OK Nuts 2021 Final Details

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Final Details

We have always seen SLOW’s big annual forest race, the OK Nuts, as being an age class competition. Combining this with runners able to enter any course they choose makes for many classes – 49 in all. We currently (evening May 4th) have 427 entrants in age classes and 81 in classes named by the course colour and “other”.

We invite anyone entered on an “other” class, where they are eligible for one of the age classes running the same course, to edit their entry to the age class. For example anyone running Black on their own is eligible for M21, any woman running short brown on their own is eligible for W21. Age class results will list runners’ “real” British Orienteering Age Class.


Late Entries & Amendments

For the late entry period we have reorganised the allocation so most classes now have some free slots. If an Age Class you would like to enter is not available, please email  and we may be able to free up an additional entry in the desired class.

Late Entries will close midnight Friday, earlier if all the spare maps are sold.