Box Hill Fell Race still on (5pm Friday)

We currently expect the Box Hill Fell Race to take place as normal. Given the prevailing conditions competitors need to consider the following:

  • Allow enough time to travel (including clearing the car of snow or checking that trains are running).
  • Do not race if feeling unwell.
  • Take adequate clothing. Consider the risk of hypothermia if you twisted an ankle a mile from the nearest road.
  • Footwear. Make sure it has adequate grip. If your choice is limited to road shoes or the disallowed cross country spikes, choose the latter.

The FRA’s safety requirements state: “the general philosophy… is that the COMPETITOR should take responsibility for his/her own safety.”

The Zig Zag Road was closed today, but BBC News reports that major routes are clear. We can expect it to be closed tomorrow, but will aim to have the marshals out early enough to start the race on time.

We will update the website by 8 am on Saturday morning if there is any change to the status of the race.

Andy Robinson, Organiser
5pm, Friday 18 January