SLOW Leads out the Jukola Night Relay

Phil Marsland, Ludo Maillard, Ian Webb, Ed Catmur, Andy Robinson. Photo: Phil Marsland

South London Orienteers were in action at the Jukola 2015 international night relay on Saturday 13 June in Finland. The team, #349, finished 855th, around half-way down, placing as high as 375th during the race itself. Team members were Ludo Maillard, Ian Webb, Ed Catmur, Phil Marsland, Alan Leakey*, Andy Robinson and Peter Huzan*. Jukola is the world’s premier night orienteering race.

*Not pictured above.

Another SLOW athlete, Ralph Street, running for his international club Södertälje Nykvarn Orienter, led the race out, sprinting clear of the starting pack, and staying near the front for much of his run, ending in 68th position. You can see him at the front, in the #3 top, in a spectacular video (link removed, but you will find it if you search.)


Final results:

LegRunnerLeg length (km)Leg timeLeg positionRelay timeRelay position
1Ludovic Maillard13.81:58:295461:58:29546
2Ian Webb12.31:49:475813:48:17486
3Ed Catmur15.82:05:003055:53:17392
4Phil Marsland8.11:33:0111517:26:19522
5Alan Leakey8.61:31:058838:57:24576
6Andy Robinson12.62:57:56147111:55:21840
7Peter Huzan14.62:18:06101614:13:27855