Richmond Park Night-O Results, 28 October

The first race of SLOW’s 2015-16 Night-O series was held in Richmond Park on Wednesday 28 October. Tom Cochrane was the first man home in an adjusted time of 31:50, and Sue Carter was the first woman home in 61:44.

Organiser’s comments

Thanks to everyone for coming out on what was a nice, mild evening to run at Richmond Park. I enjoyed setting the courses and was glad to see so many happy faces coming back despite most people being out for more than an hour.

Most of the time taken was spent on the infamous Number 1 on both courses. Having been out to the area first thing I can confirm that I eventually found my tag in the correct depression – the control was actually on an unmapped feature 25m to the East! Thanks to Scott who helped remove the offending legs to give the set of results.

I would like to thank Steve Clelland who started everyone, Scott Collier who stepped in early on when i needed a quick head to mind the technology and Pete, Andy and Christine for waiting behind to help with late finishers.

Duncan Grassie