SLOW qualify for Compass Sport Cup final

SLOW have once again qualified for the national Compass Sport Cup final. On a cold but pleasant day, we won Sunday’s qualifying round at Pamber Forest with an excellent score of 2271 points, a comfortable 83 points ahead of 2nd-placed Thames Valley, who also qualify for the final (as a result of SLOW finishing in the top three overall last year).

The final is being held on Sunday 18th October, at Fineshade Woods, near Corby in Northamptonshire (map link here). We need the strongest possible SLOW team for the final, so put the date in your diary NOW! We want as many as possible of our best 30-40 runners to come along, but remember that everyone is welcome. It is a great club day out.

With a late surge of entries, we ended up having very good backup on many courses. So well done & thanks to all those able to compete. We were missing a few of our top runners due to injuries and other commitments but still scored well enough to win.

The final team results were: South London 2271, Thames Valley 2188, Southampton 2166, Southern Navigators (N. Hampshire/W. Surrey) 2162, Sarum (Sailsbury) 2130, Berkshire 1625.

So the finalists are: Aire (Leeds), Bristol, Edinburgh Southern, Harlequins (Birmingham), Nottinghamshire, Octavian Droobers (Coventry), Southdowns, South London, South Yorkshire, Thames Valley, & West Cumberland.

That is the same as last year except: South Ribble, Walton Chasers & West Anglia – out. Aire, Edinburgh Southern, Harlequins, Thames Valley – in.

SLOW scorers

Our 25 Top Scorers in the qualifying: Brown (6), Blue Women (4), Blue Men (6), Green Women (3), Green Men (1), Light Green (3), Short Green (2).

98 Ed Catmur (Brown), Abi Weeds (Blue Women), Teresa Turner (Short Green)
96 Matthias Mahr (Brown), Diane Leakey (Green Women), Anne May (Short Green)
95 Ralph Street (Brown)
94 Charlie Whetham (Brown), Carys Morgan (Blue Women), Sarah Brown (Green Women)
93 James McMillan (Blue Men)
92 Alan Leakey (Blue Men), Chris Robinson (Green Women)
91 John Dowty (Blue Men)
90 Jim Mallinson (Green Men)
89 Simon Evans (Brown)
88 Charlotte Turner (Blue Women), Charles McMillan (Light Green)
87 Charlie Turner (Blue Men)
86 Anne Straube (Blue Women), Gustav Lindeborg (Light Green)
85 Audrius Janulynas (Blue Men)
84 Andy Robinson (Blue Men)
83 Mark Vyvyan-Robinson (Brown)
78 Matthew Jones (Light Green)

Other good scores: Chris Wroe (82), Pete Huzan (79), Dorte Torpe Hansen (82), Sarah Covey-Crump (78), Paul Street (80), Andy Jones (78).

Top Backup: Chris Fry (74), David May (68), Gail Parker (66), Judy Fry (62).

Full results of the qualifying event are available here. Thanks to BADO for hosting the event.