Wisley Coaching – June 12th 2005

A big buzz with 28 participants at the recent coaching day on Wisley Common including a group from Tiffin school in Kingston and two new Italian members. Thank you to all the coaches who helped. Congratulations to Ralph Street, Karen/Joshua Morrewski and Kamlesh Walia who won the odds and evens relay and to Jackie Steinitz who won the distance estimation competition. Full results can be seen below:

Wisley results

Odds and Evens relay

1. Team 5: Ralph Street, Karen/Joshua Morrewski, Kamlesh Walia
2. Team 4: James McMillan, Fiona Steinitz, Emma Farmery
3. Team 6: Greg Street, Ian Christie, Jonathan Williams
4. Team 8: Sarah Abrams, Ellis Farmery, Mark Mitchison
5. Team 10: Kate Lugton, Anna van Leemputten, Joe Brown
6. Team 2: Rafaella Marin, Annabel Dawson, Akash Bhanot
7. Team 1: Andrea Rebora, Hannah Farmery, Aaron Moran
8. Team 7: Mike Williamson, James Farmery, Hashim Dangra
9. Team 3: Charles McMillan, Max Camara, Mark Siu

Distance estimation

1. Jackie Steinitz 120m
2. James McMillan 120.33m
3. Phil Marsland 121m
4. Chris Couldery 117.5m
4. Annabel Dawson 123m
5. Kate Lugton 124m
6. Sarah Abrams 124.5m
7. Barbara Lugton 128m
8. Karen/Joshua Morrewski 75m