Jukola 2019

Camping. Photo by Centum OK, Flickr

South London Orienteers fielded a team to the Jukola relay in Kangasala. The Jukola relay is the biggest sports event in Finland and the world’s biggest relay competition in orienteering.

The team did well with particular good runs from Ed, Steve and Yasha. The team finished 716th (out of 1975 teams) with a combined time of just over 13 hours. The winning team was Stora Tuna OK (SWE) with a winning time of 7:14:39.

LegRunnerLeg length (km)Leg timeLeg positionRelay timeRelay position
1Colin Dutkiewicz10.71:39:407711:39:40771
2Ed Catmur10.41:28:173213:07:58469
3Steve Clelland13.12:00:576335:08:56491
4Heikki Palosuo7.21:53:3713987:02:33711
5Phil Marsland7.71:47:5510948:50:28798
6Alan Leakey11.02:16:51115911:07:19796
7Yasha Chechik12.81:55:1448213:02:33716