksey 1st Oxshott Surrey 52:23
Dirk Esterhuyse and James Oakley Croham Valley GLSW 59:08
James Briers 1st Tolworth GLSW 61:28
Joesph Benson 1st Claygate Surrey 18:41
Remi Norris 1st Oxshott Surrey 25:22
Jonathan Bennett and Edward Paterson Leander Sea Scouts GLSW 30:46
Jack Twort, Guy Parkin and Daffyd John 1st Tolworth GLSW 32:02
Theo Maniura and Henry Silverstein 14th Wimbledon GLSW 33:28
Harry Fennell and Alexander Byers 1st Tolworth GLSW 36:48
Lauren George and Finn Lyttle 14th Wimbledon GLSW 41:17
Thomas Martin and Evan Donauan-Hill 1st Merton Park GLSW 42:14
Priya Fennell, Holly Powell, Peter Keen,
Thomas Howard, Briony Wadham
1st Tolworth GLSW 43:49
Tom Duncan and Max Emes 14th Wimbledon GLSW 53:57
Oliver Duckworth 14th Wimbledon GLSW 54:38
Lydia Williams and Olivia Twort 1st Tolworth GLSW 55:54
Morgan Brits 14th Wimbledon GLSW 60:48